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    10 Best AI Video Generators to Use in 2024

    10 Best AI Video Generators to Use in 2024

    In a world where knowledge is expanding at the speed of thought, how can companies lead the way and stay ahead of the curve?

    Finding the best artificial intelligence (AI) video generator is the answer; it’s a versatile tool that increases and streamlines video creation. Imagine spending only a few minutes creating social media material that forces viewers to stop scrolling, making training and internal communications films that are up to date, or providing sales teams with personalized movies that provide exceptional leads. The right AI video generator can turn these possibilities into reality in minutes.

    In this article, learn which AI video generators can improve your social media presence, sales strategy, internal communications, training programs, and more.

    Here are the top 10 AI Video Generators

    1. Synthesis
    2. Vyond
    3. Colossyan
    4. Runway
    5. DeepBrain AI
    6. InVideo
    7. Lumen5
    8. Pictory
    9. D-ID
    10. FlexClip


    With assistance from Nvidia, Victor Riparbelli and Steffen Tjerrild founded the AI video creation platform Synthesia in 2017.

    The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to supply customers with quality, affordable, and easily replicable videos. This way, one can make movies in over 120 languages and even include your own AI avatars; also, there are many other features that are available without the need for cameras, microphones, actors, or a studio.

    The text-to-video generator of the Synthesia AI tool is an opportunity that creates a possibility to turn any text, PPT, PDF, or even an email into a high-quality movie in a few clicks. Editing does not need to be a profession, and it does not take any talent.

    Synthesia ai

    What is the use of Synthesia AI video generator?

    When correctly applied, Synthesia AI brings nothing but the best and has the most impressive outcomes. The primary benefits of using it are outlined as follows:

    Below are the significant benefits of implementing it:

    • Time efficiency:Before, it was possible to create training videos if one man spent 45 hours per month on it. Some of the most time-consuming activities are scripting, captioning, and video post-production, which are some of the tasks that Synthesia can handle to reduce the amount of time needed to create videos by a third. This is especially beneficial because it makes more time for you to work on the project from the most artistic aspect of it.
    • Simplified workflow:When you go through the material you have created, Synthesia then gives you clips, transitions, and effects that would be ideal for a video. It also aids in the production of the video material and the search for the specific material.
    • Better quality:In video creation, there is the application of generative AI and machine learning algorithms to detect shakiness, background noise, and color balance to correct them and make presentable videos within a short span. Subtitles and translations allow people to watch your videos, and Synthesia AI can do it without requiring any additional actions from you.
    • Innovation and creativity:AI capabilities of Synthesia enable you to play with the outcomes and create videos that are distinctive and exceptional, will not look like other videos, and will help you stand out.

    What are the significant tasks that Synthesia AI performs, and how does it do them?

    Because of the incorporation of AI components it, Synthesia AI is applied in movies by many firms such as Zoom, Xerox, Amazon, among others.

    Here are the main benefits of the software that enables you to create wonderful videos of high quality in several steps.

    Synthesia boasts over 150 ethnically distinct stock AI avatars trained on real actors, speaking over 120 different languages and dialects.

    You have the option to outfit your avatar in business or informal attire, and you can customize its age to be young, middle-aged, or mature. Based on the script text, the AI system will process the base video content and produce new videos.

    Suppose you can’t find an avatar that fits your movie. In that case, you can use either a high-quality Studio Avatar or a browser-based Webcam AI avatar to make customized avatars of you or your group members. Avatars are computer-generated images of individuals that are accurate and lifelike copies of the natural person.


    Businesses of all sizes and individuals of all skill levels may produce captivating videos with Vyond’s sophisticated, user-friendly video platform. Enterprise-level security, assistance, and training are also offered. Elements beyond text and image movement can be used to create character-driven storylines and compelling data visualizations that attract viewers and yield results.

    Vyond is the go-to internal video software for over 14,000 companies globally due to its excellent production quality and wide range of MP4 and GIF qualities.

    Vyond ai

    This platform is the only one that can lip-synch and replicate realistic character gestures like riding a bike, jumping, waving, pulling a cart, or even hitting a baseball (in addition to more complex acts like mowing a lawn, doing surgery, or performing CPR). In total, Vyond offers over 1,600 primary and dynamic character actions.

    Numerous industries and occupations are represented in our custom-made characters, actions, props, and scene templates. These can happen in a lab, grocery shop, factory, conference room, or even while driving a car, among other places.

    An overview of Vyond’s benefits

    Interesting and Diverse Videos

    Dynamic content is essential for creating a video that leaves a lasting impact. Vyond Studio makes it easy to create movies for any kind of occasion. Blend several styles to create distinctive characters that fit any situation or occupation. Then, automatically apply lip-synching and realistic movements to bring the characters to life. Alternatively, to make one of our pre-made themes distinctive, add your own imported media.

    Organize Your Content

    With Vyond, using your movies for any purpose or on any platform is easy. Each video exports as a.mp4 file that can be used on websites that offer videos, LMS platforms, and social media outlets. Additionally, videos can be exported as animated GIFs for easy use in emails or web pages.

    Enterprise-Level Security

    Vyond Studio is designed to comply with your company’s security policies. Administrator-controlled password compliance and single sign-on compatibility with Google and Office 365 safeguard sensitive company data. Since we firmly believe in the protection of consumer and business data, you need to know that your data is in skilled hands.

    Developed with Teams in Mind

    Using Vyond Studio makes it easy for entire teams to communicate and stay in sync. Share uploaded content, customized templates, and distinctive characters with your team members for an efficient way to save time and uphold corporate identity. Assigning production duties to team members is facilitated by the sharing of videos among team members.


    Colossyan is solely dedicated to learning and development, in contrast to some of its competitors who are not industry-specific. Its primary use cases are corporate communication, employee onboarding, compliance, and sales enablement.

    With Colossyan, users may use their scripts to produce films using a library of templates, backdrops, and avatars. Furthermore, 31 languages—including Portuguese, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and German—have automated translation features built into the program.

    In addition to a free trial, the company offers three packages for individuals, small teams, and companies. Certain services, like unlimited auto-translations, live collaboration, and full avatar customization, are exclusively available to enterprise customers.

    Colossyan ai

    Advantages of Colossyan

    • Talking head videos can be easily made with any kind of screenplay.
    • Fee schedules for content creators, small businesses, and corporate clients
    • Several customizable features, including voice cloning, voice upload, and customized avatars
    • You can use the free trial without registering or using a credit card.

    Drawbacks of Colossyan

    • Only specific functionalities are available to enterprise clients, which may limit customization.
    • Scenes have an identical format regardless of template or avatar, which could draw viewers in less.
    • The “uncanny valley” refers to the uncomfortable experience that users of Colossyan avatars, like users of many other synthetic media, can have when interacting with an object that resembles a human being but isn’t.
    • Some users experience unexpected problems, which can be resolved by reloading

    The costs in Colossyan

    The free trial includes three auto-translations, over 70 languages and voices, five minutes of video, and a limit of five scenes per video. The Colossyan watermark from the sample video cannot be removed, but you can use the free trial without creating an account or using a credit card.

    Starting at $27 a month. More than 70 languages and voices, three auto-translations, five maximum scenes per video, and up to 20 minutes of video every month are just a few of the features.

    Pro: Monthly rates as low as $87. features three seats, up to 25 scenes per movie, 90 minutes of monthly video, over 70 voice and language combinations, and ten auto-translations.

    Enterprise: Get a quote by getting in touch. Offers unlimited video minutes, scenes, avatars, auto-translations, additional support services, and branding options.

    Final Thoughts About Colossyan

    Colossyan is an easy-to-use and customizable AI video creation tool that offers packages for users at different price points and objectives. This tool, which has a strong emphasis on learning and development, helps companies and producers create videos that seem professional even in the absence of extensive video editing experience.

    All customers, with the exception of enterprise clients, might not be able to pay for some premium services, like API connectivity and branding options. Along with the incredibly lifelike avatars, some users also report experiencing issues with speech syncing, which could detract from the final product’s realistic appearance.


    This generative AI application, designed for creatives and artists, uses text prompts, images, or video to create videos.

    Runway offers generative AI technology in addition to picture, audio, and video editing features, making it a potential competitor to video editing products like Adobe After Effects. However, unlike several other AI video makers, Runway does not include text-to-speech features or a customizable stock avatar library. Additionally, as creatives rather than entrepreneurs make the best candidates, there may be a steep learning curve.

    AI technology

    Advantages of Runway

    • Advanced text-to-generative-video functionalities
    • You can create own portraits from a set of images.

    To add motion to static images, you can “paint” over certain regions with Motion Brush.

    • A toolset that is constantly expanding, with new features added every week

    Disadvantages of Runway

    • You cannot edit video content in the conventional sense; instead, you can accept the output or input a new prompt.
    • The output is inappropriate for corporate usage because it cannot be adjusted to adhere to brand guidelines.
    • Inability to use text-to-speech

    primarily meant for artistic people, like filmmakers; some corporate applications

    • A challenging learning curve, especially for individuals with no prior video editing experience

    Final Thoughts About Runway

    Runway’s Gen-2 text-to-video application offers a relatively simple three-step process for making movies from text prompts. The tool’s enhanced transition tools and video resolution enable users to polish their work and create fluid movies.

    Would you like to edit your smartphone videos with a new filter? Runway’s video-to-video tool, Gen-1, can turn even the most ordinary clips into fantastical sci-fi scenes.

    More advanced video creation features include picture segment substitution, object replacement, and green screen. Remember that certain elements are more complicated than others, so you may need to experiment with a few different setups to get the results you want.


    DeepBrain AI humanizes digital interactions by leveraging real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video synthesis techniques to generate the fastest and most realistic human-like AI models. The company’s unique, patent-led technology decreases the cost and duration of video creation while increasing the bar for digital engagement by adding a human touch to all digital content and interactions.

    DeepBrain AI is a California-based company whose primary headquarters is located in Palo Alto. It has earned numerous honors for their technology, AI Studios, and AI Human platforms. Among these, the Innovation Awards at CES in 2022 and 2023 are noteworthy. The company is currently focusing on growing its virtual human technology into the European and North American industries, following substantial success in the Asia-Pacific area.

    DeepBrain AI

    With AI Human, one of DeepBrain AI’s innovative technologies, marketers can interact with their target audience in fresh and engaging ways. Create your chatbot avatar right now!


    • 96.5% Similarity to Human Models: Among other distinctive features, we are able to replicate the minor facial details, a person’s soft expressions, spoken accents, and intonations.
    • Natural Movements: Our AI persons faithfully mimic human behavior and full-body movements, even when they are in idle mode.
    • Real-time replies with low latency: Simulate a conversation that flows naturally without awkward, drawn-out pauses. Our AI avatar quickly comprehends, responds to, and understands the queries posed by your users or clients.


    With the goal of simplifying the video creation process, InVideo is a straightforward artificial intelligence platform. A collection of pre-made templates organized into categories including  real estate, business, social networking, and advertisements is offered by the application.

    The application also includes automatic script-to-video features including scene generation and visual selection. For non-technical users, quick editing options make rotating, chopping, compressing, and converting files easy and fast.

    InVideo is a artificial intelligence

    Advantages of InVideo

    • A prompt-based, user-friendly interface
    • Additional text questions can be added to videos to edit and enhance them.
    • Select from pre-made AI avatars or create your own.

    Disadvantages of InVideo

    • Essentially a stock footage search and matching tool (iStock, Shutterstock, Storyblocks)
    • The user’s ability to edit templates may be restricted.
    • It can be challenging to search via the extensive template collection.
    • A few customers said they had problems getting through to customer support.

    Thoughts on InVideo

    InVideo’s automated text-to-video conversion and other procedures make it easier to create promotional films. For inexperienced or intermediate video editors, the user interface (UI) is straightforward and easy to use.

    InVideo’s library, which is separated into sections like social media, slideshow, intro/outro, and firm type, is probably its best feature. However, customers could be intimidated by the vastness of the template selection.


    By converting text into videos for social media, Lumen5 addresses a specific gap in the market for AI video generators. Lumen5 is the most excellent choice if you want to create engaging videos, particularly for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X. It can assist you in customizing your videos to maximize their impressions and make you aware of what these sites want.

    Lumen5 AI video

    The program does a fantastic job of turning your written material—such as articles, blog entries, and scripts—into visually appealing movies. Lumen5 will automatically construct a storyboard with relevant images and text overlays whenever you input your written content. While Lumen5 offers an automated process, customization is also an option. You can alter the storyboard, add your own images and videos, and alter the video’s look to bring the movie more in line with your company identity. It also provides you with royalty-free access to a library of stock photos and video clips that you may use in your own videos. The fact that Lumen5 quickly communicates with popular social media platforms is crucial since it makes it easy for you to upload your movies directly to the channels of your choosing.

    Pictory AI

    Pictory AI is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence application that allows you to transform text into movies. Pictory can be utilized by URL, blog post, text prompt, or video script upload, among other methods. Using your text input, it generates a dynamic video for your projects with AI voiceovers, captions, subtitles, and video backgrounds. Even videos for the web, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms can be resized with it.

    Characteristics of Pictory AI

    Pictory AI differs from other AI video producers in a few ways. Let’s examine its features and see how content creators can utilize it to swiftly and simply create top-notch videos in a matter of minutes.

    In addition to having a spell-check feature and the ability to mark important content, the interface allows you to alter scenes by selecting which words to highlight and when to begin new ones based on the script.

    Pictory ai

    From Text to Video

    Script-to-video is a tool that works similarly to article-to-video. However, instead of writing directly into the editor, you’ll input a URL to turn a blog post into a video. Once you click “continue,” Pictory will identify the most critical messages in the article and write a script around them. Each significant idea is divided into a scenario that can be edited. The ability to alter individual scenes line by line is a considerable benefit. You may improve your script and ensure that your messaging is precisely what you want by doing this.

    Text-Based Video Editing

    Another helpful feature is to edit videos using the text option. You can include essential elements like the logo, intro, and outro, as well as highlights, subtitles, and unnecessary portions. You can add links from YouTube and upload videos from your PC to the editor.

    Once your video is submitted, Pictory AI will automatically remove unnecessary words like “uh” and “um,” provide you customizable subtitles, and produce a more polished transcription of your movie.


    D-ID is not your average video editing tool. This state-of-the-art technology can age or replace faces in existing films via artificial intelligence. Think of updating the actors in antiquated advertisements to a more contemporary appearance or employing youthful features to bring historical figures to life in educational videos. D-ID provides them with a plethora of creative opportunities.

    D-ID transforms video

    The reason D-ID transforms video editing is as follows:

    • Effortless De-aging: Revive ancient film and give historic videos a new lease on life with surprisingly convincing de-aging effects.
    • Seamless Face Replacement: To save spending a fortune on pricey reshoots, you can replace actors, presenters, or even yourself in videos that have already been made.
    • Suitable for Remakes and Educational Content: D-ID gives instructional movies a more visually appealing appearance and gives creative retellings of well-known stories a platform.


    Sometimes, all you need is a quick and easy way to make engaging videos for your social media accounts. FlexClip steps in with its user-friendly interface and extensive library of artificial intelligence solutions for marketers. Choose a tool, adjust it to meet your needs, and then let FlexClip’s artificial intelligence handle the rest.

    FlexClip artificial intelligence

    FlexClip is an excellent tool for social media managers as it has

    • Time-saving Templates:You may get started right away without having to go through the design process, thanks to the wide range of professionally made video templates.
    • Built-in AI Features:FlexClip includes AI-powered features like auto-captions and backdrop removal for a more polished look.
    • Multilingual Support:To reach a global audience, quickly produce videos in multiple languages.
    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.