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    Top & Free SERP Checker Tools for 2022

    Top & Free SERP Checker Tools for 2022

    Have you been listening more and more about SERP tools for the previous few months? But for some reason, you are impotent to find the top ones that fit your needs and goals.

    If that’s you, rest assertive we have evaluated the best tools which improve your website ranking and attract more visitors.

    Our monitoring shows that if you are new to the conception of SERP rankings, you may find it difficult to get started. For beginners, there are various tools available and you are left scrubbing your head and wondering which tool is best for you.

    Instead of scratching your head and paralyzing your analysis, it is better to know first what a SERP checker does. Just an analysis can drive you the knowledge of SERP tracking tools and you can use them wisely in your business.

    A lead to finding the best free SERP Tracking Tools in 2022 for your website

    We request you to search as many SERP tools as possible because choosing a tool without proper analysis of the cost and benefits may put you in trouble. To assist you, we have also tried to maintain the stabilized view and will list a few tools which you can get started with.

    In the list, we will unite various finest SERP checker tools for 2022 that can improve your website ranking in major search engines. But before that, let us know what SERP is and why SERP checker is important for your business.

    What is SERP?

    SERP symbolizes the Search Engine Results on the Page. It is the list of the search you perform on Google and various other social platforms. For example, if you are looking for the term ‘advanced mobile phones’, then google will provide you with all the information about it like companies which are dealing with this, videos pictures, and more to bring the best content that suits your needs.

    Every business owner aims to top the search results. But that seems easy to say than done. But SERP takes a lot of time and optimum effort. After the work has been done to improve your SERP results, business owners have to adapt a SERP checker to analyze whether their action to improve gave them a dream result or not.

    Now after knowing what SERP is, let us understand its importance in your business.

    Importance of SERP Checker tools in 2022

    The motive of using SERP checker is to apply a systematic approach to check the top-ranking sites on google and know at what position your site is and adopt various measures to improve the ranking. The initial point is to search the result page. Then you can take the help of SEO to improve your position and SERP checker to guide it.

    Here are the key elements why the SERP is essential:

    • You can know whether the applied SEO is improving your SERP ranks or not,
    • By Using details, facts, and analysis, you can estimate your content and model it to the top sites of SERPs,
    • SERP can insights you that why other sites are outranking you, and
    • It helps you to choose the best keyword that can help you in reaching your target audience.

    Best Free SERP Tracker for 2022


    It is one of the efficient and used SERP checker tools.

    Through the SERP checker tool, you can evaluate your SERP results within a few minutes, and it will bring all the different Google results for your keyword. But the only criteria you have to keep in mind before using is that your website rank should be between 1-100.

    And, it only shows the result of Google, not of a search engine like Bing.


    • Free SERP checker tool with less hassle,
    • Log in and, you can get limitless checks for keywords,
    • Speedy and easy process with less waiting time, and
    • Remember that you will only get a Google ranking.


    It is probably one of the fastest and reliable SERP Checker Tool as rated by many. We could say that Accuranker has various powerful features that help in improving the SERPs.

    This tool is simple and assembled that is easier to use. When you will start using this tool, you will see that the results and rankings have been represented in an organized way. It represents data in a graph and chart pattern that makes it easy to understand.


    • Free live SERP checker too,
    • Competitor SERP checker is also available,
    • A perk of social media tracker, and
    • You can upgrade it to get more features and profits.


    It is a free SERP checker tool that gives access to the top 100 Google results. You can even use it for keywords and also for checking the website’s ranking.

    It is both a mobile SERP checker as well a desktop SERP checker.


    • It is a freebie SERP checker and has powerful features,
    • No unnecessary trials are needed,
    • It is even easily accessible on mobile, and
    • Designed by internet marketers who know SEO.


    SERP Robot focuses on giving precise and reliable information to its users. It helps you know who is ranking above you and helps in improving your position.

    Here you can also check how your competitors are doing and, you can understand why they are ahead of you.


    • You can double-check your SERP results,
    • Precise results, and
    • Keep track of your contenders.

    Concluding Thoughts on Choosing the Best SERP Checker Tool for 2022

    The above-mentioned tools are best for you if you are looking for SERP Checker tools in 2022.

    These tools are best, accurate, reliable, and helpful in improving your website rankings. These will also help you in targeting the right keyword to attract your visitors. The list of free SERP checker tools will give you your dream results.

    But before choosing anyone from them, firstly analyze their features, accuracy, and best possible use. Because every marketer and business owner needs to differ so choose wisely to get the best possible results.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.