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      SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, Services We Offer

      We are a team of dedicated social media experts who have created an effective way to help businesses get the most out their sites. We offer affordable packages for different needs, so no matter what size or budget your company has we can tailor make something that will work just right!


      Strategy Building

      We help you optimize your company's social media presence to increase customer engagement and sales.


      Performance Monitoring

      Our social media optimization company has the latest and most automated tools to track campaign performance.


      Paid Campaigns

      We will create and manage advertising campaigns that will help your company grow its social media following.


      Hashtags Creator

      We know how to get your posts in front of the right people. We'll use engaging hashtags so that it gets maximum visibility and reach!


      Posts Scheduling

      Our social media team is skilled in developing content for clients based on their business nature and then posting it across various platforms.


      Reporting & Support

      We're here for you. Our social media optimization company will provide regular reports and is always available with full support if needed!

      Our Packages

      Social Media Marketing $ 99 / month (Standard) $ 149 / month (Plus) $ 199 / month (Pro)
      Number of Platforms for Content Posting and Following 3 4 5
      Total Monthly Social Media Graphics Posts 90 120 150
      Dedicated Account Manager 
      Initial Social Account Setup
      Key Performance Improvement
      Social Media Audit + Recommendations
      Daily monitoring of included Social Assets
      Account Monitoring
      Hashtags Management
      Follower Engagement
      Organic Follower Building
      Profile and Cover Graphic Design

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      businesses from startups
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      Ideally, we will recommend Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for social media marketing. But Linkedin and Pinterest are also available to choose from.

      No, the above packages are organic-based i.e. manual posting on regular basis in the form of images and text. For any paid marketing on different platforms please contact us for a quote.

      No, we use professional tools like Canva, Crello, etc running with their premium plans that allow us images to use.

      Yes, if your website has enough pictures then we will ideally use those for our social media post designs.

      No, we use the scheduling tool Buffer where we will ask you to create a login there and add your channels yourself (very easy to do) and then we schedule all postings through buffer login.

      Social Media Optimization Services from SERP WIZARD

      SERP WIZARD offers social media optimization (SMO) services to enhance your presence in the social media market. Our goal is to create a brand image for your company and effectively promote your products through online social networks apart, from popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

      Our main application of SMO services is to bring traffic to your site from various online social networks other than large search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. You will notice an increase in search engine rankings by having successful social media optimization services done by us. Social Media Optimization is one of the best ways for business owners to get search engine marketing.

      Social Media Optimization
      We are the best SMO services provider and primarily use highly visible social media sites to create a great community of people with the same interests and encourage them to communicate on any posted topics regarding products or services you sell. It is a great way to generate your website’s popularity by connecting people to your brand name who have similar interests. Our highly professional team at SERP WIZARD will improve your online social media market via effective social media optimization (SMO) services.

      Another benefit of having SMO services in India is that it is cheaper than other SMO services. You can also benefit from creating one-way links from high-ranking sites, which will optimize your page, increase your ranking, and better enable people to find your website links through browsing these social media sites. Successful social media optimization is a proven method to improve your search engine rankings.

      Best Social Media Optimization Services India WIDE

      Our social media optimization services encompass popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. We provide both on site and off site SMO services.

      On Site SMO

      • Implementing sharing buttons and like features on your website.
      • Incorporating RSS feeds for seamless content distribution.
      • Encouraging user ratings for products/services.

      Off Site SMO

      • Establishing connections with social media marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc.
      • Creating and designing pages for your brand.
      • Joining relevant groups and circles to expand your brand presence.
      • Actively participating in discussions within the community.
      • Regularly updating content to stay connected with your audience.
      • Developing engaging blogs for your website.
      • Building a community through forums.

      Hire Cheap Social Media Marketing Services in India

      Looking for ways to improve your business and Brand over Social media platforms?

      Social Media Marketing Services

      Engaging the services of a professional social media optimization company is crucial to meet the demands of your online business. Our company, SERP WIZARD has knowledge and expertise, in leveraging social media platforms to promote products or services.

      Utilizing social media optimization (SMO) techniques enhances customer retention and loyalty towards a business. By employing these strategies we can effectively publicize your brand and business across social media sites. This approach enables you to reach an audience and explore markets to expand your online presence and reputation. As part of our social media optimization services we will actively promote your offerings on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus among others.

      Key Elements of Social Media Optimization

      Optimizing your social media presence ultimately leads to increased customer engagement. Boosts sales performance. By taking advantage of the opportunities in this market, this strategy makes it easier for people to learn about your brand.

      Through participation in blogs and forums it fosters connections, with potential customers who may eventually convert into loyal patrons.

      Advantages of utilizing social media profile optimization services

      Establishing your brand; The internet offers opportunities, for advertising. By employing social media optimization (SMO) you can efficiently spread awareness about your brand, product or service through various social networking sites.

      Cost effectiveness; Compared to marketing methods social media optimization services are a cost way to save both money and time.

      Improved search engine ranking; Social media optimization generates backlinks that contribute to maintaining a high rank in search engine results.

      Swift outcomes; With the assistance of SMO your brand can rapidly gain visibility on websites. It proves to be an profitable advertising approach.

      Targeting audiences; Social Media Optimization focuses on reaching out to customer groups based on their interests, age, gender, location and other relevant factors that greatly benefit businesses.

      The Importance of Hiring a Social Media Optimization Firm

      In todays online market it becomes crucial for business owners to avail SMO services in order to thrive. Interacting with users and understanding their needs and preferences holds importance, for business growth.

      Our proficient team of SMO service providers will. Manage your profile effectively. We will also implement advertising campaigns, on social media platforms to increase the popularity of your products. Our team of experts excels in crafting engaging social media posts that will positively impact your business and attract customers. We create content for media and distribute it across various networks effectively driving targeted visitors to your website and converting them into paying customers. With SERP WIZARDs social media optimization (SMO) services your business will receive a personalized campaign that fosters growth.

      SERP WIZARD – As an qualified provider of SMO services in India we can help transform your domain into a brand while enhancing your business return on investment (ROI).

      Why is it smart to choose us for SMO services in India?

      Skills and Knowledge

      We possess expertise and continuously stay updated with the SMO trends to enhance our performance.

      Experienced Team

      Our team has successfully managed social media optimization projects for businesses worldwide engaging with an audience, across various platforms.


      We collaborate closely with our clients ensuring their businesses thrive by providing updates on project progress.

      Proven strategies, for engaging with individuals

      Our tried and true SMO strategy has shown results in generating buzz, around your online business attracting more visitors and fostering meaningful conversations.

      Competitive Pricing

      We provide notch social media optimization services at the cost effective rates available ensuring that our packages are tailored to suit your business needs.

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