SEO Future after Covid-19 

It has been just 3 months in 2020 and COVID-19 or Coronavirus has disrupted almost all aspects of life. People have to make some significant changes in their daily lives to adapt to “new normal”, whereas businesses should brace for negative economic impact, which can result from the people changing their regular habits for foreseeable future.

Impact of Coronavirus on SEO

For the businesses to position themselves through such time of ambiguity, it’s worth to re-visit their SEO strategies & roadmaps 2020 to understand the role of search engine optimization in the rapidly changing environment. In today’s guide, we will outline SEO considerations as a part of the business’s larger reaction to COVID-19 & how businesses will adapt areas of SEO strategies and plan effectively against the impact of COVID-19’s in the future.

Analyze Google Search Console and Keyword Rankings

You must monitor third-party or GSC tools for the keyword changes very closely than you generally do. In such times where there’s the high demand or the demand has shifted, you see shifts in the search interest & user intent on the individual queries. Suppose you are not monitoring it very closely you can miss out on an opportunity of changing the approach.

Build Up Content Bank

Consumer behavior today is shifting, and the pandemic can just make consumers search or behave in a different way than before. Like everybody else, you have time, thus get to writing. Begin by prioritizing the top and mid-funnel content. Whereas this content may not convert in the short term, you can get consumers in a funnel to present the products or services for your future requirements. So, by having the stockpile of good content ready before time can give you leg-up on your competition.

Begin Thinking of Holiday and Q4 Initiatives 

We do not know exactly how long we are in this environment. But, I have heard two more weeks or 12 more weeks’ maybe. In any case, we’re still looking at many months beyond this before economic outlook can improve. To know that Q1 & Q2 numbers will be lower than forecasted initially, begin planning for how you will make this up in the back half of this year. Suppose, you are the eCommerce store, begin thinking about Black Friday & Christmas plans.

Whereas the nature of COVID-19 needs businesses to know how they will plan for the next some months, and businesses have to be working through the efforts actively for the future initiatives to make sure they’re prepared when economic outlook starts to improve. Knowing that consumer spending will reduce in the next some months, businesses must leverage long-term SEO nature to make sure their brands are highly optimized as well as positioned before the periods of improved consumer spending. Generally, the Q4/Holiday season will be high-volume & high-competition for a lot of industries, mainly retail, that might see the performance declines over the next some months. To make sure your business will make up for the potential losses, whereas ensuring you will hit the future goals, start to execute on the planned SEO strategies or optimizations for the Q4/Holiday before time.

Hire the Top SEO Talent 

One sad truth of COVID-19 is businesses are closing all doors. The top SEO talent or experts who were quite loyal to their own company might find themselves without a home. Suppose you are hiring, begin recruiting now. This can go a very long way in showing that you’re in a strong position that can attract the top talent.

Final Words 

So what does this mean for you? Depends.

Whereas we suggest going forward with the traditional SEO tasks, and impact of hard work will take a little time to get realized (that is a case irrespective of pandemics), or can make a huge difference immediately. This depends but is the smart move of knowing the current context — to avoid any missteps and take benefit of the opportunities. It is quite simple; you must not stop the SEO efforts because of the current events. There are opportunities out there, so you need to know where you must look. Possible your data will look a little different now; it can be for better or worse. However, this swing will be telling and help to ensure you are on the path to success. We seriously hope everybody recovers from these devastating effects of the Corona Virus quickly.


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