Content Dissemination Definition

Content Dissemination

All the people who are working in the SEO field all know that it is a field where you need to be updated every time because we work to maintain the ranking of a website in the SERP and search engines always refine their results with their new and updated algorithms. Today SERP WIZARD is going to discuss a new method of optimizing your website which is known as content dissemination.

What is the content dissemination?

It is a technique to save your time to post your new information about any topic on your multiple blogs without logging in all your blogs and paste the same message over and over again.

Creating Accounts:

First, you need to make an account on the free high PR sites which consider better by Google. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Typepad, Blogger, Digg, Delicious. After creating these accounts you need to create an RSS feed.


Many people think that RSS does not give any effect on the search engine ranking but it’s not true. After sign up for all the high page rank sites, you need to go for at least one post all sites. After making a post you can generate a feed to Google burner and add your RSS feed to the Google burner. When your RSS feed is generated then you can add your social media account by clicking on the Add twitter account or Add Facebook account. After clicking on these buttons you need to enter your login details.

Posting On Multiple Blogs:

To post on the multiple blogs you need to sign up for account. After signing up you need to give you blogging details here. Click on Add network for blogger and then Twitter. When you get an option “Use for??? then select option blogging there. Now your message, update, and link will be posted on the blogs which you are added.

Social Media Automation:

There are many tools that allow you to schedule your post for a fixed time and date in the future. You can sign up for these tools and schedule your posts for a fixed time to post in the future. With these tools, you will not face any problem with posting your messages again and again. You can post all the messages at the same time and same-day or post them in a gap when you want to post them.

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