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Definition of Churn and Burn SEO
People who are working in the SEO field they all know that more than 80% people are using Google to search their queries but Google is having a strategy to give results on their first for pages for some specific keywords and Google is regularly refining their algorithms to give better results to the users of the search engine. Today Serpwizard is going to discuss with you that how you can get huge links with the help of the Churn and Burn method.

Churn and Burn SEO which is sometime known as Rank and Bank, Google gives more preference to those sites who are getting more backlinks from the different high page rank sites and which are getting those backlinks with the white hat SEO techniques. Churn and Burn SEO is a better way to rank better for any site but it is not a white hat SEO technique because here we need to use some tools to make backlinks.

So if you are running a website and you spent lot of money for the SEO of your site and you not getting any results then this is a technique which can help you out.

Churn and Burn Black Hat SEO Strategy:

You all known that it is a process of getting more backlinks for a site from the different domains. Making a better authority for your site is a way to rank better but if you are having a site which just now you are developed then it is not possible to make a better authority of your site. This technique is a black hat SEO technique which includes thousands of links from different domains.

  • For this technique you need to have 10-15 domain names to make this work for a few months and domains according to your products and services.
  • Then you need to make some WordPress templates and it is good to make them unique.
  • There are many tools to use this technique such as SENuke & xRumer, these can help you make backlinks on the forum profiles and bookmarking sites.
  • You need to have an in house content writer who can write quality content for your site. If you don’t have a better content write then you need to prepare semi good quality content on your own basis.

After following these all steps you can use this tool to create backlinks for your site on the different domains.

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