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    What are E.E.A.T. and YMYL in SEO and How to Optimize for Them?

    A website’s visibility and credibility in search engine results are greatly influenced by two factors known as “E.A.T.” and “YMYL.” E.A.T. […]

    Top 10 AI Detector Tools for 2023

    While ChatGPT and other generative AI tools have numerous beneficial applications, they are not always implemented ethically. These generative AI tools […]

    SERP WIZARD Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader and Clutch Champion for 2023

    14th November 2023 SERP WIZARD named a top B2B company for SEO services SERP WIZARD, today announced its recognition as a […]

    Generative AI – How does it work?

    Explore generative AI models’ capabilities, limitations, and implications. Generative AI is revolutionizing tech. But what is it? Why is it getting […]

    Nov 1

    How to Find Nofollow and Dofollow Links on a Website

    Creating connections by including links from your content to other websites and vice versa is a great way to foster relationships. […]

    Oct 25

    The Von Restorff Effect in UX Design

    In todays era the competition for capturing users attention and engagement is intense. With websites, apps and digital products vying for […]

    WordPress Vs Shopify: Which One To Choose In 2023?

    Are you considering starting a store? If so have you thought about using Shopify or WordPress as platforms? It is estimated […]

    User Centered Design VS Human Centered Design: Difference

    In the field of design in user experience (UX) and product design, two terms that frequently come up are “User Centered […]

    Difference between UCD and UX

    The rapid advancement of technology is pushing companies to evaluate their products and methods of operation in order to replace them […]


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