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    Our SEO Process

    Our specialist will perform an in-depth analysis of your website
    who check each and every section of your website manually.

    With our experience and expertise,
    we help you select the right keywords to make your campaign successful.

    Our team of SEO experts will take care
    of your website's on-page optimization, so you don't have to.

    We will create white-hat, unique, and quality high DA & Spam free links
    for your website that get more traffic, leads, and sales.

    We provide you with detailed backlinks, ranking & traffic reports
    to show you how our SEO strategy is working.

    How Would You Benefit

    • seo SEO That You Can Rely On
    • growth Constant Traffic Growth
    • boost Boost Your Website Sale
    • price Flexible & Affordable Pricing
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    • maps Local Maps Optimization

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    We Grow Rankings, Traffic, Leads through Google.

    Let our expert team check each and every section of your website manually to get in-depth analysis.

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    Clients Testimonials

    We are trusted by businesses from startups to Small and medium-sized enterprises, here is what they say about us.

    Our Packages

    per month covers 10 keywords SEO

    Our basic SEO plan is the perfect choice for any small businesses with limited funds, or looking to promote their business locally.

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    per month covers 20 keywords SEO

    Our plus SEO plan is designed for small to medium range businesses, offering them more reach and online visibility.

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    per month covers 30 keywords SEO

    With our large-size business SEO plan, your business can get a leg up on the competition by increasing its online presence.

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    per month covers 50 Keywords SEO

    This top-end plan is a must for any eCommerce business or a big agency looking to take their SEO game up another notch.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do you have a refund policy?

    All sales are final. Your purchase of any SEO service or package is a legally binding contract for that sale. Once work on any purchased package or service has been initiated we can not offer a refund. Please consider this when placing an order. This is due to the nature of the industry.

    Are your backlinks Approved? What are High-Quality links?

    Yes, our backlinks will be 90-95% Approved. High Quality links are the links having High Authority Score, Low Spam Score, Relevant Category & are Dofollow in nature. These links are crawlable links and help search engines discover more of your content.

    Is there any kind of binding contract?

    No, we do not use contracts. Our SEO services are pay-as-you-go monthly & automatically end after 30 days cycle. The customer is required to give a cancellation notice at least 7 days prior to the end of a 30 day SEO campaign period by email, chat, or phone.

    Are your SEO services guarantee based?

    Google strictly warns against giving ranking guarantees therefore we DO NOT offer any guarantee on rankings but we guarantee our service levels and will keep you updated on the progress of your campaigns regularly. Please consider this when placing an order.

    When will my keywords reach page 1 of Google?

    This depends on many different factors and can only be answered after we have done a thorough analysis of your website, market, keywords and other aspects. Please contact us for more info.

    Which social media platforms are covered?

    Ideally, we will recommend Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for social media marketing. But Linkedin and Pinterest are also available to choose from. So you can choose your 3 from any of these 5.

    Is there any kind of paid links included in SEO services?

    No, our SEO services are organic-based i.e. researching and doing manual posting on high quality sites. For any paid marketing like guest blogs, outreach, etc please contact us for a quote.

    Any paid marketing included in COMBO packages?

    No, the above COMBO packages are organic-based i.e. manual posting on regular basis in the form of images and text. For any paid marketing on different platforms please contact us for a quote.

    Leading SEO Company in India Rated by CLUTCH, HINDUSTAN TIMES, & GOODFIRMS

    Are you looking for an SEO company that does good work at a low cost? Not able to get any yet?

    Pick our top-notch search engine optimization company by calling us right now. Utilize our cost-effective SEO services to help people discover your website and generate more leads for your business. Our SEO services will bring people to your brand’s website and make you money. We are a mix of care, detail, and creative skill agency. We bring together the most intelligent people in search engine optimization to create outstanding growth-oriented SEO campaigns for our clients.

    What exactly is SEO, and why do you need SEO services?

    what is seo
    Every business needs to grab the customers’ attention to the company, and you need to ensure they are aware of your online presence. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, combines marketing and experimental processes to boost your website’s organic traffic quality and quantity. It further improves your site’s visibility on all the major search engines. Search engine optimization plays a vital role in promoting your website’s ranking to the top positions of any SERP. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on a wide range of search methodologies like news search, ads search, image search, video search, organic search, local search, and much more. It is a very competitive and challenging procedure.

    That is why our SEO services in India are affordable and the best in the market. Being a cheap SEO company we are recognized by leading SEO agency in India by Clutch, Hindustan Times, GoodFirms, TrustPilot and many more, Our SEO experts offer low-cost proven SEO services that boost the online visibility of your site and build traffic toward your website.

    What are the qualities of an Ideal SEO Company?

    Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that claim to offer the best results. A good SEO company knows all the ins and outs of Internet marketing and will ensure that your business wins in a market with a lot of competition. But write down these things you should look for in a good SEO company:

    Professionalism – Online marketing experience is a big part of the company’s image. Their workers will be skilled and experienced and know how to solve your problems effectively. They need to have a good understanding of both the local and foreign markets. Such businesses can promise you the results you want.

    Use of latest techniques – The internet is evolving daily, and knowing the tools and methods to keep your feet grounded in internet marketing is crucial. With highly skilled technicians, a good SEO company would see how to use new techniques that suit the client’s needs and guarantee the relevance of the web content.

    Ethics – While we all focus on expanding our work, we must not forget that one should always abide by the ethical methodology in the field of work, a good SEO company will use white hat and approved methods by the search engines. They will make your website more SEO-friendly, keep your business optimized using keywords, and constantly work on making your content more relevant. These safe ways of SEO work will secure a steady rise in rank, raise your company’s value, and boost trust in the market.

    Healthy communication – An honest SEO company will handle your search engine optimization strategies regularly and communicate you with natural and regular details about the analytics. They will prioritize updating you through emails, calls, video conferencing, and online meetings. They will satisfy you with this method, and you can rely on this point when searching for a good SEO company.

    At SERP WIZARD, we meet all the requirements to be listed as a good SEO company. We have highly skilled SEO consultants who regularly interact with clients and update them on statistics and performance.

    How do you find an Affordable SEO Company in India that delivers results?

    Designing and developing any website only will not going to help in growing your company. Have you ever wondered whether your site is visible to relevant potential customers? This is where SEO comes in and ensures your online presence is consistent and efficient in attracting and increasing targeted traffic. For this reason, SEO is a vital part of any online business, from small to large. Finding a reliable and affordable SEO company that provides quality and quantity is a task that asks for more attention than you think it needs. There are many SEO companies in the market promising you results. It becomes challenging to decide which one to go for. When researching to find the best SEO Company to grow your business, you come across many companies offering deals that might seem too good to be true. And, if you are new to this field, you will get confused about which one to opt for; it’s hard to know if the company is reputable.

    But we at SERP WIZARD promise that your business will get the best results for a low price. Search engine optimization promises to give you long-lasting first-page results that will bring people to your site. However, we don’t want to be on the list of the cheapest SEO companies in India because their work doesn’t last. That’s why we offer a mix of affordable and practical solutions. It’s possible to think of affordability as a service that makes an impact rather than one that doesn’t cost much. Our SEO service is genuine and top-notch, and the quality can identify it and the results it produces.

    SERP WIZARD’s SEO Services Covers

    Our cheap SEO experts provide one-of-a-kind, ethical SEO services to ensure that your business gets top SEO rankings on Google, stands out to the right people, and attracts the right kind of traffic.

    how we work
    Off-page SEO
    We can make your site more relevant to people by connecting it with other relevant sites and experts in the field. This is possible because we are SEO link-building experts.

    Keywords Research
    Keywords and phrases are what SEO is all about. They are the link between the user and the page on your site. There are specific keywords that SERP WIZARD would hunt for your clients on popular search engines and then make content with those keywords.

    On-page SEO
    Search engine optimization’s on-page optimization is one of the most essential parts. This phrase lists several on-page SEO techniques that can make a big difference in how well a site ranks on a search engine results page.

    Link Building
    One of the most essential SEO techniques of the modern era. Getting help with SEO link-building helps build trust in your content. It also helps make your site pages more appealing to the best search engines.

    Website thorough check-up
    We check out your website to see how well it’s working. We can tell what’s going on with your website. And it lets the necessary things happen.

    Top-grade and low-cost SEO services that puts you ahead

    We are the best and most affordable SEO company in India, and we guarantee results. We love being a reasonable or affordable SEO company that builds successful SEO campaigns for our clients. The SEO team at SERP WIZARD is the best at getting your site to the top of all the major search engines.

    We work hard at SERP WIZARD to become India’s best and most affordable SEO company. We promise you will get reliable and affordable SEO services in India from our skilled SEO team. We work hard to meet our customer’s needs and goals and get them the best grades possible, ensuring that only the best traffic goes to their websites. On the other hand, it can improve investment return.

    SEO can tell how successful a business will be. People need to be able to find you, and you need the best and cheapest SEO company in India. Our white-hat SEO has helped several customers and led them to excellent results at a low cost.

    Many things have changed in this digital world, but SERP WIZARD has kept three things the same.

    • Every customer gets a dedicated project executive to talk to about anything.
    • We write our contracts so they are always short and leave room for clients to do what’s best for their business.
    • Our plans are up-to-date and help you get more leads and sales.

    SERP WIZARD is an Indian SEO agency that delights customers with affordable, trustworthy SEO services.

    Affordable & Cheap Search Engine Optimization services at $99 Per Month

    Didn’t your SEO investment pay off?
    Have you spent a lot of money on SEO already?
    Have you dealt with these two problems?

    The best way to explain your brand is with SERP WIZARD’s search engine optimization services. We offer SEO services at prices that won’t break the bank. With our unique mix of internet marketing help, our SEO is geared toward small and medium-sized businesses. It gives them the power to compete with big companies in most areas. We’ve been happy for years giving SEO services to small businesses worldwide, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Our India-based agency does more than just SEO; we focus on getting leads and ensuring our conversion plans work. You can get in touch with our SEO company right now.

    We run SEO campaigns that are result-oriented and highly efficient. Our search engine optimization services are attractive for any small to medium-sized business that will maximize ROI for your company. After starting your SEO campaign, we will ensure your business achieves its best position. SERP WIZARD belongs to a shortlist of the very best SEO companies in India for a reason. Our client feedback and word-of-mouth advertising best prove our result-oriented work. We believe in Quality, not just the number of clicks but how well they convert into paying customers. Our low-cost SEO prices, especially for small businesses, are still very affordable compared to other companies as we follow a beneficial business procedure in our own SEO company. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest Google algorithm changes and SEO procedures. We have an approach that is ethical and legitimate. Our company uses 100% White HAT SEO techniques for your business promotion because that is the only way to run a sustainable business where we prioritize our clients’ interests.

    Why choose our Low-Cost SEO services?

    Let our experts in search engine optimization get your site ranked high on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines.

    Dedicated SEO manager
    Every SEO campaign has a dedicated project manager who keeps clients up to date on drives, execution, and results.

    The best help with keyword research
    We look for keywords that are good for your business, product, or service and match what your customers seek.

    Relevant Content
    Expert SEO services will help you grade your site by improving the content to rank for the best keywords. This is because content is the most essential part of SEO services.

    Link building that works well by professionals
    Because we are good at SEO, we can add content to archives, submission sites, social tabs, and articles to make them more powerful and raise the rankings of your brand or company’s sites.

    Website Audit
    It’s part of our service to check your website and see how many people visit it. Also, do you know if the people watching are new or returning clients? This test also tells us how many people buy something from your site.

    Prices are reasonable
    That’s right, we offer cheap SEO services that any business can afford without breaking the bank.

    So don’t wait any longer; book with India’s best and cheapest SEO company.

    What do we promise to deliver at SERP WIZARD?

    Top Rated SEO Agency in India
    You must have heard people telling you to invest in affordable SEO services, and that is because a low-cost SEO company helps you to build trust and confidence, plus it is cheap.

    SERP WIZARD is an SEO company in India that focuses on providing you with better results; by investing in proven SEO services, you can drive leads to your business. At SERP WIZARD, we help you spread your business nationwide and get high search engine rankings to gain sales and leads. You can expand your information to reach the local area and the clients and grow your business locally. Our SEO packages suit all online businesses; our model revolves around cheap SEO services without compromising quality. Hire our affordable SEO services today for SEO marketing and watch your website climb the search engine rankings to the first page. We offer the latest cheap SEO services that will boost your business.

    We have a skilled and certified SEO experts team; you can expect website analysis, increased traffic, keyword analysis, brand analysis, competitor analysis, hiked website ranking, customer trust, consumer loyalty, etc.

    At SERP WIZARD, we believe in prioritizing the needs of our customers. So, we have a set of affordable prices that can match your budget without skimping the quality and providing you with a match to your search engines’ expectations. With us, you will get quality search engine optimization, and we will assist you in identifying a perfect internet marketing plan.

    What can work better than the combination of faith and affordability?

    Quality is always better than quantity; it solves the purpose of being known in internet marketing and helps you maintain customer trust. The SEO services need to be qualitative and unique.

    We at SERP WIZARD believe in delivering quality with quantity, which means satisfying the customer with both. This makes us one of the best SEO companies in India. Why not try it out yourself?

    So, book our low-cost or cheap SEO now! And contact the best SEO company in India today to get the best SEO experts.

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