How to Rank for “Near Me” Keywords

Over the past some years, Google has seen huge growth in the “near me” & other local intent searches. That includes the location clues such as zip codes in the search queries have also dropped. Users assume their phone device can automatically pull the location data. Since improvements in the technology continue advancing, so do […]

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What Is Cross Linking In SEO?

Cross-linking generally refers to a process of linking of two websites. No matter whether they’re owned by the same person, the cross-linking is one process where internet is built. This allows the users to reference the websites with the content similar to what they are viewing, or might be of more interest to them. Also, […]

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Best Free Joomla SEO Extensions and Plugins 2019

Joomla extensions will significantly improve the Joomla website. They will enhance your Joomla website front end as well as improve the experience of your website visitors. They will also enhance the Joomla administrator panel as well as help you to administer your website very efficiently. It is tough to imagine the website without any Joomla […]

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SEO Tips for Different URL structure Desktop VS Mobile

If you have the separate mobile eCommerce website, it means that you have got different URLs for the mobile & desktop, your SEO needs a bit more effort. Thanks to mobile-first index of Google— that ranks your desktop & mobile websites based on the signals from your site — and implementing annotation metadata & redirects […]

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What is the Difference Between a Blog and An Article in SEO?

Do you want to give your website a position of authority? Turn to SERP WIZARD to do the magic for you. We are a Digital Marketing Agency that offers Social Media, SEO, and Web design services along with some other newest digital marketing services. We have been helping our loyal clients to get their websites […]

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Top Social Media Automation Tools To use in 2019

Get in touch with SERP WIZARD if you are looking for top social media automation tools to use in 2019. Here at SERP WIZARD, we have the sole and unique ability to unite our clients through the common social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and so on, that ultimately increases traffic for their frequent […]

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How to Write SEO-Friendly Content in 2019

You need to ensure that you write SEO-friendly content if you want your business to grow in 2019 without having to increase your marketing budget. As a matter of fact, writing SEO-friendly content has become an escapade, a difficult task we are all trying to find a solution to by looking for the secret to […]

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SERP WIZARD is a Leader for Search Engine Optimization

Since 2012 we’ve excelled as a top digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization. Our achievements have gained traction throughout the world as we’ve consistently delivered quality products for our clients and Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm has caught wind of our success. Based in the heart of Washington DC, Clutch is […]

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Impact of NLP (Natural Language process) on SEO

Natural Language Processing or NLP has actually become another buzzword in the past some years. However, not everybody actually knows what NLP is or how it is used for improving efficiency.  What’s NLP? Let us understand the basics. NLP or Natural Language Processing is an ability of the computer program to know human speech as […]

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DIY Online Reputation Management Guide

Are you wondering what people have to say or think about your online business? Are you interested in social media marketing to improve your reputation online? Here, you will learn how to manage, research, and protect the brand’s reputation with the help of social media. What’s Your Online Reputation? No matter whether you have the […]

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