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    Video Optimization SEO Checklist 2022

    Video Optimization SEO Checklist 2022

    By following these 2022 tips, you can help optimize your videos for search engines and make sure that they are more likely to be found and watched by viewers.

    1. Optimize your video for search engines

    Before you even start creating your video, it’s important to do some keyword research and figure out which keywords you want to target. Once you have a list of keywords, be sure to include them in your video title and description. This will help ensure that your video is more likely to show up in search results.

    2. Make sure your videos are mobile-friendly

    More and more people are watching videos on their mobile devices, so it’s important to make sure that your videos are optimized for viewing on smaller screens. This means using a lower resolution and ensuring that your videos can be streamed on slower internet connections.

    3. Use engaging thumbnails and titles

    Your video’s thumbnail and title are what will show up in search results, so make sure to use something eye-catching and descriptive. This will help entice people to click on your video and watch it.

    4. Create transcripts of your videos

    Transcripts can be extremely helpful for both viewers and search engines, so be sure to create them for all of your videos. You can either create transcripts yourself or use a service like Rev.com to do it for you.

    5. Add closed captions to your videos

    Closed captions are another way to make your videos more accessible and Search engine friendly. You can create them yourself or use a service like Rev.com to do it for you.

    6. Promote your videos

    Once you’ve created your videos, it’s important to promote them through social media and other channels. This will help ensure that more people see and watch your videos.

    7. Measure your video’s performance

    Once you’ve published your videos, it’s important to track their performance and see how they’re doing. This will help you determine what’s working and what isn’t, and you can make changes accordingly.

    8. Optimize your videos for conversion

    In addition to optimizing your videos for search engines, it’s also important to optimize them for conversion. This means including calls to action and other elements that will encourage viewers to take the desired action, such as subscribing to your channel or buying a product.

    9. Use video SEO best practices

    There are a number of best practices that you should follow when optimizing your videos for search engines. These include using keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags; creating transcripts and closed captions; and promoting your videos through social media and other channels.

    10. Keep up with video SEO trends

    The world of video SEO is always changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. This will help you ensure that your videos are always optimized for the latest algorithms and best practices.

    Video SEO is a complex and ever-changing field, but following these 10 tips will help you get started on the right foot. For more information, be sure to check out our blog post on video SEO best practices.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.