Omniture Sitecatalyst vs. Google Analytics

Omniture Sitecatalyst vs. Google Analytics

The person who are working in the SEO field or web development they all know very well about the Google Analytics and what is the usage of the Google Analytics but today serpwizard is going to discuss with you about the omniture sitecatalyst which is mostly similar to the Google Analytic and it can help you to get all the information about your site which you get from the Google Analytic.

What is Omniture Sitecatalyst?

Omniture is a marketing and web analytics company which have their offices worldwide. Sitecatalyst is omniture’s flagship software as a service application which offers web analytic same as Google Analytic tool. It is used to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns.

One of the most important reasons of using Omniture sitecatalyst by the companies are using is that it is very good to track effectiveness of online marketing campaigns. Basically many website owners are spending money or dong more efforts to drive traffic on their website. Technically when we classify a sitecatalyst variable then we are establishing a relation between the variable and Meta data which is related to that variable. Classifications are very important thing and it is very good to drive traffic on their site. Most people are using tracking code to drive traffic on their site.

Omniture Sitecatalyst v/s Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is very simple to install whereas for Omniture sitecatalyst you need high level efforts.
  • Omniture have very less data latency up to 15 minute whereas in Google analytics it is up to 24 hours.
  • Google Analytic cannot import data whereas it is possible in the omniture.
  • User levels limited in Google analytic whereas it is unlimited in the omniture.
  • Custom variable levels will be up to 50 only whereas in omniture up to 75 max.
  •  It is free of cost whereas you need to spend some money to use omniture.
  • In goggle analytics we schedule the reports but we cannot bookmark them but omniture provides us facility to scheduled, bookmarked and added to dashboards.
  • Google analytic set variables with integrate with third party shopping cart whereas in omniture default shopping cart variables are available.

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