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    In this age of 2023, technology is fast changing, and along with it, the online trends. It is hard to keep up with all that is happening. People have changed the way they browse the internet. So search engine trends are also undergoing major change. It is important to note for any content writer. This is because when search engine trends change, search engine optimization is also affected. Today search engines increasingly depend upon artificial intelligence and modern technology. So it is important for content writers to get a grasp on these changes to ensure their reach is not affected due to different SEO mechanisms.

    But there are a few easy SEO hacks in 2023 that everyone can learn to adjust to the changing formula of search engines like Google

    So let us see what are these 2023 SEO tricks and tips that we can use to our advantage

    1. Sites are getting mobile-friendly

    Search engines these days are combining user-friendly interfaces to make the search experience much smoother. One of the top SEO hacks in 2023 is to try and improve your page experience to attract more and more users. Further, since search engines are more inclined towards mobile-friendly and safe browsing websites, search engine optimization works even better with a better page experience. To improve page experience you can focus on improving backlinks, attractive titles, and headers, increasing use of relevant keywords, etc.

    1. Passages can be used to your advantage

    Search engines like Google now not only provide pages in the search result but also show a passage or an extract that may be relevant to your search. So with this technology, you can attract more users by making your passages comprehensive and relevant so that it catches the eye of your users. So this is one of the easiest SEO tips in 2023 to broaden your reach. You can write passages with specific keywords such that it appears more on the search results and users can benefit by pinpointing the specific information they need without having to browse through the entire page.

    1. Subtopics are also Important

    The main topic of your article or content is surely important for it to pop up in search engine results. However, with the latest trends search engines are not only showing the topics that you searched for but also other subtopics that might be related to your search. So now you can use relevant keywords to ensure a wider reach. The SEO tip here is to not use broad phrases, but rather use long-tail phrases to make them appear on the search results page. So ensure that your site supports such long-tail phrases. You don’t even have to repeatedly use the phrase, again and again, to make ensure search engine optimization. Rather mention it once and then go on to use phases similar to the long-tail phrase throughout your content.

    1. You can earn through Featured Snippets

    In case you get yourself a featured snippet, your website is already doing better than most other websites. Featured websites are a great opportunity to earn more. A featured snippet essentially means your page will be featured on the search result page whenever people search for a related topic. Even if not all users who see the feature will click on it, you will still benefit from any clicks it gets you. A featured snippet can be in the form of a passage, a chart, a list, a table, etc. So another SEO trick of 2023 is to optimize your earnings by using such additions on your featured snippets.

    1. Don’t change much on the Pages

    An important SEO hack of 2023 is to keep your page free from changes. A lot of changes on your page will affect the SEO process. If any change is necessary then you may add or delete a few words but it is always inadvisable to change the SEO title of your page. This might make your page tough to locate for search engines and hence affect your reach. So if your pages are already ranking well, then it is better to let them be as it is and not change much.

    1. Be careful with creating New Pages

    Whenever you are making a new page you have the opportunity to use all the latest trends and techniques. So your SEO hack is to be careful with using proper titles, subheadings, content titles on your page, and names for your images. Make sure your page has relevant keywords with long-tail phrases. With these SEO hacks of 2023, you will definitely attract more users, increase your traffic and broaden your reach.

    1. Use different combinations

    The key to successful content writing is not to write long or short content. The SEO hack you should follow in 2023 is to use a combination of long and short content. This combination will ensure maximum reach. Different users have different needs. So by using the different lengths of content you can cater to the needs of all and attract more and more users to your page.

    1. Keep your page updated

    As SEO keeps changing almost every day, it is important to keep your page updated on the latest trends. The SEO trick you can use to do this is to update the heading of subtopics on your page. It is generally not advised to change the title of the page itself, but the content header can be edited every time and again to keep your page up to date.

    1. Choose your niche

    Every content writer has a category of topics he or she is comfortable with. Once you locate your niche, content writing becomes easy. When you are interested in the topic that you are writing, you automatically create quality content that reaches maximum users.

    1. Strategize your changes

    Whenever your page needs changes, it is advised to make these changes as per a pre-planned strategy. Minor changes can also bring about a major impact. So the SEO hack is to plan the changes you are going to incorporate to make those chances count.


    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.