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    Magento Vs OpenCart Vs PrestaShop Vs WooCommerce

    Magento Vs OpenCart Vs PrestaShop Vs WooCommerce

    E-commerce is yet in its nonage period and, it is the correct hour to examine the coincident day eCommerce manifesto incorporation to aggrandize its capabilities.

    Gartner predicts that by the2019, a forty percent portion of eCommerce sites will utilize cost revitalization algorithms to carry out lively outgrowth pricing.

    The vogue further forecasts the desire to systematize the process towards accepting the mobile disbursement to make the purchasing process smoother. Thus, framing it swifter, protected, and more comfortable while authorizing the profit developed through mobile payments extends to $1 million in the year 2019.

    Without any uncertainty, the sudden outreach of online or digital end-users creating the digital buying process smoother. Online Businesses will require a vigorous, credible, and easy manifesto of eCommerce. So, let’s discuss the four leading eCommerce manifesto that is



    PrestaShop, and


    What are WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop?

    WooCommerce is an open inception eCommerce operator for WordPress. It is the best tool for digital distributors having eager to frame up a digital store bottomed on their WordPress website. When you put up, it permits you to vend all things.

    Magento is one of the leading and eminent free inception eCommerce manifestos. It is because it proffers the most elevated level of authority and elasticity to construct a digital store. It assists you cautious of concession and persisting settlement. It supports you to get customary.

    PrestaShop is a pretty new member of to open inception category. It is effortless to utilize and requires no supplementary gratification in the field of web development. It permits you to steer noticing, outgrowth administration, stockpile administration efficiently, and others.

    OpenCart is a trifling eCommerce manifesto and is uncomplicated to personalized as per your business requirements. It can be employed to operate boundless classifications, outgrowth, entrances, and significantly more.

    Comparison between WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop

    We are performing the comparison between WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart based on several criteria.

    Installation Process

    WooCommerce hardly extracts a minute to install and is satisfactory for those having minimal skills in the sphere of technology. The steps involved in WooCommerce installation are:

    • Initialize in your WordPress,
    • Proceed to operators, click on Add new option,
    • Hunt for WooCommerce,
    • Click on the Install option,
    • Choose Activate option and, you are ready to utilize it.

    The installation process of Magento is also effortless. For installing, you have to search for the correct installation. You can install Magento either through Setup Wizard or through the command line. In the case of the Command line, you have to do some verification process.

    The mildest installation process is of PrestaShop. This process includes only one click. To install PrestaShop, you require a web hosting server. And even you can install locally.

    OpenCart is a freestanding eCommerce manifesto. Its installation process is consisting of two ways that are as regards:

    • Either freehand or
    • By utilizing a one-click script installer.

    For freehand, you may need a technical expert and, it provides an extensive category of features. For the one-click option, you don’t need any help and can arrange it by yourself.

    Pricing or Cost

    WooCommerce is a freebie operator that can plump out as per the character of your business. On the other hand, if you want other extensions, you have to pay the sum of money.

    For Example,

    if you want a third force SSL Certificate, you have to pay $100/ to enjoy this feature.

    Magento offers two kinds of editions. If you want a free inception edition, then you don’t have to pay any penny. And can be a pro if you don’t have any knowledge about web development. Magento’s second edition price range differs from $22000/year to $125000/ year.

    PrestaShop is a freebie inception manifesto. And, if you want to opt for supplementary ones, then the price aggregate between $50 and $150 per element.

    OpenCart is a freebie free inception manifesto. It can utilize after the free installation process. If you want advanced features and extensions, you can plump out them by paying the sum of money or upgrading the recent edition.

    End-User’s Affability

    WooCommerce is highly end-users genial as it is an operator. It takes only five simple steps to plug it into your site. It has a powerful and inherent wizard.

    The previous versions of Magento are not that friendly for end-users. But the latest versions of Magneto are highly intelligible and approachable. It takes some potential time to understand its basics as it is an obscure manifesto to work.

    PrestaShop is the most end-user genial as it is easy to use and install.

    OpenCart is also user amiable. It is considered easy in comparison to Magento but, it’s challenging in comparison to WooCommerce.

    Prototype and Designs

    WooCommerce smooth operators offer various themes which are highly attractive and eye-catching.

    Magneto also offers a wide range of templates for you to pick out. It also proffers various custom-tailored and alluring designs for your sites.

    PrestaShop offers around 1500 templates and also proffers various themes for its users.

    OpenCart is a mixture of freebie and paid themes. It also offers a wide range of designs and prototypes for your sites.

    Client service

    WooCommerce offers support tickets to their clients to avail their service anytime.

    On the other hand, Magento lacks behind three of them in client service in the open inception edition. But in the second edition that has paid, you can avail of dedicated client service.

    PrestaShop client services are also commendable.

    OpenCart provides highly dedicated service to its clients.

    Search Engine Optimization

    WooCommerce is highly SEO friendly and, it is the choice of many because of its SEO genial.

    Magento is one of the best eCommerce manifestos as it is SEO personalized.

    PrestaShop also offers various SEO services to your website.

    On the other hand, OpenCart offers limited SEO features to users.

    By observing their performance, we can finalize that each one is better than the other in some aspects and, all four of them are the better choices. But before you chose, keep in mind your requirements.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.