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    What are PPC Ad Extensions and Why should you use them in 2022?

    Paid search advertising (or PPC) is a digital marketing strategy that uses keywords instead of general phrases to target potential customers […]

    JavaScript Redirects and SEO

    A redirect is a simple web design technique used to take users to a new page. Instead of linking to an […]

    How to speed up front-end applications using Flutter and Server Side Rendering (SSR)

    Flutter Web SSR (Server-Side Rendering) is an amazing tool that allows you to render your Flutter app on the server. This […]

    How To Measure PHP 8 vs PHP 7 Performance and Choose the Right Option

    PHP 8 and PHP 7 were two of the most divisive releases in the history of the PHP language. Each one has […]

    20 B2B SaaS Marketing KPIs That You Should Track in 2022

    In order to boost your business’s SaaS marketing performance, you need to create powerful KPIs (key performance indicators). By implementing effective […]

    The Difference Between Flutter vs Kotlin vs React Native

    Flutter vs Kotlin vs React Native is a heated debate that has been raging for some time. Each of these mobile […]

    Gutenberg Blocks vs Oxygen Builder for WordPress

    What is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create websites, blogs, and content for your […]

    Using Browserlist with Gulp and Autoprefixer: A Beginner’s Guide

    Do you use Gulp to compile your Sass files or build your HTML or JS assets? If yes, then you also […]

    Add Twitter Card Meta Tags to Your Website

    Twitter cards are one of the newer social media marketing trends. They allow you to show more information about your content […]


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