Tips and Tricks for Creating Unique Content

Creating Unique Content

As you all people who are working in the SEO field they all know that this is a field where we need to be update about the new updates of the Google and about the new techniques and tricks of the SEO. You all already know that Google is updating their algorithms regularly. So, now according to the new updates of the Google there is the most important thing is content writing. But only content writing is not enough. It is also important to write a new and fresh content always which is called unique content. Google was launched their panda algorithm which was specially came for the duplicate content. Today Serpwizard is going to discuss with you that what is unique content and its benefit.

What is Unique Content?

Everyone known about the content writing and we know that content plays a very big role to get a better ranking in the search engine result pages. So from a long time people are writing content to get a better ranking but because of more spamming Google is updated their algorithm for the duplicate content. First update was Google Panda. It was come for the duplicate content. Unique content is known as that content which is not copied from anywhere because Google loves quality and fresh content.

Benefits of Unique Content

Google loves fresh and unique content very much. Google panda was the update which was came only for this purpose. It was came to penalize those sites which are copying content and posting it on the blogs to get a back link from that post. Google penalizes these types of sites and less their rankings. Google hate old and copied content. The most and big benefit of writing unique content is that good love fresh content and if you are writing fresh content and posting it on the high page rank sites than Google give you a better rank than the other sites.

Tips to Write Unique Content

  • If you want to write a new and fresh content than it is important to be update about the latest things. So it is good to create a sign up with the Google alerts and let be updated daily.

  • You can revisit old popular posts and change that post in your words.

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