SEO Myths for 2017

There has been grand change in how search engines react to what individuals hunt down in 2014, that is to say how search engines crawl, rank and list the pages of your site. Numerous site holders are as of now working with SEO myths and antiquated data and accept there are still ‘snappy fixes’ out there.

We all realize that Google changes things on a consistent premise. The Penguin and Panda algorithm update has brought on more than a couple of cerebral pains and eradicated numerous years of devoted SEO work. SEO organizations have changed their center from decisive words and interfacing to making quality content.

What are actually the SEO myths?

SEO Myth – You need to submit your website to Google

Google checks the World Wide Web day by day so there’s no compelling reason to submit your site to Google. Assuming that you have another site, it won’t take long for Google to discover it and relying upon your SEO endeavors, rank your site for your keywords. You ought to truly give careful consideration to what you don’t need Google to discover. That is, square substance through your robots.txt index. This ought to incorporate all content that is not essential for Google to record and along these lines keeping your site’s content focused and clear.

SEO Myth 2017 – SEO is all about rankings

In spite of the fact that there is still a correspondence between search results and if guests click on your site, it is not a definitive objective in 2014. What is imperative now is for your site to show up in the main three outcomes on a page, and not so much on simply page 1. It’s been indicated that individuals click on the main 3 postings on page 2 and 3 of search results.

What is also important is ensuring your listing has rich text/snippets and author tags to encourage people to click on your listing.

SEO Myth – More links are better than more content

Link building was popular in 2013 in terms of quantity. Links are an important part of your digital marketing strategy but I always recommend focusing on writing good quality content. Then promote that content. Having relevant and diverse sources that link to your content is far more important.

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