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    Zero Click Searches and How they Impact SEO in 2022

    Zero Click Searches and How they Impact SEO in 2022

    Around 50 percent of the Google quest no longer results in a website. Instead, they wind up on the search engine’s result page.

    Google is continually updating, innovating, and, providing users the quickest and easiest solution to their search problems.  Google seems to create the easiest, most satisfying, and consistent onsite occurrence for their users while keeping in mind to keep their users on site as long as possible. And, with zero-click searches, he achieved his goal.

    The rise of Google zero-click searches has an impact on SEO strategy. But before that, we will know what do we mean by zero-click searches and also, what are the different kinds of featured snippets?

    What are zero-click searches and how to optimize them for 2022?

    Zero-click searches refer to search outcomes that crop up on the initial search engine result page or SERP. These allow users to seek their queries without making any further clicks.

    It was introduced by Google in March 2020, to provide relevant information to users with zero clicks. It eliminates the multiple search results which users are not seeking and also eliminates the concept of further clicks that the users have to do to solve their queries.

    That if you search on google pandemic then, Google will assume that you want what it is? So, it defines the “pandemic” in the featured snippet to evade additional clicks.

    There is not only one type of featured snippet but there are several. Let us know about different kinds of featured snippets.

    What are the different sorts of Featured Snippets?

    It is one of the types of zero-click search results. They are the search results that are extremely desirable after position zero of the search engine result page. They provide relevant information based on the users’ queries. There are four sorts of featured snippets:

    • Paragraph Snippet- It typically appears on question-based queries such as how what, why such types of questions.
    • List Snippet- In this featured snippet, the search results either appear as numbered lists or bullet lists.
    • Table Snippet- In this type of featured snippet, search results display in the table format.
    • Video Snippet- In this type of featured snippet, search results that display in the video format.
    • Image Snippet- In this type of featured snippet, search results that display in the image format.

    There are also various types of zero-click searches such as instant answers, definition, map result, calculator, knowledge panel, advertisement panel, and local-knowledge panel.

    How do zero-click quests influence users?

    A survey by Hubspot has depicted that 51.47 percent of users believe that zero-click quests provide them with relevant information quickly and effortlessly.

    While around 23.6% believe the ability to find the answer will remain the same, around 21.56% believe that will be more difficult to find what they seek.

    They also conclude that more than 50% of users are happy and satisfied with the zero-click searches feature.

    And when the users asked about the accuracy, 47.24% of the users believe that the information is accurate, 31.85% of the users believe that will stay the same and, 29.92% of the users believe the information will be less accurate.

    Now, let us know what will the impact of zero-click searches on SEO strategy.

    How to do SEO for Zero-Click Searches?

    According to Spark Toro, around 50.33% of searches are zero-click searches. We can conclude that more than half of the searches on Google are zero-click. In this Google, decides the keywords and content to be shown on the position of zero.

    For businesses who produce content and do SEO, it will be like losing meaningful traffic from the website as there will be a reduction of clicks. Wikipedia has lost 21% of the traffic from its website.

    However, the only solution in this situation is to optimize content properly to appear in the featured snippet and, should look on the bright side of zero-click searches.

    On the other hand, featured snippet also gives them a chance to steal traffic from other websites if they optimize efficiently and appear in the featured snippet. Zero-click doesn’t necessarily mean no chance. But it also allows creating sociability and reliability among visitors.

    How to enhance Google zero-click searches?

    Whether you want to set up brand consciousness to increase your website traffic, conversions, and grading on featured snippets is beneficial.

    Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to improve your position in search:

    • Target Question-type queries- When you will conduct keyword research, you will know what words appear in the featured snippets and what your audiences are searching for, then focus on their what’s, who’s, and how’s.
    • Make high-quality Content- The content that appears in zero-click searches is valuable, information-rich, and informative. That’s why Google thinks that it is helpful to its users.
    • Pay attention to Formation- The way you present your content affects whether your content will be in a featured snippet or not. So, try to form content in paragraphs and points.
    • Try to include images- Including images along with the text is eye-catching and engages the users. That’s why Google usually chooses content that is rich in visuals too.
    • Use facts and stats- Including fact in the content makes it more reliable and when you include chart, graphics, and statistics attract more traffic. That is why google chooses content that is rich in information.
    • Be incisive- Google loves long content but to secure your position in the featured snippet, you need to be concise in your content.
    • Include FAQs- As when users go on your page, various questions come to their minds. If you include FAQs on your website, it can clear their queries there only and, they don’t have to search about their questions on other websites.

    Final Thoughts

    The feature of zero-click on google is beneficial as it can bring higher traffic and increase credibility. It will be a great asset for businesses to make their website more organized, familiar and reliable. It will also create a more competitive environment in the online business.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.