YouTube PPD (Pay Per Download) Method

YouTube PPD

Internet marketing is a better to earn money online today but there is a best of way making online is YouTube PPD. Here you can earn lot of money every day. Today we are going to discuss with you that how you can make money online with the help of YouTube pay per download. There following are some steps which you need to follow to make money with this method.

  • First you need to register into a good PPD/CPA network. After that if you want to get a middle man then you can go for the AdWork Media. There takes some experience that is why you need to be warned.
  • You need to create more than 10 YouTube accounts which will be phone verified but the most important thing you need to register them with the different IP addresses.
  • Now the most important part of this technique is that you need to think about a niche. You can think about any category which is searched by more people. It can be games cracks or any software cracks.
  • Usually child do not care when they are entering in private information in a survey so you can get more than 30% conv. rate.
  • Now you need to shoot some quality video to unload on YouTube which will be related to your niche.
  • After making it you need to enter more tags as much you can it can help you get traffic and views of your video.
  • When you are trying to make money with your video you need do not afraid to spend some money to get more views for your video. You can buy 15K views pack for your video which can help you to get more traffic on your video.
  • You can post a unique shortened URL which can help you to less the chances of preventing your video by YouTube.

This is a method which can help you to earn up to 100$ per day. You can earn money if you are creating a landing page. People will directly come on your page and it can help you to get better views to your video. On this page you can promote your fake software also.

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