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    Establishing good blog content for your website or company’s page doesn’t have to be difficult, but it should be a better blend of instructive and charming. One of the best pathways to make brand content more legible, readable, and holding is to change the blog content into a listicle.

    The listicle structure can be efficient for readers with a short observation period, which, with the growth of target date social media content, is a viewer that increases more. Every block of brief writing asks the reader to capture deeper into your content without a wide-reaching body of text that it may not have time to read.

    Introduction: Listicle

    You can make a listicle as an article or blog established in a list form or structure. Every list item will comprise either some sentences or several paragraphs, & its goal means to either upskill or captivate readers. You can also write a traditional listicle, like, the best ten movies of 2022, or a more informative one, like, seven steps to establish a website for your brand.

    Many audiences like listicles as it’s a delight to examine, learn & recall. As marketers, we frequently work with writing about some subject matters to educate our viewers & captivate more leads in a business. It can aid the reader to scan for the detail they require & feel less engulfed by the content accessible on the website.

    For example, the topic, the ultimate guide to building your website SEO friendly, might make some audiences feel engulfed or like they don’t have hours to learn all that content recently. And By restricting this into a listicle as – How to build your website SEO friendly in 10 easy steps. In the latter case, you establish complex content into bite-sized parts for your viewers.

    Difference Between a Blog & a Listicle

    What is the meaning of a listicle? And Exactly what resonates with the other element. It’s a blog made up of a list with crisp or appropriate content, or swift-read segments, that aids the reader to get through the piece one part of detail at a time.

    You may see content like this on the internet, from media sites & brands alike, expand in favor over the past numerous years. What was once heard as a foolish manner to report list-based content was organized in 2007, & when a popular dictionary added the term. Listicles were validated as a suitable way to furnish the best end-user experience for seekers & for those people that don’t like to read descriptive text.

    Readers believe that listicles, unlike other kinds of content, & hold the spirit of text in the manner that a listicle is a manner an individual will narrate, classifying in a type of systematic order that makes the readers easily recall the details. While blogs, on the other side, manage to be written in a more descriptive or long-form, detailed manner, listicles are created for the reader who desires to grip a subject matter & move ahead.

    Discovering listicle blog plans don’t have to be difficult, as most subject matters that comprise several items can be in a listicle set-up. But not all blogs or articles can be in listicles.

    For instance, if you are narrating a tale of how a company establishes, a descriptive piece may be more suitable to connect with your audience.

    Why are Listicles Popular?

    The media site Buzzfeed was one of the first of this type to modify the structure of ordinary storytelling, taking the audience for a ride of endless scrolling while they go on to discover the details, they tapped into an article for, as listicles continue to obtain popularity across the web, more companies have acquired listicles into their content plan.

    Why are Listicles Present in Social Media?

    Word memes or written content graphics have obtained popularity, & across social media platforms, and as such, this has invaded your Instagram platform or Twitter.

    It can represent in several distinctive manners in social media, from the items listed in text in a tweet, Insta, or Facebook post to a ride of images. This other perspective puts all of the content of the social media listicle in front of the end user in one coherent graphic. Still, the worth of the listicle in this kind of social media content is better than a remarkable suggestion in the post.

    How can Listicles Lead to Better Traffic to Your Website?

    Relying on how the website your listicle lodges on establishes, a viewer could scroll from your blog to another. For most websites, the endless scroll serviceability could lead to double-digit views.

    A better listicle will seize your onlooker adequate for them to scroll until the termination of your blog, but into more other content on your website too. It is significant, however, to make sure that if you are ragging the reader with a rationale to scroll to the end of your blog, the payout is there.

    Be cautious not to link bait your viewers with a strong headline & have them scroll to the termination of the blog, & only not have the response to the question & subject matter you pull them into your content.

    Why are Listicles Good for Search Engine Optimization?

    Listicles are better for search engine optimization (SEO) because they allow you to build up your article with more keywords and keyword terms. Every time you list a new element with a subsidiary head, you make search engines understand your segment of content that covers that particular keyword or phrase. And utilizing main keywords in your subheads can be a better tool for changing the reader & the search engine so that your articles shield what they are glancing for according to their needs.

    After understanding the aspect of listicles & let us know how to write them for SEO.

    How to Write Listicles for Search Engine Optimization?

    Now that you know the meaning of a listicle & how it is different from a traditional article format & when it’s suitable to employ a listicle in your content, let’s get over a few tips on how to create a better listicle.

    1. Recognize your audience

    Are you pen-downing for ordinary readers glancing at your content to entertain themselves, or are the target visitors of your content more business-centered? If the readers or audience is more usual, contemplate adding more media to your listicle elements to captivate your visitors to the content. If the character of your content is comic, substitute more GIFs or meme material to extend every listicle element beyond the context to write on the topic.

    Before you start writing your listicle, manage research to guarantee your subject matter suits a list- structure. If you search for your deliberate keyword & discover most marketers are establishing ultimate guides on the subject, you might know it’s better to avoid a listicle structure.

    1. Strategize every listicle item or element first

    Before you fill up, up the content of every listicle item or element, strategize your listicle & every object you desire to shield in the complete article. It will assist you in arranging it  & make writing segments easier for you. It will make the process easier & organized.

    1. Research keywords

    As you know, you are writing for Search engine optimization & just like any crust of SEO content & if the motive of your content is for it to grade high among the Search Engine Result Page (or SERPs), you require to do keyword research before you start to pen down your listicle & make sure you are comprising keyword & its expressions with more search volume. You can discover several manners to insert those high-value terms in your listicle content. It will be more beneficial if they add to your listicle elements subheadings.

    1. Research your rivals or contention

    Along with performing some gentle Search engine optimization research, you will also desire to make sure you invest more time in knowing your rivals with similar diligence & contemplate how they represent content on your subject matter. What has your contention performed that you could do good? Maybe they establish a listicle on a similar subject, but it’s not in-depth.

    You can also insert more elements or items to your listicle that your contenders may not do. It will make you stand out from your competitors in the same industry.

    1. Write an odd or unusual number of list items

    It’s because search engines are sick & tired of listicles of tired numbers (say five (5) strategies to boost your sales online & 10 ways to establish a website for your business), & give your listicle an unusual or odd number to assist you in standing out from the crowd of your competitors.

    If you strategize to revert to your listicle at a later time & substitute more content for it, make the number of items or elements out of the slug but insert it in your heading.

    1. Explain list items employing relatable instances

    Sometimes one of the best manners to sufficiently expound a point on your list is to employ an instance to aid it. Actual examples are perfect, but sometimes even a hypothetical one is better. The primary element to consider when selecting it is to keep it as related as feasible to your viewers.

    If the onlookers of your bog include a variety of readers presenting distinctive diligent or enterprise, it can be challenging. The key here is to keep your instance ordinary. It’s because every people can relate.

    1. When feasible, have list items or elements open up to new landing pages

    The motive is to have your audience scroll through your as long as possible through your listicle. If you perform backlinks or link tasks to your external websites from your listicle items or elements, you desire to attempt to keep your reader on your site page. If this is feasible, contemplate designing your links to open newbie landing pages in other tabs.

    And the best way to insert more credible or reliable information is to direct viewers to another source of information when requisite. Better list posts are all-inclusive, & they can be more open & spectrum. If this is the instance, contemplate pointing your onlookers to another place for more inclusive details. The motive is to give readers more & complete information.

    1. Guarantee every step orders logically

    Your list, similar to any post you pen down, should flow & narrate a tale. How you perform this will rely on the topic & contents of your list, but there are some better directorial structures to select from:  alphabetical,  sequential, or by importance, like from more to less or vice-versa. The other best plan is to know your strong points at the start, middle & termination of your list to keep viewers captivated throughout the post.

    1. Posses a crustal & captivating heading

    An efficient listicle heading will have three things to tempt readers to read the blog:

    1. Captivate the reader’s recognition,
    2. Designate the worth or what the reader will understand, and
    3. Designate how much they will comprehend with a number.


    Listicles, also called list posts, are articles featured around list items. They stretch on every list item with add-on data to make them more credible for readers. It’s easy to pen down a listicle. You need to open a blank page, list all the elements you need to explain & you’ve got a listicle. But writing in a way that diverts more traffic & that individual desires to read is difficult. But to get it, you need to research for keywords and your competitors & strategize your content and make it SEO-friendly.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.