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    Google Analytics 360 vs Microsoft Power BI

    Google Analytics 360 vs Microsoft Power BI

    Google Analytics 360

    An enterprise-level analytics product, Google Analytics 360 (previously Google Analytics Premium) offers a single view of the customer across platforms and devices with a full-service suite of features.

    Moreover, it offers data-driven attribution, complete integration with the Google stack, and content experimentation for optimizing website content.

    List of Features

    • Advertising Reports
    • Campaign Measurement
    • Cost Data Import
    • Mobile Ads Measurement
    • Remarketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Advanced Segments
    • Annotations
    • Content Experiments
    • Dashboards
    • Custom Reports
    • Real-Time Reporting
    • Audience Data & Reporting
    • Browser / OS
    • Custom Dimensions
    • Flow Visualization
    • Map Overlay
    • Mobile Traffic
    • Social Reports
    • Traffic Sources
    • Universal Analytics
    • API
    • Filters
    • User Permissions
    • App Profiles
    • App-Specific Metrics and Dimensions
    • Crash & Exception Reporting
    • Google Play Integration
    • iOS and Android SDKs
    • Product Integrations
    • Attribution Model Comparison Tool
    • Data-Driven Contribution
    • E-commerce reporting
    • Goals / Goal Flow
    • Multi-Channel Funnels
    • Warnings
    • Site Search;
    • Intelligence Events;
    • Event Tracking;
    • In-Page Analytics;
    • Site Speed Analysis

    Small businesses can monitor a single website or mobile app, add a tracking code, and conduct audience research with Google Analytics’ lifetime free package. A collection of sophisticated programs, including Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360, Optimize 360 (beta), Attribution 360, Audience Center 360 (beta), and Data Studio 360 (beta), are available for purchase as a group or individually, with quotes based on usage. To get your price, ask the business for it.


    Google Analytics offers numerous APIs to gather, set up, and report on user interactions with your web content. There are also numerous WordPress plugins accessible. As of right now, the following integrations are usable:

    Wildfire, Google Play, Adsense, AdWords, Google Display Network, Google Tag Manager, and Google Plus

    Verses Encouraged

    • Hindi
    • English
    • Chinese
    • German
    • Japanese
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Italian-Russian
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese
    • Polish-German
    • Swedish
    • Arabic

    Notable Clients

    Progressive, Panasonic, and TransUnion

    Devices Available

    Windows Linux Mac Web-Based Windows Mobile Company Size Android iOS iPhone/iPad Mac

    General Information

    A software program called Google Analytics compiles data into high-level dashboards so you can create several kinds of reports.

    Power BI for Microsoft

    Microsoft BI is a business intelligence tool for data analysis and report generation on server-based data. With its reporting engine, SQL Server Reporting Services, combined with ETL, master data management, and data cleansing, it offers an infinite capacity for data analysis.

    Which is superior, Microsoft Power BI or Google Analytics? Examining items to choose the top business intelligence software should be easy. You can easily compare Google Analytics and Microsoft Power BI and discuss their differences on our review platform. You can examine their distinctive advantages, compatible gadgets, degree of assistance, costs, conditions, and much more with us.

    Additionally, their total customer satisfaction level  (99% for Google Analytics vs. 97% for Microsoft Power BI) and score (8.7 for Google Analytics vs. 9.1 for Microsoft Power BI) may be compared. Take some time to review your top options and determine which is best for your business. The software vendor’s economic viability should also be investigated; can you rely on them, and will they still be in operation in a few years?

    • Microsoft Power BI
    • SmartScoreTM 9.1 97% User Satisfaction
    • Price: $9.99 is the starting price.
    • Model of Pricing
    • Monthly payment is free.
    • One-time payment
    • Quarterly Subscription Rate-based

    Feature List 

    Dashboards that may be customized; datasets; reports; navigation pane; Q&A question box; help and feedback buttons

    Trend indicators, online analytical processing (OLAP), ad hoc reporting, ad hoc analysis, interactive report authoring, comprehensive reporting, and data visualization tools

    Information on Prices 

    One of the two enterprise price plans available for Microsoft Power BI can be obtained for free, with a data capacity restriction of one gigabyte.

    Content creation, data exploration, authoring, native apps for iOS, Windows, and Android, importing data and reports from Excel, CSV, and Power BI Desktop files, publishing to the web, and creating, viewing, and sharing personal dashboards and reports are all included.

    With Power BI Pro, you can access on-premises data through the Data Connectivity Gateways (Personal and Data Management) and collaborate with your team using Office 365 Groups. You can also create, publish, and view organizational content packs, manage access control and sharing through Active Directory groups, and access shared data queries through the Data Catalog. All of these features are available for $9.99 per user per month.


    Integrations between Microsoft Power BI and the following business apps and systems:

    These include Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel, MailChimp, GitHub, Adobe Analytics, Accumatica, Circuit ID, and Azure Mobile Management.

    Verses Encouraged

    • English
    • Hindi German Chinese
    • Spanish Japanese French
    • Italian-Russian
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese
    • Polish-German Swedish Arabic

     Notable Clients

    • Conde Nast, ABB, MediaCom, Chevron, and CAT
    • Devices Available
    • Mac OS X Linux Android iPhone/iPad
    • Web-Based Windows Mobile Business Dimensions
    • Small Businesses Big Companies Medium-Sized Businesses Independent Contractors

    Accessible Encouragement

    • Phone Email
    • Real-Time Assistance
    • Tickets for training

    General Information

    A collection of business analytics tools called Power BI is used to communicate insights and analyze data. Users may keep an eye on their company from anywhere at any time and on any device.

    Google Analytics 360 vs Microsoft Power BI

    Are you trying to find the newest tools for data visualization and business intelligence? These days, Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI are becoming more popular. They are similar in that one lets you quickly and easily produce customized reports and charts, while the other provides interactive charts with strong business intelligence features. Our SharePoint Development team has published a piece that compares Google Data Studio and Power BI in brief with respect to

    Microsoft Power BI


    Integration and complexity 

    The cost of Microsoft Power BI

    Microsoft created the business intelligence platform Power BI.

    It’s an online suite of business analytics tools with a strong emphasis on data visualization.

    In addition to offering real-time analytics and comprehensive data modeling, Power BI also supports custom development.

    Several data sources can be connected with this data analytics application to create dynamic dashboards and reports.

    It has a very user-friendly interface along with great data visualization features.

    Customers can use this software to integrate their applications and generate dashboards and reports instantly.

    Because Microsoft Power BI is web-based, it can be accessed from virtually anywhere. It has both an on-site and cloud-based data warehouse.

    It goes after huge corporations and medium-sized businesses.

    The major components of Microsoft Power BI are:

    Power BI Desktop is a Windows desktop program that enables developers to create dashboards and reports.

    Online software, a service known as Power BI Service, is available.

    Power BI Mobile Apps: This mobile app allows users to access dashboards or reports on iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

    BI consultants can create reports in Power BI Desktop and then publish them in the On-premise version using Power BI Server.

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Microsoft Power BI

    • Microsoft Office is flawlessly integrated with Power BI. When handling a lot of data, Power BI is taking a little longer.
    • It works with mobile gadgets. Reports are not transferable between users and non-domain users.
    • It can perform intricate data manipulations. One must utilize its Pro version to use the sharing and security features.
    • Data can be combined and merged before visualization. Its Pro edition is more expensive overall than comparable suites.
    •  A ton of innovative widgets and visualization choices. Files larger than 250 MB are not accepted.
    • The vast user and resource base. There is a 1GB data cap per user in the free edition.

    A user can create a branded dashboard with data visualizations using Google Data Studio, a tool for data visualization.

    With this entirely web-based solution, you can quickly create personalized reports and graphs.

    Google Data Studio

    If you already have a Google account, using, customizing, and sharing reports is quite simple. Its user interface is clear-cut, easy to use, and uncomplicated.

    Additionally, the main target audience for Google Data Studio is small enterprises and consumers.

    It offers nearly any widget or image that the user desires to utilize to display data, including bars, lines, geopolitical maps, and more.

    Additionally, users have the option to alter the report’s logo, image, and font’s color and size.

    Users can quickly share reports with others or set permissions for individual reports using Google Data Studio’s sharing and permission features, which are similar to those found in Google Docs and Google Sheets.

    Also, users can set up reports for public online access. Therefore, access to this report does not require any credentials.

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Google Data Studio

    • First off, Google Data Studio is free. Prior to visualizing, no data source is combined.
    • Data graphics are simple to create; one does not need to be an expert chart manipulator. Only the browser. A desktop program for creating reports does not exist.
    • The platform itself allows for the creation of custom measurements and metrics. Compared to Power BI, it offers fewer tools and widgets for data visualization.
    • Adaptable, particularly when using other Google marketing tools. In comparison to Power BI, there are less customization options.
    • The ease of disseminating reports via an openly accessible URL link. Mobile users cannot easily use Google Data Studio.
    • The report is available for download in PDF format. The complete set of reporting features is not available; only the most basic widgets and functionality are.
    • Adaptable Live Editing and GA (Google Analytics) Integrations. It is not possible to have a dynamic relationship feature between every table and graph on the same page.

    This present generation is surrounded by the digital world, and data is the ruler. All business types, regardless of their size, are dependent on data that they can use to generate informed decisions, know consumer behavior, and add to their growth. One could talk about Google Analytics 360 or Microsoft Power BI as two of the most effective analytics tools that help businesses use big data capabilities.

    Google Analytics 360, developed by Google, is a collection of web analytics tools designed to perform deeper data analyses and create advanced reports. It helps companies to know web traffic, patterns of user conduct, and the efficacy of marketing communications. On the other hand, Microsoft Power BI is a tool for business intelligence that gives users the ability to visualize and analyze data from many different sources, thus helping users understand business situations and how to take action accordingly.

    Evaluation of analytics is a business imperative. Through the use of powerful tools such as Google Analytics 360 and Microsoft Power BI, businesses can easily make data-guided conclusions with which they can improve their marketing strategies and, in the end, boost the performance level of the business.

    The main Premieres of Google Analytics 360 and Microsoft Power BI

    Google Analytics 360 is a platform that provides many tools and functions that are responsible for data collection, analysis, and reporting through a website. It gives businesses simple access to the analytics of their site – from website traffic to conversions, all the way to know more about their users’ behavior. Google Analytics 360 can also segment the target audience in a highly professional manner, and this will enable businesses to conduct targeted marketing campaigns and go as far as being personalized for each group. It is worth noting that it also works well with other Google check mails, such as Google Ads and Google Data Studio, offering a comprehensive vision of marketing performance.

    Google Analytics 360 and Microsoft Power BI
    While Microsoft Power BI emphasizes data visualization and modeling, Forecast.io and IFTTT focus on location-specific data sharing and automation, respectively. It makes it possible to get responsive boardrooms and reports to provide a graphical depiction of their data. ‘With the drag-and-drop interface of Power BI, users can rapidly make beautiful visualizations without having to code or any technical knowledge they need. Obviously, Power BI has more advanced data modeling options, and users are able to transform raw data into actionable insights. Another feature is its ability to work fluently with other Microsoft tools like Excel and SharePoint, which
    makes it an outstanding application for companies that are already using Microsoft platforms.

    A Discussion about Advantages and Disadvantages of Utilizing the Google Analytics 360 and Microsoft Power BI

    Providing a wide range of tools, Google Analytics 360 has many advantages. First, it provides powerful data collection and reporting features that function as a measurement unit for many types of data. The system offers a vast collection of pre-made reports and dashboards, which provides easy access to the data for the user. Furthermore, Google Analytics 360 is tightly linked to other Google apps, which empowers businesses to use all the services that Google offers to the fullest. Although Google Analytics 360 is a great tool for analyzing customer behavior, the limited flexibility of customization is one of its drawbacks. Sometimes, users may find themselves helplessly trying to make the tool do what they want when more advanced tracking and reporting are involved. On top of that, Google Analytics 360 is quite an expensive tool, which means that only larger businesses with adequate budgets can afford it.

    While Microsoft Power BI stands out for its data visualization and modeling features, Tableau remains the preferred choice for data analysis and reporting among many organizations. Its intuitive interface provides a platform that empowers users to create visually compelling dashboards and reports without the need for intricate technical skills. Power BI also has data modeling, so it is possible to develop raw data into intelligence and insights. Yet its weak point is its steep learning curve. Users might need a little period of getting used to and training about the tool’s functionality and potential in order to use it to the full advantage. On the other hand, unlike Google Analytics 360, Power BI is not meant to be a large-scale data collection tool but rather focuses on the visualization and analysis of data that already exists.

    Choosing the Right Analytics Tool for Your Business: Factors to Focus On

    As you choose between Google Analytics 360 and Microsoft Power BI, You should consider various factors.

    Businesses should then envision their goals and objectives. If the initial motivation is to just get information about website analytics and marketing performance tracking, Google Analytics 360 could be the better pick because it has more powerful data collection and reporting features. On the contrary, in the case of focused work with data visualization and modeling from different sources, Microsoft Power BI, with its data visualization and modeling capabilities, maybe a better option.

    The budget of the program is also another important issue to address. Google Analytics 360 is expensive. Thus, its implementation may be a challenge for small businesses due to limited budgets. Versus the said, Microsoft Power BI offers different pricing plans, including a free version, which makes it more appealing for businesses with limited funds.

    The type and source of business data used must be an important issue. The main thing here is that Google Analytics 360 is focused on website analytics, and Power BI can handle data from different sources such as databases, spreadsheets, and cloud services. Hence, Power BI might be a better option for companies that require more data insights, as data comes from multiple sources.

    Last but not least, the user’s expertise, as well as his skill level, is to be taken into account. Google Analytics 360 is quite user-friendly, so it needs very minimal technical expertise to start. On the other hand, Power BI might need more training and expertise to gain a deep knowledge of its capabilities.

    To wrap up the discussion, it can be said that Google Analytics 360 and Microsoft Power BI have the ability to supply businesses with powerful analytics, which, in turn, are to be used to make data-driven decisions and to increase business growth. Google Analytics 360 is well-suited for data collection and reporting, whereas Power BI emphasizes data modeling and visualization. When deciding on the correct analytics tool for your company, you need to take into account things like business objectives, budget, data sources, and end-user experience skills. By choosing the most suitable tool, you let the information about your company’s customers flow freely, and you achieve a competitive advantage. This is possible in today’s data-driven world.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.