Parallax Scrolling Websites & SEO Optimization

Parallax Scrolling in a website is a special scrolling technique which is used in the computer graphics. In this technique images of the background are moved by the camera slower than foreground images. There are some techniques which are used in the parallax scrolling to move background images. Along with responsive design some people says […]

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App Store Optimization (ASO) and its Tools

Mobile marketing is crucial marketing campaign if you are running an online business. For this, you need an optimization of your apps. So we are here, to let you introduce about what is App Store Optimization (ASO). Mobile optimization is becoming important aspect for better app promotion. People used to think that apps are basically […]

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Writing Effective Meta Description for SEO

A Meta Description is the short informative text shown under a Title Tag of a website on a SERP. If the writing task is done successfully and effectively then you will be the leader of Internet marketing. Technical Definition – Meta Descriptions are HTML attributes that displays short description of the contents of web pages. They […]

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Benefits of Long Tail Keywords for SEO

If you are Internet marketing user, then you might have known about long tail keywords. Long tail keywords for SEO have several benefits. Long-tail keywords are the favorite choice among new webmasters. It is the incredible, easiest and fastest way to increase search traffic for the site. One can get easy rankings as competition is […]

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Link velocity in SEO and its brief Definition

Nowadays a lot has been going among webmasters and SEO services provider. Today we are here to discuss on Link Velocity but before that just short narration on recent approach of SEO services provider and Webmasters. Actually what they are doing is just keep on building backlinks for their site and forgot about the behind […]

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Importance of Regular SEO Audit for your Site

Have you ever heard about SEO Audit. SEO Audit is one of the most important internet marketing scheme where you can evaluate the status of your site. With the help of regular SEO Audit you can analyze your marketing scheme. It is must for every business organization who deals greatly at online. The most important […]

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