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Dentists are looking for ways to market their business online. They are redoing their websites to stay in touch with their patients as well as attract new ones. Some are adopting content marketing methods to have more shares on social media. But, the creative marketing efforts may go totally unnoticed if they are not optimizing for the search engines. That is where SERP WIZARD comes in for your rescue. People used to look for dentists in Yellow Pages; now they go on the internet. They generally do not look beyond its first results page. Thus websites that do not rank highly are always ignored. No matter whether you are new to this profession or running the longstanding dental practice, Search Engine Optimization is necessary to find the new patients and to maintain them.

Here you will get a complete overview of SEO and why do you need this practice and basic SEO tips that will help you to get started immediately. If you are interested in learning how SERP WIZARD will help your practice to grow with SEO, you can speak to our strategist, and keep reading to know more why the search engine visibility actually matters for the dentists.

Introduction to the Dental SEO Marketing Companies

Most of the dental practices will see a close rate of around 18% through organic SEO leads. And without Dental SEO Services in place, potentially you are missing out 18% or more patients for the practice. No need to miss out on the important leads and build your patient base and make your site visible to them. Fill the form and schedule the call with our professional team if you want to work with the powerful and expert dental SEO Company that can help you to grow your practice. SERP WIZARD will take care of your SEO needs and will make sure you get positive results from our proven techniques.

Reasons You Want Our Local Dental Marketing Experts

Brand Awareness

More than 75% of the people do not scroll past some listings on Google; not many go to 2nd page of search results. SERP WIZARD’s Dental SEO expert will put your website and at the forefront of the top search engines & ahead of the local competitors so that you are sure you’re capturing great brand awareness for your dental practice.

Get Traffic Offline and Online

When your website ranks top on Google, you will get more traffic. Most of people will click on its first search result that they see. We want similar goals as you & want people to come to your site, learn about your practice as well as become your patient. Though it might be difficult to track, still it is one added benefit you can see more patients walk through the doors when your SEO builds.

Get Measurable Results

The Dental SEO companies show you that marketing efforts SERP WIZARD makes are working with measurable results such as average position, site interaction, site traffic volume, traffic and leads sources, and goal completion. Everything can be tracked and linked through SEO and you exactly what’s working or what is not working for your patients and practice. You will not just see the execution in your patients; however, the proof will be in numbers.

Amongst Best Dental Marketing Services


Before you dive in the heart of SERP WIZARD dental SEO, we perform the complete comprehensive website audit on your website in order to determine your website’s strengths & weaknesses in mapping, coding, structure, and keyword density. The audit will help us know where to begin and direct us on how to build your custom SEO techniques for the optimal results.

Keyword Research

Your specialist and experienced will perform the extensive keyword research for determining the keywords that your target audience are searching for while looking for the practice like yours. Additional keyword research is performed on the strongest competitors. The additional research can allow us to adjust your strategy as well as optimize for the keywords that can beat out the competition, and organically ranking your dental business above the competitors with the help of SERP WIZARD.


After the goals, strategy, and keywords are established, real work starts with the on-page optimization of your website, which includes cleaning up the coding, improving the content with some targeted keyword use, and improved website structure? During the phase, we also will set up the different goals that you want to achieve through the tracking dashboards & analytics systems so that you are sure to have accurate reporting possible.

On-Going Performance

Benefits of the dental SEO service last for many years to come providing you keep your website updated the feature of SERP WIZARD’s dental SEO solutions. We perform the ongoing SEO methods that will keep your website growing stronger and strong through backlinking, blogging, and strategy adjustments, which account for the patient preference changes.

Advantages of the SEO for Dental Services

Your practice can see the benefits with SERP WIZARD’s dental SEO services:

  • Conversions – Turn your traffic in leads and leads in patients with dental SEO marketing.
  • Be found. The potential patients search for the dentist close to them daily and show up at top search results on when they do.
  • 24/7 Promotion – Search engines will promote the practice 24/7 when it is after office hours.
  • Get Free Traffic – You are not paying for the daily traffic. Thus your costs for acquiring patients can decrease.
  • Organic – Our dental SEO service is organic & less expensive than other paid advertising services.

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