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    Real Estate Video Marketing: Ultimate Guide for 2024

    Real Estate Video Marketing: Ultimate Guide for 2024

    Analyzing the recent real estate market trends, there is no doubt that technology plays a significant role in the home buying process. The power of technology can be seen in marketing strategies, such as using videos in marketing.

    Thus, it is no wonder that the number of real estate agents who make use of real estate video marketing is growing by leaps and bounds as they apply this to generate leads, stand out from their competitors, and showcase their services and properties in the most attractive way.

    If you are looking to discover a way to be excellent in real estate video making without losing yourself in the process, take a few minutes to read the steps below on the best topics that you can use to create your videos and promote your real estate business.

    Why Real Estate Video Marketing Is So Important in 2024?

    Why Real Estate Video Marketing Is So Important in 2024?

    The most up-to-date property videos, either by utilizing a drone to capture aerial shots or employing the phone to shoot a virtual tour, are essential tools for both buyers and sellers.

    These kinds of videos give a detailed description of the properties and the outcome of watching this video is very satisfying as compared to the textual description and the picture of the property.

    So, without further ado, let us see why video marketing is crucial for real estate agents:

    Videos Are More Engaging

    According to the reports, people spend 2.5 hours of their day, on average, watching videos on the Internet. According to the same research, 86% of real estate agents who are already using the videos mention that it increased traffic to the website.

    Hence, videos offer conversion, sales, and huge returns on low investment.

    Showcase your properties

    Through video marketing of real estate, you have the ability to make several types of videos, which allow you to show the properties and the nearby environment better and in more detail than just a regular photo can.

    Explain things clearly

    Videos give more detailed and better demonstrations of properties and also help consumers reply to questions without having to read pages of text.

    Types of Real Estate Video Marketing

    Whether you are a newcomer or already a VMC creator, these types of videos are excellent for you and serve as a good start.

    Agent introduction videos

    In these videos, you can give a brief description of what you do and make the first point of contact with your potential clients. They must consist of a professional presentation of a short bio to demonstrate your expertise and deliver a personal message to the viewer.

    Agent videos, which can be introductory videos, help to build trust as well as form a personal connection between you and your clientele.

    Property tour videos

    These are the types of real estate videos that are usually used. Similar to the role of a virtual tour, these videos let possible buyers get a clear picture of a property, including its layout, crucial elements, and amenities.

    It can be done with a phone or professional equipment; it depends on the budget of the video and the platform that you are going to share it.

    Neighborhood tour videos

    They are a superb tool to make remote buyers feel the atmosphere of the community and the kind of life they may expect when moving to a new area.

    The tour videos of your neighborhood must feature footage of parks, restaurants, schools, and other places that are of interest to the residents.

    Client Testimonials

    As you know – whether you are a beginner or a pro – generating leads for your business by utilizing referrals is a crucial element. Customer testimonial videos are an awesome tool to involve, engage, and make your referrals stronger.

    Request a client who can speak for your work to give a description of their journey with you from the start to the end.

    Some interview conversation starters include:

    • What was the cause or factor that initially drew you to me/us?
    • What were the factors that led to your decision to do business with me/us?
    • Please let me know who among your family and friends are in need of real estate services and refer them to me.


    These videos could be focused on the target audience, such as buyers, sellers, and clients who are homeowners.

    The subject matter may concentrate on the following: a how-to guide to staging, repairing credit scores, preparing to list, area of finding a gem, and preparing your home for seasonal changes (winter, spring, etc.).

    Tips to make your marketing wow people through real estate videos

    Tips to make your marketing wow people through real estate videos

    Be consistent

    There are no chances to foresee the moment when a buyer or a seller is going to buy or sell their house, so you will need to be online daily. The prospects need to see you before they are ready to listen to a competent real estate agent.

    Do it this way, and when someone buys or sells a house, they will think of you first. Make sure that the real estate video software and production tools that you use help you with this.

    If video production is a time-consuming and complicated process, then such videos will have prolonged release cycles.

    Focus on emotions

    People, as emotional creatures, start making their purchase decisions, and then later on, they justify their decisions with hard facts. Offering hard facts is very good, but you have to excite an emotional response first, after which you can support that emotion with facts.

    Appeal to the emotions that a client might feel after they buy a house or think of the emotions that selling a house would inspire: the joy of turning the page, the hope of the next chapter, and the excitement of a fresh beginning.

    Finally, demonstrate how the numbers work to explain why people may feel such emotions after signing a deal.

    Repurpose your content for other platforms.

    From the perspective of Facebook, to a large extent, the users do not use the same platform, Instagram.

    Publish the same videos on various other platforms to maximize the reach. The hook is that you should make a new video for each platform, including the one that covers the same topic.

    This helps you reach more and more people and also saves the ones who would have gotten tired of watching the same video on different platforms.

    Realtor introduction

    The creation of a branded introduction video will be like placing a familiar face on the brand that you have been ardently promoting. This is a video that can make a customer understand if your services are suitable for his individual needs. It can be used on all your business’s online platforms.

    For instance, you can add it to the welcome email that you send to your audience members who have just signed up for your email list. On the contrary, the video should be a partial narration of your certifications, awards, achievements, and sales records. Present your own personality on the screen and explain why you are great at selling houses.

    First-time home buyer tips

    The provision of tips on how to navigate through the process of buying a home for the first time is a handy resource for prospective buyers.

    For first-time home buyers, it can be a headache, and the process might feel overwhelming. Discussing ways your buyers can calculate their mortgage, find a lender, and the necessity of a home inspection will encourage your prospects and show them you are a true real estate guru.

    Allocating an appropriate budget

    This first step toward successful video marketing is to make sure that the videos you put on your listings, social media, or real estate websites are of good quality.

    You could be told to go ahead and shoot the video and not to be too concerned about production aspects. Even though there are some aspects of this (like sending video voicemails or other one-on-one communication), for the real estate industry, it is vital to have such marketing videos look polished and perfect.

    You can forget about selling your property if it’s not visually inviting. But if you do not have the budget for something this extravagant, don’t worry!

    With video making, you only need to spend a little money if you choose to do it in-house in a professional way. We live in a world where a lot of us carry high-quality video cameras in our pockets every single day.

    It is also essential to understand that the budget for the promotion of the videos on platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook should be included in your video cash, so you should keep this point in mind when dividing your video money.

    Plan ahead

    Video marketing is not just a lightweight strategy that you can throw together and apply it fast.

    It takes time to determine whether you’re going to make through videos, how you’re going to shoot and edit them, where you’re going to put them, etc.

    Prior to video production, try to work out a plan.

    • Recognize the video you want and the video you need.
    • Determine how to get those videos made.
    • Create a thorough strategy concerning the promotion of the videos.

    The production of video can pass through many stages, like actors’ search, scripting, props, lighting, sound, or editing.

    Don’t be overwhelmed, though!

    The planning will help to harmonize all these components well in a sensible time frame. While it is essential to conduct your own research, meet with your team, and make a plan to take on your video goals with no regrets.

    You have what it takes!

    Highlight the selling points

    Those could be the beautiful neighborhood, the size of the rooms, the nice feeling from the previous owners, or the high quality of the material. You must put those points in the center of your video, and you can capitalize on one narrative form or another as the best way to market.

    You may be on the same line as the agency, and the commercials will be made with a couple experiencing the different parts of the house; alternatively, an interview with the neighbors from that area is a better choice.

    On some occasions, a straightforward video tour may be enough. Moreover, to some real estate agencies, the quality comes second to the quantity because they could have hundreds of houses in their website.

    These decisions will make you buy specific gear (a drone to focus on the villa surroundings, for instance).


    The process of editing your video should be adapted to the beat of the property.

    Start with a proper song to create the perfect property atmosphere. Thereafter, let your editing skills work as well to make the viewing experience match the vibe and the values of the house you are trying to sell.

    Don’t forget to use close-ups to show how the material is made and the other features. At times, using stock footage to put together the video is a good choice, such as aerial shots of the city/area.

    Video Techniques For Real Estate

    Strategies for Video Marketing

    Are you ready to add the video to your real estate repertoire? Below are some basic skills to ease you into the process.

    Put quality first

    High-end real estate videos rely heavily on quality in order to create a property that is visually good.

    A high-quality video will demonstrate the property in its best form and in a way that enhances the image of the agent, hence the opinion of the buyers.

    In luxury real estate, where minutiae are everything, a high-quality video sets up a premium image, attracting the most sophisticated customers and making the overall marketing campaign more effective.

    Stage before shooting

    A property that is nicely staged can give a space a dramatic effect and assist the buyers in picturing themselves living there.

    Think of hiring a professional staging company to increase the property’s attractiveness.

    Through a mindful selection of the furniture and decor, you can build an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, and that will be liked by the potential buyers.

    Scripting and Storytelling

    Just as is the case with all video content, the video should have a well-defined storyline.

    You may think that a walk-through video for a property does not need a storyline, but all videos profit from a good flow. After that, if you opt to include voice-over or on-screen text, you can expand yet another dimension to the storytelling.

    Whatever kind of video you are making, think about what angle you can take to make your story appealing to your viewers. Likewise, you can tell them the story of a family that finally found their dream home or a young couple who are at the beginning of their journey together.

    Through sharing stories that people can identify with, you can make your listings more relatable and memorable.

    Post on YouTube

    YouTube is the ultimate portal for the real estate videographers. As the sibling of Google, it is the second most widely used search engine in the world. YouTube recognizes that, unlike written content, video production is more challenging; therefore, YouTube gains more points in page ranking.

    Optimize for search

    Integrate relevant keywords into your real estate videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags to increase potential viewers’ discoverability.

    Utilize geotags and location-based information to improve local search rankings, ensuring that your videos are seen by a target audience interested in spatial points and features.

    Editing and Post-Production

    And remember, last but not least, the final stage of real estate video production is post-production.

    Editing helps you hone your footage, improve visual and audio quality, integrate graphics or text overlays to reflect on vital data, and put the finishing touches on your content.

    Strategies for Video Marketing

    When it comes to channels that give you access to your audience, another cool thing about video is that you can use it almost everywhere on the Internet to attract users to your content.

    There are many platforms and channels supporting video content, and you can use them individually or together as you like. Here are some of the great options that we suggest looking into.


    Place your real estate video on your pages as many times as you can. This includes your homepage, your listing section, the “About Us” section, and many other parts of your website.

    Depending on how many properties you are dealing with at the moment, you may create a video for each property (or the ones that attract most purchase inquiries).

    Another idea for producing videos is coming up with more general ones that would explain your company, introduce you as a real estate agent, or any other non-property video topics.

    Social Media

    Whatever it is, social media is now a must for almost every industry or business in 2024. After you have created a video, take the time to share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as any real estate forums or organizations that you or your business are actively engaged in.

    When it comes to Vlog-style posts, the shorter versions are ideal; however, you can get away with posting a long video (like a home walkthrough) if it is informative enough.

    Team up with other creators, brands, and entrepreneurs.

    One of the tactics that the greatest YouTube influencers used to grow their audience was creating content with other users.

    Every collaboration gives you an opportunity to increase your reach to a new audience. Plus, those new viewers might be just the people who won’t mind subscribing to your channel since they already know, like, and trust the content creator you’re working with.

    What is crucial in a successful YouTube collaboration is finding the relevant partner. The idea is to partner with content creators who are accurate to the passions of the brand, and your video is presented as authentic.

    Re-Optimize Old Videos

    Most people upload a video to YouTube, reply to comments for two days, and then never come back to that video.

    On the other hand, one of the best ways to get more views is to re-optimize old YouTube content that has been lying on some dusty shelf. However, you’re not even offered a choice about what you can alter for videos that are already added to YouTube.

    That said, you can still change the video’s:

    • Title
    • Description
    • Tags
    • Thumbnails

    Wrap up

    Buying or selling a residence is a high-stakes process. But with the advantage of sharply crafted video showcasing the property, these transactions can be made much easier.

    As you make and share your real estate videos, don’t be afraid to go beyond the examples included here. Creative video making, whether DIY or from a professional team, can be decisive in landing a key client.

    So, if you haven’t hopped on the real estate video bandwagon, NOW is the right time to do so. Good luck!

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.