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    Our specialist will perform an in-depth analysis of your website
    who check each and every section of your website manually.

    With our experience and expertise,
    we help you select the right keywords to make your campaign successful.

    Our team of SEO experts will take care
    of your website's on-page optimization, so you don't have to.

    We will create white-hat, unique, and quality high DA & Spam free links
    for your website that get more traffic, leads, and sales.

    We provide you with detailed backlinks, ranking & traffic reports
    to show you how our SEO strategy is working.

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    Our Packages

    For Small-Sized Business
    $ 99 per month covering 3 keywords SEO
    • Keyword Research Report & Selection
    • GMB Setup
    • GMB Optimization
    • NAP Syndication
    • 5 Web 2.0 Submissions
    • 25 Citations Submissions
    • 25 Classifieds Submissions
    • 10 Local Directory Submissions
    • 3 AI Passed Content Marketing
    • 3 GMB Postings
    • 1 Google Reviews
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • 15 & 30 Days Work Reports
    • 30 Days Keywords Ranking Report
    • On-Going Support
    • Discount You Get: $129 $30 OFF
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    For Medium-Sized Business
    $ 149 per month covering 5 keywords SEO
    • Keyword Research Report & Selection
    • GMB Setup
    • GMB Optimization
    • NAP Syndication
    • 10 Web 2.0 Submissions
    • 10 Citations Submissions
    • 10 Classifieds Submissions
    • 10 Local Directory Submissions
    • 1 AI Passed Content Marketing
    • 4 GMB Postings
    • 2 Google Reviews
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • 15 & 30 Days Work Reports
    • 30 Days Keywords Ranking Report
    • On-Going Support
    • Discount You Get: $199 $50 OFF
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    For Large-Sized Business
    $ 199 per month covering 10 keywords SEO
    • Keyword Research Report & Selection
    • GMB Setup
    • GMB Optimization
    • NAP Syndication
    • 15 Web 2.0 Submissions
    • 15 Citations Submissions
    • 12 Classifieds Submissions
    • 15 Local Directory Submissions
    • 2 AI Passed Content Marketing
    • 6 GMB Postings
    • 3 Google Reviews
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • 15 & 30 Days Work Reports
    • 30 Days Keywords Ranking Report
    • On-Going Support
    • Discount You Get: $274 $75 OFF
    Get Started
    For Enterprise Business
    $ 299 per month covering 20 Keywords SEO
    • Keyword Research Report & Selection
    • GMB Setup
    • GMB Optimization
    • NAP Syndication
    • 30 Web 2.0 Submissions
    • 20 Citations Submissions
    • 15 Classifieds Submissions
    • 20 Local Directory Submissions
    • 3 AI Passed Content Marketing
    • 10 GMB Postings
    • 4 Google Reviews
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • 15 & 30 Days Work Reports
    • 30 Days Keywords Ranking Report
    • On-Going Support
    • Discount You Get: $399 $100 OFF
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do you have a refund policy?

    All sales are final. Your purchase of any above package is a legally binding contract for that sale. Once work on any purchased package or service has been initiated we can not offer a refund. Please consider this when placing an order. This is due to the nature of the industry.

    Is there any kind of binding contract?

    No, we do not use contracts. Our SEO services are pay-as-you-go monthly & automatically end after 30 days cycle. The customer is required to give a cancellation notice at least 7 days prior to the end of a 30 day SEO campaign period by email, chat, or phone.

    When will my keywords reach page 1 of Google?

    This depends on many different factors and can only be answered after we have done a thorough analysis of your website, market, keywords and other aspects. Please contact us for more info.

    Is there any kind of paid links included in SEO services?

    No, our SEO services are organic-based i.e. researching and doing manual posting on high-quality sites. For any paid marketing like a press release, local business links, etc please contact us for a quote.

    Are all these links count approved?

    No, as we are submitting links on other websites so many factors play a role hence all these numbers are NOT confirmed links. But yes Web 2.0s and Content-based links will have a 95% approval ratio whereas Local Directories, Citations, and Classifieds will have a 30-50% approval ratio.

    Are your SEO services guarantee based?

    Google strictly warns against giving ranking guarantees therefore we DO NOT offer any guarantee on rankings but we guarantee our service levels and will keep you updated on the progress of your campaigns regularly. Please consider this when placing an order.

    SERP WIZARD: Furnishes Best Google Maps Marketing in India

    Do you want Google Maps to be more clear? Or the location search doesn’t show it anywhere. Google Maps’ marketing company services, SERP WIZARD, can help your company get better search results.

    At SERP WIZARD, we assist brands or companies in financing a wide range of marketing opportunities by harnessing the perspective and capability of Google Maps Marketing. We acquire an all-inclusive approach to local Search engine optimization that merges Google My Business optimization, on-site optimization, evaluation production, and other plans or strategies.

    Google Maps Marketing

    From the graded Google Maps outcomes to the local three-pack indexing, the Google Maps Marketing agency proffers a multilateral perspective for all kinds of business.

    Our Google Maps SEO services and other services are custom-made for each customer. Our job is to help you meet your business’s unique needs and goals. We offer extensive optimization services to improve your visibility in both the local three-pack and rated Google Maps results. The SERP WIZARD tool can also help you find hidden potential in Google Maps advertising. You can call or email us with your questions for more information.

    What work does Google Maps Marketing do for your business?

    Google Maps marketing is the process of utilizing Google Maps’ serviceability to make your business more effortless to find. Although it can be functional for large brands, it’s even more essential for small-scale enterprises. It’s not all about limpidity but also about your place in the business. If utilized effectively, Google Maps can significantly influence online marketing outlay. The final goal of Google Marketing is not just to grade better or at peak on Google Maps but also to accomplish a higher position as feasible in the local business outcomes indexing on pertinent Google search engine outcomes. So, if you are unhesitant, let’s embrace Google Maps marketing for your enterprise.

    Do you aspire to go ahead of your contenders?

    If you answer yes, then Google Maps marketing services by SERP WIZARD are your best apparatus against your competitors. Google My Business authorizes local search outcomes on the Google Maps manifestoes, Google Assistant, and Search. Fixing and enhancing your Google Maps details was less significant than nowadays. That is when you want to raise your business’s profit and opt for our services. To know how we can assist you and why it is essential to keep on reading it,

    SERP WIZARD Local Search engine optimization Assistance for Google Maps

    Optimization peculiarly adjusts for Google Maps marketing. It has swiftly changed into an essential component for locale SEO. Being overhead to Google Maps indexing is worthy for any brand or company that markets to a local spectator. SERP WIZARD local SEO Google Maps strategies and implications can assist you in driving top-notch qualified traffic to all kinds of businesses. As an outcome, our services are ruling and authorized in this service industry. We will target some words end-users utilize to search for information about your company.

    For example, if your business is pertinent to food and is New Zealand-based. We target words such as the food-based company in New Zealand, French cuisine specialist, delicious French food NZ, and other captivating prime words. So, you can rank higher when end-users search for the service related to your business.

    So, crush your competitors and appear at the top of SERP with the assistance of our Google Maps SEO services.

    Why are SERP WIZARD Google Map Marketing services essential for your company?

    With the internet, the utilization of hand-held devices has been increasing, and the pertinency for Google Maps marketing is on the increase for all varieties of businesses:

    • Nowadays, the online habitat revolves around hand-held device utilization, with numerous internet end-users possessing smartphones, tablets, and other devices. So, individuals must search for you online, and they must get you. With our support, we will help you enhance the perceptibility of your business online.
    • Almost all end-user searches on hand-held devices are associated with a business, service, product, and other related things. So, your business must feature online. We will help you with your business details so your audience can know about you in an all-inclusive manner.
    • Local search also plays a critical role in Google Maps. As an outcome, SERP WIZARD Google Maps marketing proffers the best-endorsing exposure for your business.
    • The information you provide online on Google Maps plays a significant role. So, the particulars must be relevant and worthy.

    When marketing your brand or company through local maps and search engine optimization, the tactics used by SERP WIZARD become essential to your business in increasing your limpidity and position. Nowadays, companies need to rule their particular industry. So, enroll in our Google Maps marketing services today to excel in your service industry.

    Why should you opt for SEO services like SERP WIZARD, Google Maps marketing, and Local Maps SEO?

    Local SEO services

    To precisely and accurately carry out a local map and Google Maps strategy, a brand or company must initially index on every search engine like Google My Business, Yahoo, or Bing. Some businesses already possess a Google My Business page but need to be made aware of it.

    For this rationale, our company will initially take up Google Maps Marketing by managing an all-inclusive evaluation of the business’s web features. An important perception of Google Maps Optimization service is to assert and substantiate ownership of its Google My Business page. You should choose SERP WIZARD services because of the following reasons:

    • We only upload USPS-approved address details online

    When you register your company on Google My Business, it is necessary to upload specific and reliable address aspects. You will be astounded to know that some do it incorrectly. We will not let you survive because of this. We believe in uploading the informative and relevant address that comprises suite, area, plot, zip code, and other related things that make your business easier to discover.

    • We are particularly interested in your Google My Business service areas.

    There should be pertinent data regarding your services on Google My Business, Bing, and other search engines. Because if somebody is looking for your services, they must know about it in detail.

    For instance, if your business or service is plumbing-related, then it must include everything your company provides. We assure you that all the aspects of your services are uploaded pertinently.

    • We acquire your Google My Business indexing certification.

    It can take some heydays or weeks to accomplish the method of affirmation. Your verification process is completed as soon as you receive a postcard with an identical PIN code. It increases your business authenticity. We believe in waiting rather than doing things in haste. So, we always complete this process more efficiently and without haste.

    • We categorize your business.

    We only choose those categories in which your business provides services. Categorizing your services makes Google aware of your business. And make you appear on SERP when end-users search for the service- related to your business. In this, we ensure we categorize effectively to procure efficient outcomes.

    For example, suppose you operate an online marketing agency. In that case, you must categorize digital marketing first, then Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click web marketing, and other associated services.

    • We also Improve your business introduction.

    The introduction of Google My Business must include all the details related to your brand and business outreach. This information includes your company details, the products or services you proffer, and what sets you ahead of your contenders. The SERP WIZARD team knows the importance of introduction. It includes all the particulars every client or spectator will look at about the company.

    • We also indulge pictures in your Google My Business indexing.

    Accounts that comprise pictures are more captivating than those that don’t include. Because photos or images build more trust and authenticity about your brand and services.

    For instance, if you run a café in New Zealand, you are also listed on Google My Business. You upload images of your food, the area of your café, and the inside & outlook of the café. It will attract more visitors to your café.

    SERP WIZARD provides all the services associated with Google Maps marketing, local SEO, Google Maps services, and Google Place marketing to make your business position better in the online world.

    Almost every end-user first discovers your company on Google and another search engine, so your business must be operative and well-optimized on Google My Business, Bing, and other search engines. We help you out at every stage and assist your company as our company to deliver better and surprising outcomes.

    At SERP WIZARD, we have expertise in assisting all kinds of services that evolve through Google marketing, Google optimization services, and local SEO Google Maps services.

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