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      Responsive Website Design, Services We Offer

      SERP WIZARD is a team of talented web designers from India who specialize in creating user-friendly and personalized websites for their clients.


      Custom Web Design

      Enhance the user experience of your end customers with our web designers. We help create breakthrough, intuitive designs and optimize for a successful conversion rate by designing simple layouts that meet your needs.


      User Experience Design

      We have a deep understanding of your business's needs and strive to create mobile applications that not just work, but also feel like an extension of you. We value the UX as it allows people to interact with our products seamlessly while providing the ultimate convenience at all times.


      User Interface Design

      User interface design is important to the way your customers interact with and perceive you. It must be engaging, yet consistent in what it portrays to make a lasting impression on any given visitor or user- nobody wants confusion about who they are dealing with when browsing online!


      eCommerce and CMS Design

      We are a team of talented designers, developers, and digital marketers. We can convert your existing website into a modern responsive design! Our UX/UI designs will make you the talk-of-the-town among eCommerce platforms like Magento, Drupal, or WooCommerce, etc.


      Logo Design

      The logo is what Position your business in front of the public and create awareness about you. A great-looking, well-designed one will help people recognize an identity with who or what organization it belongs to!


      Layouts and Wireframe

      SERP WIZARD's design team is committed to creating easy-to-follow apps that have perfect UIs/UX. They sketch layouts, wireframes and plan how an application will react when you interact with it on your desktop, phone, or tablet screen!

      Our Technology Stack

      We help startups and enterprises to build high quality professional mobile and web solutions.

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      A responsive web design is one that can be opened on any device without reloading the page. This means no more frustrated users as they try opening your site with their favorite browser, only to find out it doesn't work- because there's nothing wrong - you just didn’t make an exception for them!

      Yes, we can definitely convert it into a responsive one. But in order for your website to be fully optimized and responsive on all devices, we will need some extra codes added into its design.

      We are always ready to help you make your web responsive as fast and easy for a client. We will aim to complete the project in the given deadline time.

      SERP WIZARD: Fabricating graceful websites that function for enterprise

      Your brand needs a site that mirrors and displays its company to prospective and subsisting customers. Remarkable web design services in India from SERP WIZARD will assist you in expanding your enterprise, enlarging profit, conversions, and returns.

      Whether you are a tradesman, adviser, practitioner, or other, web design is a prime aspect for steering your enterprise in the future. The SERP WIZARD, web design India, can’t just grow website traffic and trades. But we also establish a robust brand recognition that will support your clients.

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      SERP WIZARD’s web design adepts pinpointed in India who proffer web elucidation to businesses around India. We furnish Responsive website design and development assistance that accomplish strict quality yardsticks and renders on time. Our web designers fabricate simple yet captivating sites that can alter to ensemble several sectors and prey onlookers.

      Our custom-made Responsive web design services assist companies in interrelating with their clients and persuading them. We utilize demonstrated marketing tactics such as transcripts and web design that expand website traffic and conversions.

      We furnish captivating and responsive web design for newbie sites and evolutions in subsisting ones. Because we feel responsive website design in India provides a quirkier gratification that is more pocket-friendly, uncomplicated to utilize, and well suited than other mobile elucidations.

      Are you aware that ninety-four percentiles of Internet end-users critic a site on Responsive web design? Make your internet products and assistance malleable and adaptable with a leading Responsive website development company based in India.

      So, contact our team today to begin your newbie project.

      Responsive web design company India for mobile amicable sites

      Each enterprise today desires more certified site traffic, and with more traffic, there are more chances to enlarge sales. So, with the rapid increase of cyberspace-enabled mobile phones and tablets that utilizes by an individual. It makes perception to possess a mobile amicable responsive website to outstretch the thousands of mobile internet end-users. Mobile and Tablet site utilization has increased in the last few years, and enterprise holders should be outlining how to trade in with this vogue now.

      Is your site mobile amicable?

      If you desire to grow your client’s roots on the web, a responsive site is the best elucidation. The responsive web designs that we employ guarantee that they utilize by prospective clients on mobile phones, tablets, and other identical automation in an easy way.

      Search engine Google gratify mobile amicable sites

      Did you apprehend that your site is castigated by search engine Google if it’s not Responsive? All sites we establish are mobile-friendly and enhanced to proffer feasible execution in all crucial search engines.

      Do you require responsive refurbishment?

      We proffer entire responsive refurbishment assistance to those clients that desire to keep their subsisting web design but desire to go mobile. So, call our representative today to book our services.

      SERP WIZARD’s Responsive web design services

      Whether you desire to drift your subsisting site or establish a newbie Responsive site from scrape, SERP WIZARD’s Responsive web design for mobile services assists you in performing it. We will keep this procedure stress-free and in a budget-amicable manner.

      We possess the resources and gratifications to fulfill all your requirements and demands, guaranteeing an affluent, delightful end-user gratification regardless of the gadget and screen category.

      • Tailor-made Responsive website design assistance

      Tailor-made, captivating, and remarkable websites require attempts and our dedicated team blazing a trail to initiate attempts to the board. With the best automation, we attempt and keep it simple and crystalline.  Our team brings the idea of a tailor-made responsive website and puts it to your enterprise rationale.

      • End-user front-end design

      Our team apprehends that individual’s glance forward to interrelating their feelings with your application or site. It assists them to interrelate and perform better by utilizing applications.

      SERP WIZARD, a leading responsive web development company, utilizes this and attempts to execute the best practices accessible to cross over the space between end-user’s feelings and app front-end design. These qualities made us the leading web design company in India.

      • Responsive application establishment

      Our Responsive application establishment is all about leading contentment and swiftness to your client’s site utilization. With the support of current and considerate automation, we amalgamate the practices to out-turn the best application establishment outcomes.

      • Responsive electronic Commerce establishment

      Electronic commerce had an enormous impact on the marketplace these days. Every e-commerce site wants that their clients hold a better experience of their visit. And being a contributor of responsive web design assistance, we can guarantee you, prospective clients, to your e-commerce site.

      • Responsive mobile commerce advancement

      Establishing electronic commerce is not about putting a site with all-commerce alternatives. But also putting it accessible on mobile phones and SERP WIZARD operates on assisting your site will a well-performing mobile application.

      We function on furnishing cooperatives and assisting mobile applications to aid you with eCommerce and other elements.

      • Responsive site maintenance and support

      SERP WIZARD’s help doesn’t end when the project completes. We take the connection beyond and make sure we are furnishing the righteous promotion and things to assist your site to go ahead.

      With a team that is accessible round-the-clock, we nurture to assist you with site maintenance and support at any time.

      So, choose the best assistance that accomplishes your requirements and book your appointment with the pre-eminent Responsive website designing company in India to grow your reach and traffic.

      SERP WIZARD’s process to deliver the best outcomes

      At SERP WIZARD, our devoted and gratified developers proffer the leading responsive web design assistance. And to render the best results, we follow the following steps that are as follows:

      1. Research or quest

      The team recognizes your objectives and inspects the requirements & proclivity of your prey onlookers. It permits the web design to mirror your company and keep the end-user gratification unbending. Our team attempts and leads significant elements like the site’s requirements well in the contemplation to possess a responsive site as our outcome. It assists in making sure the execution of practices to acquire the most suitable website and permits developers to perform things with affluence.

      1. Outlay

      SERP WIZARD decides the work system, establishes team roles and powers to guarantee zero blunders and adroit advancement. We also conceive the design components encompassing all fundaments, exigency, UI/UX constituents, web pictures, and the content. And we keep a keen eye on the latest automation and be sure that the variety of things we are operating on bring the righteous outcome for our customers.

      1. Fabricating Wireframes

      Wireframes assist you in reaching concord among the customers, designers, establishers on the site’s composition and elements. It supports us in moving ahead in the righteous direction of the project.

      We put our customers in the spiral of the procedure. We make sure that they stay adjacent to the process and project. It also supports us to know the requirement to evolve the outlay and when there is a requirement to lead the similar conventional practice back on the board.

      1. Designing and programming

      Our designers and programmers function as per the accepted wireframes to render a prospective and graceful responsive site. We follow the finest programming quality for multi-browser affinity and simple maintenance. In this step, we see thoughts and perspectives transforming into cipher. The research and all those outlays transform into live and operating projects.

      1. Testing and Commencement

      The site tests calculate yardsticks such as spontaneity, malleability, speed, and accessibility across mobiles, PC and tablets. Once all cartons are marked, we upload them to a processing system and sprint the last test.

      1. Consistent observation and enhancement

      After the commencement of the website, the site is consistently observed and evaluated for fixing the feasible blunders or problems. We also assemble end-user assessments and particulars for continuous enhancement to the site’s design, end-user gratification, and more things.

      So, don’t pause here! And pick your phone and consult with our team now for your new project.

      Why choose SERP WIZARD’s Responsive web designers in India?

      Cyberspace is now available to most individuals around the globe. However, not each individual utilizes a similar device to egress the web. So, here are some reasons to choose SERP WIZARD:

      • Rendering Standard- Our gratification encompasses functioning for several customers and delivering standard web design for enterprises.
      • Marketing techniques- SERP WIZARD website design assistance is objective-oriented and can be centered to enhance the Return on Investment with demonstrated marketing techniques.
      • Apprehending Needs- We know the onlookers’ needs while designing and developing a graceful and responsive web design.
      • Industry gratification- We possess plenty of gratified and skilled designers and specialists that come with years of industry gratification and projects.
      • Uncomplicate to Utilize- We create the responsive website design expandable and uncomplicated to utilize. Our CMS gleaned digital web design assistance ensures client prosperity.
      • Accomplishing objective- Our dedication for designing and presence of intellect can take the enterprise to outstretch to a newbie level with newbie objectives.

      Contact SERP WIZARD today!

      We are here in the industry to cater the best elucidation to hit your contenders. If you are glancing ahead to provide an opportunity or have any doubts about our assistance, you can contact our team.

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      Customer support is the backbone of our company. We're here to help you with any questions or concerns via phone call, appointments and chat session!