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    Best Free Joomla SEO Extensions and Plugins 2019

    Best Free Joomla SEO Extensions and Plugins 2019

    Joomla extensions will significantly improve the Joomla website. They will enhance your Joomla website front end as well as improve the experience of your website visitors. They will also enhance the Joomla administrator panel as well as help you to administer your website very efficiently. It is tough to imagine the website without any Joomla extensions. Here, you can find the list of best Joomla extensions and plugins in 2019. And these are the extensions that we will suggest for any Joomla website and that we use ourselves. So, we discuss some points that are well known for helping SEO activities. In months to come, the list may probably grow.

    Top Free Joomla SEO Plugins and Extensions 2019


    One handy tool to make your SEO work simple and for functions, it will handle the basic Joomla SEO issues like the duplicate content, redirect and sitemap, and SEF URL. But, it also comes with the free version so that you may try out, and the control panel is easy to start and straightforward. It is one good choice for anybody who would like the free Joomla extension.


    There isn’t much to say about the Joomla SEO component in spite of it helps you to control the meta tag for an article in one screen and with the option to generate the descriptions for one that has not had yet. With Pro version, you can unlock different features to edit the meta tag for the menu item & K2 item that is very useful as K2 is the highly used extension.

    Shack Forms

    Shack Forms is an easiest and powerful way of adding forms for the Joomla website. Shack Forms also allows you to customize forms as well as show them in the articles, in pop-ups, modules, and anywhere you want. Design of the Shack Forms is flexible with different themes, effects, and styles. There is not an any better choice for the forms extension in the Joomla.


    OSpam-a-not is one simple way of protecting the Joomla website from the spam bots by filling out the forms. OSpam-a-not makes use of the clever & unobtrusive technique for protecting your forms from the flood of spam. This works behind scenes as well as no captcha will be used. Users will not even know it is there and by far it is the top spam protecting extension.


    Sh404SEF probably is one highly popular Joomla extension & longest developed accessible for the Joomla SEO purposes. It is the commercial extension, though the Lite version will get downloaded for free. And Sh404SEF offers important SEO features like rewriting of URLs and be in the friendly format, controlling characters, avoiding any duplicate content, and inserting H1, H2 & redirecting any error pages: 404 errors and301 redirect. It allows users to use Google analytics through Joomla’s back end.

    Tag Meta

    The extension can support another kind of the metadata instead of a title and description like content right, author, and external reference. Also, it helps you to add canonical to every page manually. With the matching rule choice for the automatic generating detail to tag meta and synonym keyword, surely help you to save lots of time on meta tags in case you do this the right way.

    SEO Boss

    One more tool for dealing with Joomla SEO problems. There’re two things about the SEO boss that I find them worth having. First is keyword tracking system appear quite useful for the free extension, and you will see each keyword within a dashboard, and not like others when you need to see every keyword. And two is an ability to manage all metadata, in just one screen. But, this feature is available only in the pro version.

    EFSEO – Simple Frontend SEO

    Focusing on the metadata management, EFSEO excels at this. The front-end control, automatic generating system, and customizable settings will collect URLs to the database. All the features are developed very nicely and are good SEO extension tools for free.

    RSForm! Pro generator extension

    Making HTML forms from scratch will be the pain and is impossible for the customer without any knowledge of HTML. RSForm! Pro makes the form creation simple for the customers but has a huge range of the features to keep the developer happy.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.