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    Social Media KPIs 2023

    Social media is a valuable tool to build personal relations with your audience. However, it can be a helpful factor for increasing your revenue, overall ROI, and reach. The only way you can ensure this (or get started), is by tracking your social media KPIs – and beyond your follower, fan, and “like” counts.  They have to be circled over generating new traffic to your website, increasing the lead generation as well as expanding your online brand.  You may measure many different metrics on social media. However, you only have to worry about those that answer the following questions:

    • Are you connecting with qualified people?
    • Are you reaching qualified people?
    • How many have become your customers?
    • How many of the social media fans are actually inquiring about your service and product?

    Everything else is the vanity metric. This being said, they’re different areas that social media KPIs must be focusing on, and we will discuss them in this article.

    10 Social Media KPIs and their Reach in 2023

    Before realistically starting to dream about conversions and profits, you have to ensure that you are connecting with your customers. So, in metric world reach is a term that tells you how far the message has traveled or the number of people who have seen it, or who these people are. Also, you can determine social media reach by KPIs:

    Count of Your Follower

    Perhaps one obvious way of determining if you are reaching enough people is to know how many fans and followers you are having on every platform. Keep in mind, billions of fans not being able to engage won’t help you much for your brand. However, knowing that your business has a reach is the best way to begin the campaign.

    Impressions to Measure

    Impressions are a complicated metric for you to measure. It shows the number of times that your posts have shown up on the timeline and newsfeed. It is possible that one user will have multiple impressions. For example, they might see the post just once in their feed, and again when somebody follows and shares it with them. Although the number is quite unclear as it just tells the number of people who can connect with the brand, a higher number will always be better.

    Web Traffic

    The amount of web traffic on your site from social media networks will be crucial. It is the first step of converting the followers into customers since you are aware that they are interested to find out more about the company. Suppose your campaigns get plenty of engagement and reach but have an improvement in the web traffic; this can be the sign to take the call to action.

    Share of Voice

    If good brand awareness or recognition starts to nurture your business or company, you can notice the conversation emerging over you. It is all about checking out if you are an inspiring chatter of people in the industry. Suppose you are not producing conversation, it is time to look at the competitor’s campaigns or see what they are doing differently.


    Social media KPIs are the best way of measuring your campaign’s potential. But, the metrics do not mean much. It is no good to have a vast following if people linked to your business or company did not buy anything. Alternatively, social media engagement will be the best KPIs you may measure. It normally looks at the number of likes, shares, or comments that your updates produce that give you insight into your “social” area of the media.


    With clicks, it becomes very simple to measure the different types of engagement. Anybody keen to click at the link of your blog or website is possible to convert. It means that you are cultivating qualified leads, in place of the basic traffic. The link clicks will account for 92% of the user interaction only on Twitter.


    Likes are the natural way of generating attention for the brand. Being a person, we prefer associating ourselves with the things and ideas that are quite popular. This means the more likes the post has, the higher will be the engagement that it cultivates. Likes are the sign your content has authority as well as deserves good attention from the marketing team.


    Whereas likes are good, it isn’t a huge indicator of brand loyalty. We may easily hit the like after reading the post and not interact with that same company. Whereas likes are the key indicators for social media, you must measure, in case you wish to look at the true engagement, and ensure you track the shares & retweets.


    The point of staying active on social media is engaging in conversations with all your customers. Suppose the content on your page is interesting, informative, and relevant, it can spark a conversation with all your followers. Also, it can help to get loyalty among the followers. Even though people are very critical of the responses to your messages, at least you can learn something. Suppose you get the comments on the posts; it is a good sign you are making the right impact. For this reason, comments are very good KPIs for social media managers.


    Around 96% of the people who talk about companies over social media do not even follow the brand’s profile. Thus, people converse about the company when they are not in a room. Although you may not have a direct connection with these individuals, things that they have to say regarding your business or company are very important. For this reason, it is worth looking at the mentions when you are measuring the KPIs.  And mentions demonstrate that you have got good awareness.

    Social media is the ultimate source of brand loyalty, but you need to know how you can use it rightly. Suppose you know what type of impact your social media campaigns have on the customer base, and you can minimize the cost per lead, enhance advocacy for the company, and turn purchases into loyal users.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.