SERP WIZARD – One of the Best SEO Company in Lagos

SEO services in Lagos are affordable and has been used for the past years in Lagos Nigeria to promote and boost your websites and business popularity. SERP WIZARD is company with good reputation and has in the past worked across different countries to promote products and services to their expected customers. For the recent past […]

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AngularJS as web language has strong link to the popular Javascript we programming language. SEO marketer needs necessarily not to know this language in his marketing career but this is only a task left to the development team. This language has the continuous characteristics to loading the web data asynchronously whenever user request is made […]

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Choose us for SEO Services in Chesterfield

Chesterfield within the valleys of Derbyshire in England region has in the past been lucky to boom in business and search engine optimization services in the entire England region. SERP WIZARD has cheap and readily available services that we provide to the people of this part of the country mainly to boost their business on […]

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How to do SEO for Amazon Products Listing

When the concept of search engine is spiked about what most people think immediately about is google and other popular web browsers. Contrary to this there are bigger organization that are frequently surfed hence making them to have their own web browsers, a perfect example to this is e commerce website. Amazon being a […]

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How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings

Amazon is one of the world largest internet commerce website from United States of America, being led by Mr Mark Bezoz and his group of able employees. This company has rivals in the world of e commerce and internet marketing such as eBay, With nearly 50 million people in its market base the products […]

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A Guide about Amazon Canonical URL and its Issues

Canonical come from the work canonicalization, which refers to the process of picking the best authoritative uniform resource locator amongst many multiple options. Canonical URL is the authoritative URL that you would like the browser to treat with the best authority, in other words it the webpage that you would like the user to visit […]

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What is X-Default Google Hreflang Tag and When to Use Hreflang Tags

Google is one of the world most popular search engines used by many people for different IT related purposes. A search engine is a program designed to retrieve information on the world wide website. Other search engines includes Safari from apples, Opera from opera mini foundation, Mozilla firefox from mozilla foundation and UC browser and […]

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How to use Details and Summary HTML Elements

Html (Hypertext markup language) is one of the scripting languages used by web developers to write codes that is only understood by web browsers. This language is majorly in form of tags that is only relevant for particular use and for particular purpose at given situation. A mark up language is consortium of web languages […]

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XML Sitemap for Subdomains and how to add it in Google webmaster tool?

Sitemaps are the best possible way to convey the message to the search engine about the content of the website. This assists the search bots to crawl through the website easily as information about the URL’s required and the metadata for every URL is also provided. The metadata about every URL also shows the information […]

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What is Google voice search optimization (SEO)?

Maybe two decades back it would have looked like a long reach, when people spread the ideas about voice search program. But, in the past few years several advancements in the technique has led to this fictional idea become into reality. Google, has been leading this research to make it a permanent assistant to their […]

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