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    How to disable Schema in Yoast SEO?

    How to disable Schema in Yoast SEO?

    Using markup for structure helps search engines understand what’s on a page. But, a schema might sometimes need to be turned off for different reasons. We will teach you how to turn off schema markup in Yoast SEO if you want to use a different plugin or don’t need it.

    Yoast SEO schema disablement—why?

    Adding schema markup to data can help search engines understand and show the right content from your page. Sometimes, you might want to turn off Yoast SEO schema. Some causes are:

    Turn off Yoast SEO’s schema plugin if you want to use a different one, so there are no problems or repeats.

    Hide Yoast SEO’s schema if you put schema markup on your website by yourself to stop problems.

    Turning off schema markup can make your website and SEO easier if it’s not needed.

    Disabling Yoast SEO schema takes a few easy steps

    Go to Yoast SEO settings:

    Just do these steps to open the settings of the Yoast SEO plugin. Enter your WordPress dashboard. Once inside, click on “Plugins” in the left-side menu. Visit the plugins page. Scroll to the Yoast SEO plugin. You might have to put it on your computer if you want to look at it. Look for Yoast SEO and then click “Settings” below it. This opens plugin settings. To make your website’s SEO better, you can change these settings. Look at every part and make any needed changes. Lastly, hit “Save Changes” at the bottom to save your setup. All done! You’ve configured Yoast SEO.

    – Access the WordPress dashboard.
    – Yoast SEO sidebar menu: “SEO” > “General”.
    – Choose “Features”

    Select Search Appearance:

    Just do these steps to get to the Search Appearance section. Begin by signing into your website’s content management system using your favorite browser. When you log in, go to the left-side menu bar. Find and click “Settings”. You can find smaller groups in a list that pops up. Move down and tap “Search Appearance”. A new page for search engine optimization settings will open. Check these settings and make any needed changes to better your website’s visibility and appearance. Don’t forget to update information, organize data, and website connection links in the Search Appearance part. Get to know this part and use its great powers.

    – Select “Search Appearance” in Yoast SEO plugin settings.
    – You can customize your website’s search engine results here.

    Disable content-type schema:

    You can turn off schema for certain content types on your website in a few ways. First, access content type settings. Typically by using your website’s admin panel or dashboard. Find the schema and markup section under settings. This section should allow you to switch schema for each content type. Keep in mind that stopping schema for a type of content takes away its organized information from what search engines show. This can change where things show up on search engines and how they’re presented. If you want to turn off schema for specific types of content, this can be useful.

    – Scroll to “Content Types”.
    – Checkboxes for Posts, Pages, Media, etc.
    – Uncheck a content type’s checkbox to disable schema.

    Clear cache and save changes

    You need to save and get rid of the cache if you want changes in a file or webpage to take effect. The system shows the newest information using this method. Save changes to save and use your updates in the file or website. Deleting the cache gets rid of short-lived files and data that can show old or wrong details. Clearing the cache gets rid of old, maybe bad information and allows the system to get and show new stuff. Making changes and cleaning the cache are easy but important steps to show updates correctly and quickly fix problems with stored data.

    Turn off the schema for chosen content groups and then click “Save Changes” at the bottom. Make sure your website changes work by clearing the cache.

    Following Yoast SEO schema disablement

    Here are some points to think about after getting rid of Yoast SEO’s schema tool. First, ensure that the structured data added by Yoast SEO doesn’t clash with other plugins or themes. Checking and reviewing the website’s source code can do this. Next, look at search engine positions and natural website visits. Checking performance and making changes are needed after stopping the schema. This can damage how rich snippets show in search results. Lastly, we need to review the rules and good practices of schema markup. This makes the website follow rules better and easier to find in search engines.


    If you like another kind of schema plugin, put it in by yourself, or want to make your site’s SEO easier, turn off schema in Yoast SEO. This article demonstrates a way to turn off schema for certain content types in Yoast SEO. Think about what might happen if you stop using schema and make a backup plan.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.