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    Impact of NLP (Natural Language process) on SEO

    Impact of NLP (Natural Language process) on SEO

    Natural Language Processing or NLP has actually become another buzzword in the past some years. However, not everybody actually knows what NLP is or how it is used for improving efficiency. 

    What’s NLP?

    Let us understand the basics. NLP or Natural Language Processing is an ability of the computer program to know human speech as spoken. It’s the component of AI or Artificial Intelligence, this is a big trend nowadays.  NLP is an important field of AI, computer science as well as computational linguistics that is concerned with interactions between the computers and the human languages. It’s a computer activity where computers analyze, know, and generate natural language. It includes automation of linguistic forms, methods or activities of communication, like correspondence, conversation, written composition, reading, lip reading, translation, publishing, and much more. Actually, NLP is an aspect of the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data that has got the potential of changing everything.

    How NLP Is Used?

    Have you talked with the smartphone or computer? Just some years before, this question will have come from the science fiction movie. However, with advances in the NLP, you now can ask the phone to send the text message to a specific person, it really does. Siri is an obvious example of it. However, let us look at some more examples that might help your online business to boom!

    Information Extraction

    Plenty of important decisions in the financial markets are moving away from human oversight & control. Algorithmic trading, one type of financial investing, which is totally controlled by technology, is now becoming very popular. However, many of the financial decisions are actually impacted by the news that is presented in English. The major task of NLP is taking the text announcements & extracting information in the format that is put in the algorithmic trading decisions. Example, news of a merger between the companies will have a huge impact on the trading decisions, and speed in which mergers, prices, players, and more will be included in the trading algorithm and will bring a huge profit.

    Machine Translation

    You might have used NLP in case you have used the “translate” link on Facebook for translating any foreign language on your own. And Google is one company that is at the forefront of the machine translation and using the proprietary engine for Google translates service. Challenge with the machine translation isn’t in translating the words but to preserve the meaning of the sentences, complex technological issue, which is at a heart of NLP.

    Fighting Spam

    One more use of Natural Language Processing is the text classification. Google or other email providers make use of this to determine if the email is spam. The spam filters have actually become very important as the first line of the defense against any unwanted email.


    Some other NLP software’s are getting used and developed that will automatically summarize the long documents and extract relevant keywords to search. Legal system makes use of these kinds of the applications, for instance, to help the lawyers to sort out plenty of documents at any given case to find out relevant information.  The information overload is one real phenomenon in the digital age, and our access to information and knowledge far exceeds our ability to understand this. It is the trend that does not show any sign of slowing, so an ability to summarize the meaning of the documents or information is getting more and more important.

    Emotional Meaning

    The marketers are making use of NLP for the sentiment analysis, combining many tweets or other social messages to decide how the users feel about the particular product and service. It also has the potential to turn Twitter and Facebook in a giant focus group.

    How Natural Language Processing Has Changed SEO

    The most famous usages of NLP are the on-site search. Internet shoppers have seen how much e-commerce has evolved over past some years and how the internet is no more frustrating experience than this was some years before, however, for the majority of the shoppers, technological changes, which are happening behind these scenes are totally invisible. An adoption of NLP is the key drivers for change in e-commerce today, and the impact that the technologies have on the customer experience is far-reaching & powerful. Thus, here you can find some important benefits of NLP & learn why it’s better than the stock search algorithm or other traditional keyword or text-based searches.

    Get Better Results

    The semantic search offers results that are what the customers are searching for.

    Search Processing Deciphers

    Customers are human and they also make spelling errors, forget details and confuse brands with the products. NLP bridges this gap when such errors occur and it connects dots to keep the search seamless.

    More Data Gives More Growth

    Knowing what the customers are looking for is key in improving the business. Through the tremendous depth of the data presented by Natural Language Processing, you can analyze data to the huge degree, and learning about the customer habits or tendencies across your whole consumer base. The data can also be applied by merchandising to SEO and marketing campaigns for sales, and more.

    Search Capabilities Can Eliminate Any Ineffective Results

    NLP looks at the entire picture, not only the individual keywords at the search, offering results that are some of the parts. The results will be identified wrongly by the text-based searches and accidentally omitted from the keyword queries.


    There are some companies that make use of Machine Learning with NLP just to improve the shopping journey. The providers make use of data for continuing to provide the recommendations based on the onsite behavior & earlier search habits.  Obviously, if the customer uses onsite search as well as is presented with the random assortment of the irrelevant products — or worse, No Results Found page —the customer will leave the website and potential sale gets lost. Damage done gets further, but, as the customer is not likely to come back for the future purchases.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.