Link velocity in SEO and its brief Definition

Link Velocity SEO

Nowadays a lot has been going among webmasters and SEO services provider. Today we are here to discuss on Link Velocity but before that just short narration on recent approach of SEO services provider and Webmasters. Actually what they are doing is just keep on building backlinks for their site and forgot about the behind mechanism of link.

There is cold war going on between search engines and search marketers. Search engines are continuously updating their databases or algorithm to provide more better results to users where as search marketers are manipulating their work according to search engines update to gain top rankings in SERP. But this fight has something to do with Link Velocity.

What is Link Velocity ?

Link Velocity is the rate or measurement of back-links of a particular website. It is measurement of the quantity of back-links that are effectively indexed in a specific period of time or the no. of links that are de-indexed/destroyed in that time period.

It is also known as the rate at which you add incoming links to your website. So the better the Link velocity of your website means better are the chances in gaining top rankings in search engines.

But this does not means that in trying to achieve better and high Link velocity rate you keep on adding spammy and low quality networks link. This will penalized your site in search engines.

Link Velocity

How to do increase Link Velocity effectively?

Link velocity is mainly emphasizes on Off page optimisation as it comprises of the rate of backlinks associated to your site. While doing any off page activity in trying to achieve effective and higher link velocity, follow these mentioned points:-


  • Always trust on High quality and Authorative networks for your incoming links.
  • Do not over optimize your Off page process.
  • Do it on weekly researching by going through webmaster and analytics.
  • Prepare weekly sheet of your backlinks and try to do free SEO Audit of your website for understanding your site more.
  • Strictly avoid Low and spammy networks.
  • Try to build Strong ON page factors of your website.
  • Emphasize on Fresh content.
  • Use High PR networks.



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