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    SEO Trends and Techniques in 2019

    SEO Trends and Techniques in 2019

    With 2019 appears to be a fantastic year, it is perfect time that will reflect an eventful year it is going to be for the organic search & SEO strategies coming in. Google is determined to refine the enigmatic search algorithm for delivering users the highly relevant results, SEO experts and pundits all over the world have taken note of the growing number of the SEO trends and techniques that are the future of Search Engine Optimization. Like with any industry, it’s our duty as the industry leading SEO firm to be aware of the emerging SEO trends and techniques so that we will incorporate them in our strategies and make sure we are offering our clients with sound and creative business advice. Being an SEO professional, it’s our responsibility to keep all our clients well informed about the industry trends.

    Whereas SEO at the core will stay relatively unchanged (build an awesome business, awesome website & killer content), it’s very clear that best organic SEO strategies in 2019 should cater to Google’s preference for the websites that will value security, speed, usability, and mobile-friendliness. Before we review this year in SEO, let us take a close look at SEO trends that happened in 2018 & review this year. Let us explore the new ways and trends to embrace this.

    Let us see how the user experience will show itself in 2019.

    User Experience and Ever-Growing Importance

    There is no secret that the long term and client orientated techniques will bring good revenue for the businesses and companies in the past some decades. For example, take a look at Amazon. Same goes for Search Engine Optimization. The search engine wants you to take care of the visitor. Actually, the user experience is the fundamental ranking factors today in Google. You need to engage your users; keep them on the page; entertain them, and consider their requirements.

    • Optimize your page-loading speed.
    • Minimize count & get rid of annoying and irrelevant ads.
    • Write readable and quality content with textual elements.
    • Design user-friendly UI.
    • Provide a mobile-friendly experience.
    • Use only white space – and make your visitors breathe.

    Voice Search

    Smart digital assistants like Siri and Alexa are helping people out there to get the things done on a regular basis. So, they daily get thousands of requests such as “when…” “why…”, and “how…” and the number will increase enormously in 2019. It is what makes the voice search to stand out – and after forming the long tail request even in the real-time, in place of 9 million results, you will get one, most relevant. Furthermore, your query is specific as it is the natural question like the one you may ask your friend. Also, voice search is fast, efficient and convenient. What’s the reason for neglecting it? Besides, around 40% of the adults are using this at least one time in a day!

    Search Engine Optimization for sure will be highly focused on solving the problems & answering people’s questions. Nevertheless, SEO specialists have got no complete knowledge about how to monetize the voice search, as this kind of search is totally new, particularly compared to the traditional ones. Only advice is dealing with the voice search as an important and upcoming digital marketing technique and explore this right now, as right after somebody checks out how you can make a profit from this, you may be at a top rank or else Siri will use for announcing the search results.

    Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Keyword Research

    The contribution and impact of Artificial Intelligence to the modern Internet is huge and can’t be unnoticed. Internet with smart search results as well as relevant ads as per your previous experience actually plays a very important role in many digital marketing strategies across the world. It isn’t enough to use various SEO techniques or ignore the presence of artificial intelligence on the internet. Today, understanding how Artificial Intelligence “thinks” has actually become very important to get the best outcomes for different SEO practitioners. Considering the fact that AI is developing with a huge speed, it’s not tough to predict the changes in traditional keyword research. But, Machine Learning and AI algorithms require a little time to learn the consumer behavior, for this reason, experts believe that time when we can sense complete power of Artificial Intelligence impact can approximately come at next some years.

    Just like how keyword research is mutating slowly, let us consider in a way we need to adjust the keywords by Google. As simple keyword-spamming doesn’t work anymore, we need to give our keywords the new semantic values to meet the needs of Artificial Intelligence. Thus, giving the explanation or definition of the original keyword in place of mentioning it, can add a huge number of the new keywords as well as bring organic traffic on your page. 

    Blockchain Technologies Can Meet SEO

    The most controversial and innovative explorations of human mankind are predicted to affect Search Engine Optimization. How? If you aren’t familiar with Blockchain technology, then let me tell you it appears to be the highly sophisticated trends in digital marketing for the people to follow. Generally, blockchain is the interconnected system of the blocks where all of them have information about each other. When a transaction happens, every block must confirm that it is totally valid to proceed. For this reason, there is not any chance of going through with the invalid and fake payment.

    In a nutshell, mobile indexing means Google makes use of the mobile version of the page for ranking and indexing. From March 2018, Google has started this process of migrating websites to the mobile first index. This may happen that the Search Console has notified you of it. Keep in mind; the mobile first index doesn’t mean “mobile-only.” Still, there is the single index with desktop and mobile versions. But, the entire “mobile-first” buzz states that Google is using mobile versions to rank once the website’s migrated.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.