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    Our SEO Process

    Our specialist will perform an in-depth analysis of your website
    who check each and every section of your website manually.

    With our experience and expertise,
    we help you select the right keywords to make your campaign successful.

    Our team of SEO experts will take care
    of your website's on-page optimization, so you don't have to.

    We will create white-hat, unique, and quality high DA & Spam free links
    for your website that get more traffic, leads, and sales.

    We provide you with detailed backlinks, ranking & traffic reports
    to show you how our SEO strategy is working.

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    • seo SEO That You Can Rely On
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    • maps Local Maps Optimization

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    Let our expert team check each and every section of your website manually to get in-depth analysis.

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    Our Packages

    per month covers 10 keywords SEO

    Our basic SEO plan is the perfect choice for any small businesses with limited funds, or looking to promote their business locally.

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    per month covers 20 keywords SEO

    Our plus SEO plan is designed for small to medium range businesses, offering them more reach and online visibility.

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    per month covers 30 keywords SEO

    With our large-size business SEO plan, your business can get a leg up on the competition by increasing its online presence.

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    per month covers 50 Keywords SEO

    This top-end plan is a must for any eCommerce business or a big agency looking to take their SEO game up another notch.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do you have a refund policy?

    All sales are final. Your purchase of any SEO service or package is a legally binding contract for that sale. Once work on any purchased package or service has been initiated we can not offer a refund. Please consider this when placing an order. This is due to the nature of the industry.

    Are all these links count approved?

    No, as we are submitting links on other websites so many factors play a role hence all these numbers are NOT confirmed links. But yes Web 2.0s, Videos, Audios, Images, and Content-based links will have a 95% approval ratio whereas Local Citations and Classifieds will have a 30-50% approval ratio.

    Is there any kind of binding contract?

    No, we do not use contracts. Our SEO services are pay-as-you-go monthly & automatically end after 30 days cycle. The customer is required to give a cancellation notice at least 7 days prior to the end of a 30 day SEO campaign period by email, chat, or phone.

    Are your SEO services guarantee based?

    Google strictly warns against giving ranking guarantees therefore we DO NOT offer any guarantee on rankings but we guarantee our service levels and will keep you updated on the progress of your campaigns regularly. Please consider this when placing an order.

    When will my keywords reach page 1 of Google?

    This depends on many different factors and can only be answered after we have done a thorough analysis of your website, market, keywords and other aspects. Please contact us for more info.

    Which social media platforms are covered?

    Ideally, we will recommend Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for social media marketing. But Linkedin and Pinterest are also available to choose from. So you can choose your 3 from any of these 5.

    Is there any kind of paid links included in SEO services?

    No, our SEO services are organic-based i.e. researching and doing manual posting on high quality sites. For any paid marketing like guest blogs, outreach, etc please contact us for a quote.

    Any paid marketing included in COMBO packages?

    No, the above COMBO packages are organic-based i.e. manual posting on regular basis in the form of images and text. For any paid marketing on different platforms please contact us for a quote.

    SERP WIZARD: Professional Magneto SEO Agency in India

    Are you operating an eCommerce store running on Magneto CMS? Our budget-amicable SEO services for Magneto-formed eCommerce sites will assist you in producing more organic traffic to your store and retailing more products. SERP WIZARD, the most dependable Magneto SEO Company has a team of Magneto SEO specialist who has ranked many Commerce sites from various sectors.

    Our Magento SEO services are designed to help you achieve higher rankings in search engines, increase traffic to your site, and improve conversion rates. We can also help you optimize your product pages and categories for better visibility and performance.

    Contact us today to learn more about our Magento SEO services and how we can help you grow your business online.

    SEO Magneto Agency

    We are Magneto SEO Experts

    We are SERP WIZARD, an India-based team of Magento SEO specialists. We utilize particulars, technology, and individual excellence to steer exceptional results online. Ardent about advancement, we are here to make your digital marketing work powerful, bright, and quicker across all mediums.

    Our Magento SEO specialists are certified and experienced in Magento website optimization. We follow Magento guidelines strictly to ensure your website runs as efficiently as possible. In addition, we also offer other services such as Magento web design, Magento development, and Magento eCommerce solutions. We set up customized plans for your particular business objectives, considering the whole context of your business, no matter where you stand in the marketplace.

    Visit our website today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business online!

    Our Magneto SEO Services Covers

    • We will inscribe identical content castigating caused by Magneto URL composition and product authoritative challenges. Our team can assist you by integrating the best diverts and URL rephrasing.
    • Keep your site being crept by assuring that all aspects, filters, and categorizing are in check with Magneto’s best activities.
    • We will incorporate well-organized database addition optimization for retail, encompassing product assessments and a frequently asked questions scheme to optimize your Magneto’s site’s SERP existence.
    • Boost your Magneto Core web vitals, and in another term, keep your website speed in fit as it’s a grading attribute now and for forthcoming years.
    • If you are trading worldwide with bounded site versions, our team will brace your essential Hreflang incorporation.
    • Our endogenous Magneto specialists are more bosom JavaScript substructures, encompassing AngularJSReactJS, and any prospective creep and furnish challenges.
    • We will focalize your trades by controlling your IRL store indexing by utilizing Google My Business, Bing Places, and others.

    Together, we will do Magento Search Engine Optimization!

    SERP WIZARD is here to help you achieve your online goals. The process of SEO is for organic search results and helps us bring websites to their highest rank on the results page based on your targeted keywords. Our team is comprised of talented individuals who are committed to bringing your Magento store to the top of the search engines so your customers can easily find you and enjoy your site! Our tactics have led to numerous successful rankings for our clients.

    SERP WIZARD has been succeeding in the highly competitive and fast-paced genre of Magento search engine marketing with the help of its ingenious in-house technology, which is capable of fast, accurate, and flawless search optimization operations. The company firmly believes that continuity, consistency, quality, and performance of delivery are what keep clients and business partners happy for years to come.

    Your Magneto eCommerce SEO Company

    If searching for Magento SEO services, look no further than the SERP WIZARD team of Magento SEO specialists. We have a proven track record of helping our clients rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), and we can do the same for you.

    SERP WIZARD offers various Magento SEO services to help you get the most out of your website. We can help you optimize your website for better visibility in SERPs, and we can also help you with link building and content marketing to ensure your site is getting the traffic it deserves.

    Increase the Rankings with the leading Magneto SEO Company in India.

    If you’re running an online store on the Magento platform, you know that good SEO is essential for driving traffic and sales. But optimizing your store for search engines can be a challenge, especially if you’re not a technical expert. That’s where our Magento SEO services come in.

    Our team of Magento experts will help you optimize your store for better visibility in search results, improving your chances of driving traffic and sales. We can also help you with other aspects of your online business, including PPC marketing, social media marketing, and more.

    Our best and all-inclusive Magneto SEO agency provides the following services:

    Magneto SEO Company

    Magneto SEO Inspection

    We can help you get ahead of your competition by performing an in-depth inspection of your Magneto website and highlighting opportunities for improvement. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of high-tech and composition matters, so you can relax and let us take care of things.

    Contesting analysis

    Our Magneto SEO specialists go beyond on-page & off-page as they also provide market quest and your contender’s site inspection. They cope with techniques to increase your eCommerce store’s enterprise execution and produce a higher Return on Investment for your marketing endeavors.

    On-page & off-page Search engine optimization establishment

    Based on our inspection, our Magneto SEO experts assist you in establishing a robust on-page & off-page SEO outlay for your Magneto store. To make your website Google amicable, we help you to build XML maps of egress. We also assist you in setting up the Magneto SEO plugins gleaned from your Commerce requirements.

    Magneto search engine optimization content

    We make your content do the retailing for you. Apart from assisting you in fabricating site content that renders outcomes formed on keyword research, our team assists you in outlining a crystalline content marketing plan. We help you to set up your brand persona through online platform marketing. And also release web blogs, articles, and new releases.

    Google cogent

    What gets anticipated expands, our Magneto SEO Consultants authorize you to trail your traffic and, inspect the outcomes of numerous SEO plans, and keep up with your execution yardsticks associated with the search grading of the site. It assists in making the virtuous twist to your SEO outlay.

    Receptive and web establishment

    Magneto has attributes that can assist you in utilizing it. In add-on to several characteristics acceptable to eCommerce, employing Magneto, we support you in making tailored addition and enhancement as per the needs of the enterprise.

    Why hire SERP WIZARD as your Magneto SEO Agency?

    Gratification, skill, and plans

    You may have established a Magneto 2 eCommerce website adjacent to the present automation and up-gradation – absolute with advanced attributes and personalization. But without acquiring traffic on your website, there will be no effect on your crux. It is where you can consider on is with our Magneto 2 SEO adepts.

    Get it virtuous

    Our Magneto SEO experts in India have years of expertiseand contemplation of what things are operative and what aren’t and can assist you with plans to increase the grades of your site, utilizing the best amiable SEO procedures and plans.

    Our Magneto SEO agency can render the leading persistent outcomes you desire.

    Navigate enterprise outcomes

    E-commerce sites changing and enhancing their online grading is a continuing procedure. We don’t just provide you outlay but even assist you in implementing it to improve your enterprise outcomes.

    Stay refurbished

    The search engine Google Algorithm is consistently changing. As a business individual, it is hard to keep a trace. Our Magneto SEO agency holds a record of the current particulars and updates that you can depend on and guarantee that your site is to accomplish issues of your developing enterprise.

    SEO for Magento from SERP WIZARD

    Our Magento eCommerce SEO consultants are experienced in optimizing Magento websites for better search engine visibility. We can help you with keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and more. We can also help you target the right keywords, optimize your website’s title and meta tags, and create quality content that search engines will love.

    If you’re looking for a Magento SEO agency that can help you achieve top rankings in SERPs, contact SERP WIZARD today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide a free quote for our services.

    Have more doubts about how we can assist you in improving the traffic on your Magento site? Unbolt the command of our Magneto eCommerce portal with our SEO assistance. Contact us to learn more about us.

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