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    What is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO and How to fix it?

    What is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO and How to fix it?

    Fix Keyword Cannibalization
    Catchphrase cannibalization is affirmed in light of the way that you’re “tearing up” your own results – you’re part CTR, associations, content, and (frequently) changes between two pages that should be one.

    When you do this, you aren’t demonstrating Google the breadth or significance of your knowledge, and you aren’t upgrading the master of your site for that inquiry. Or maybe, you’re asking for that Google measure your pages against each other and pick which ones it assumes suits the planning watchwords best.

    For example, if your site offers shoes, and “shoes” is the principle catchphrase you target, you’re fundamentally revealing to Google that each page is about “shoes” paying little personality to whether they’re climbing shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, etc. The art of keyword cannibalization has drawn various disastrous for the common consequences of the SEO. People could easily suffer from cannibalization but they would never know how to deal with it consequently out there. Being, made aware that one page ranking in the fifth and sixth for the targeted keyword, without making realization one authoritative page would be made probably rank higher and made convert better.

    The common diminishing factor we should be made in manner possible out there. They will always be there for the common purpose of making keyword cannibalization. Making very good solutions for the people to make them fix out shall commonly be made to be fixed out. The fixing is made through the following means;

    How to fix Keyword Cannibalization and boost your SEO rankings?

    Here the common five possible solutions that exist out there for the common goal of the people:

    Restructure your website

    The common simplest solutions shall be made authoritative pages and turn it into a landing page that lnks unique variations that will all fall under your target keywords. If we make canonical source page will link all the common specific back it all.

    Create New Landing Pages

    Other common landing pages that would ultimately consolidate in your product pages in the common place.

    Creating New Landing Pages

    In making possible landing pages in, will consolidate of your pages in the pages that are laid out in the common goal.

    Consolidate your Content

    If in your common pages you aren’t unique enough to commonly warrant multiple pages targeting the same keywords, they usually make common combination that are said to be too intimatadtory and quite relevant to the said majority outside there.This is usually very common to solve content issues.

    Find New Keywords

    When in the long run, the final content pages will finally. Watchword cannibalization is more unavoidable today than whenever in late memory. Out of the blue, its setbacks are regularly site administrators who see the hugeness of SEO for their business, nonetheless while they hope to overhaul their site page, they don’t totally perceive how to ‘speak’ Google’s vernacular.

    Fortunately, if your site is tearing separated its own particular target catchphrases, game plans aren’t hard to discover, and the mischief isn’t enduring. With the right gadgets and a ‘can-do’ mien, you can give your SEO a justified lift.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.