App Store Optimization (ASO) and its Tools

Mobile marketing is crucial marketing campaign if you are running an online business. For this, you need an optimization of your apps. So we are here, to let you introduce about what is App Store Optimization (ASO). Mobile optimization is becoming important aspect for better app promotion. People used to think that apps are basically a kind of game or basic software to check your emails or for music streaming but they have to diversify their thinking to another level as today’s modern apps contains all kind of features either it is for business, finance, health, social or games purpose. They are complete package to let you do everything with ease.

Let’s find out more on App Store Optimization (ASO)


ASO is something that people are working hard to capitalize on. App store optimization is new kind of SEO through developing Apps and promoting it. App store optimization is directly proportional to mobile optimization.

Apps are easy to develop, customizable, and a tremendous technique to stay ahead of your competitors. The story follows same in this optimization also that creating App is not sufficient to promote your business, main point is that whether it is visible or not.

Tools and Techniques to Optimize your Apps

Optimizing an App is kind of same as you optimize your website. The main thing to focus on app optimization is meta data, keywords, head titles, description, and layout. Some tools for this:-

1) ASO Keyword Volume Estimator


3) Flurry

Points to know which will make your optimization process more responsive


  • Know your Audience and analyze your mobile and desktop traffic graph through Google Analytics.
  • Select best and appropriate keywords by using one of the above tool.
  • and last but not least, Marketing your app through social or organic channels.



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