How to Get Ratings and Reviews for Your Online Business

Businesses of all kinds, sizes, and types need an online presence. The key to a successful business in recent times is by growing an online presence. Yet, the market is saturated with start-ups and entrepreneurs jumping the bandwagon to build and grow their digital presence and hence, increase their popularity and grow a successful business. […]

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301 vs. 302 Redirects for SEO

Redirects are quite simple to understand. They are literally methods to direct the user to a different URL location than the one they had a request, originally. Often times, website developers interchangeable use 301 and 302 directs. While they both redirect visitors to a separate location than where they were intending to go to, they […]

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What is Cornerstone Content and How to Set Up its Strategy

  Cornerstone content is basically the backbone of your website. It is the main content on your website that you would like to get the most attention. You want it to rank higher on search engine results, and fair much better than any of the other pieces of content on your website. For example, if […]

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The Manifest Recognizes SERP WIZARD Maintains Stellar 4.9-Star Average

The Manifest Recognizes SERP WIZARD Maintains Stellar 4.9-Star Average on The Manifest with New Reviews from our Satisfied Customers Our team at SERP WIZARD has some exciting news to announce! Our CEO just got off the phone with analyst Jamie Kenny from The Manifest, who let us know that The Manifest just received numerous reviews […]

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Expired Domains for SEO

To accelerate SEO performance, leveraging an expired domain will be the most efficient way out there. There are many people who buy the expired domains, and all of them do not understand what are the benefits to do such acts and how to search for it. There are many purposes that people buy the expired […]

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Http To Https Migration Checklist 2020

Are you very curious to know how you can switch to the HTTPS so that your site is secured, however, wanted to avoid potential risks involved? Just follow the guide to make sure the transition goes very smoothly. The domain migrations, like they’re known, are common practice. With organization, discipline, and technical knowhow (which we […]

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How to create a website silo structure for SEO

When it comes to blogging, everyone knows the process of siloing and organizing the right information on your site together. Often silo structure gets mapped out before launching it on your website. It is about relevant content over your website that is grouped together. Well, this allows you to illustrate it with a simple map. […]

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SEO and IP canonicalization in WordPress

Ideally, we have 2 options to access any website, which is through IP address (as in and using the domain name (as in Technically if someone tries to access the website through or they should land on the same page with the same content. But sometimes this doesn’t happen and then […]

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SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist

Some say that by spying on your competitors, SEO is one kind of distraction. But, I am highly focused on my own business, so why I must look out for my competitors? This makes a little sense. Simultaneously, the distraction will pay off really big. Checking out your competitors, you will find many opportunities for […]

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