Since it was founded, has been the most used and the most comprehensive search engine in the world. Every person in the world who needs to search for any information, website or service, first looks it up on google. This autonomy over the internet has given google the power to sometimes penalize or ban a website or service that does not comply with the terms of service from google. This ban or penalty could be a very big dent in any business or portfolio as it virtually make the entity unknown, this is where google penalty removal services come into play.

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What is Google penalty removal services?

When google detects that there are a lot of backlinks and links to unusual websites, it holds the capability to ban or penalize the webpage. This is done in one of two ways. The manual way involves one of the google employees running into the website and determining that it needs to be penalized. The algorithmic penalty means that the google search algorithm has detected that there is a lot of spam on a webpage and hence penalized it. There are two major algorithms, Panda and penguin and any one of these can penalize your webpage for what it deems spam content. The only way to revoke the penalty is to make a removal request which takes a long time and effort. Here is where google penalty removal companies can help you.

A penalty removal service or company can be hired to file the removal request and follow it up to make sure that your company website does not get banned again. They also manage traffic and google analytics.

Hire our Google disavow services in India

India has been on the forefront of the rising internet and web based industry for the last 5 years. A lot of companies in India are resorting to the use of internet for their businesses. This amount of surge means that there is a high chance that a webpage can be penalized for bad backlinks or spam. Our company is the leading google penalty removal company in India providing professional google penalty removal services in India as well as google disavow services in India and also spam link removal services in India.

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