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    How to Rank for “Near Me” Keywords

    How to Rank for “Near Me” Keywords

    Over the past some years, Google has seen huge growth in the “near me” & other local intent searches. That includes the location clues such as zip codes in the search queries have also dropped. Users assume their phone device can automatically pull the location data. Since improvements in the technology continue advancing, so do users, as shown in the searches. Thus, adding “near me” at the end of the search query shows the intent of the users to take immediate action on the search results.

    Add “Near Me” in metadata of the location page

    While creating the location page, you need to include the term “near me” in the core metadata components. It gets back to your basic SEO strategies and you come to know how to SEO for “near me” and metadata optimization, however, you will expand it to include the phrase ‘near me’ in image alt tags. Example of the metadata that is optimized for the ‘near me’ searches may look like:


    Personal Lawyers Near Me 


    You can find the top personal lawyers near me and call now

    As here we are talking of metadata, certainly, you do not need to overdo the inclusion ‘near me’ references.

    Include “near me” phrases throughout the content

    Next tip for optimizing the location page of near me searches will be including the term ‘near me’ all over the content of the page. Making use of an example above with the metadata, you may include the phrases throughout the page like “personal lawyer near me”. It may need a little creativity with the content, however, it will certainly be done rightly. Perhaps include the paragraph, which speaks straight to the people who may have landed on the location page and used ‘near me’ search. Once again, you do not have to overdo on ‘near me’ references across your content, thus keep this natural.

    Use the right schema markup

    The schema markup is the best way of helping your business to stand out from the competitors in local search results. The schema data generally helps the search engines to acquire more information that is related to the business as well as present them in a form of the rich snippets that are highly helpful for the user. Let us have a close look at below screenshot, and where right holiday hours are added in the business listing to avoid any kind of confusion to the visitor. The information will be added with the help of the schema markup:

    Get backlinks having the geographic anchor text

    The backlinks work very well to improve the business ranks on Google local. To increase the business ranks for the “near me” online searches, you have to acquire the high authority or relevant backlinks with the geographically-rich text. For instance, if you wish to rank for the “near me” searches on the location and for the category, then you have to use the location rich variants for anchor text and more.

    Rise of the “Near Me” Searches

    In the past some years, the “Near me” searches have witnessed huge growth, like highlighted in stats below:

    • There is 900% of growth for the phrases such as “near me tonight or today”. Example “pubs near me tonight”.
    • There is 200% growth for phrases such as “now” and “near me”. Example “medical stores near me now”.
    • There is over 150% of growth for the phrases such as “near me now”. Example “Pizza outlet near me now”.

    Most of the users have the location and GPS enabled on the mobile devices — and as most of the apps need it to get enabled, even the users who earlier had it turned off for the privacy reasons leave it on. It allows search engine giant Google to detect the current location automatically as well as present the highly relevant & localized results to their users.

    Hope you liked above SEO strategy for “Near Me” Searches

    The “Near me” searches are important for the marketers, as it allows you to reach the intended customers during the micro-moments while they desire your product or service. An ever-increasing in the local search queries makes the local SEO method the important aspects of the brand’s overall business policy. Since we continue seeing the growth of “near me” searches and with urgency like “open now” and “today” businesses must ensure that the local visibility online is in proper line with the customer needs.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.