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    The Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2022

    The Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2022

    The search for the top WordPress podcasting plugins has come to an end. We only selected the best solutions and tools after looking through numerous alternatives. A collection from that you can profit currently prepares for you and your company.

    You might think about launching one yourself because podcast programs are becoming more and more popular each year. Alternately, you might prepare to expand your website’s features and watch as your audience grows. You have everything you require to flourish as a popular podcaster, so stop making justifications.

    In the first place, WordPress is unquestionably among the top CMS platforms for podcasters. Many already use it because of its adaptability, scalability, and range of plugins and themes. The best part is that it does not require prior coding or design knowledge.

    A podcast employs a variety of objectives. Share your thoughts and expertise in the domain you work. Begin interviewing intriguing individuals. If you’ve just released a new product, discuss it and market it using audio. You might already have a prevalent YouTube channel. You can acquire so much from a differentia podcast in many different modes.

    Choose the top WordPress podcasting plugins to save time and launch a podcast righteously. Be astonished by how much you can achieve with a reliable content management system like WordPress and a potential plugin.

    Now before knowing the best WordPress Podcast Plugins, first, we should know the meaning of WordPress Podcast Plugins and what they can do for you.

    What is the definition of WordPress Podcast Plugins & what can it execute for you?

    Although there are some great podcast hosting services like Podbean, Buzzsprout, and Simplecast, your website is still the best option. By hosting your podcasts on your website – you can fully control the brand development, audience growth, and interaction processes.

    WordPress has limited audio functionality, but you can easily embed audio within posts. You will require a WordPress podcast plugin if you desire additional functionality like selling downloads, embedding an audio player into your website, or adding podcasts to RSS feeds.

    Before proceeding with the best Podcast Plugins for 2022, let us know what you should look into plugins when you want to pick the best WordPress Podcast Plugin.

    What to Glimpse for in a Podcasting WordPress Plugin?

    If searching for a WordPress podcast plugin, then keep the following features in mind:


    Although your podcasting website expands your audience & your several listeners will come from already established podcasting services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

    And to increase your visibility and ultimately attract more listeners to your website, it is always beneficial to integrate your website with these well-known platforms.


    The WordPress podcasting plugin ought to let you modify it to match the branding of your website. The ability to seamlessly integrate it into your theme will help you maintain brand consistency across your entire website.


    If you enjoy discussing a wide range of subjects, making playlists will make it easier for your listeners to navigate. Playlists are popular. They require little upkeep, provide uninterrupted extended playback, and keep you current with your favorite podcasts.

    Mobile-friendly and interactive

    You should choose a WordPress podcasting plugin that is engaging and simple. A mobile responsive audio player is usually beneficial because a sizeable chunk of your audience is mobile users.


    You ought to have access to information about your WordPress podcast statistics. The quantity of downloads listens, and upvotes are typical statistics.

    Statistics enable you to fine-tune your services based on what works & what doesn’t by permitting you to understand the kind of podcasts that individuals enjoy.

    Now after knowing several aspects of WordPress Podcast Plugins, let us contemplate the best and leading plugins for 2022.

    The Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2022

    Here are our top selections for the best WordPress podcast plugins:

    • Podcast Player:

    Now that Podcast Player is available, you may compile all of your must-listen podcasts on your website. Your audience can access all of your episodes in one place with the help of this helpful and simple-to-use WordPress podcasting plugin. All that is needed is the feed URL for your WordPress. Let Podcast Player handle the work from that point forward, displaying your podcasts on your page. Of course, the program also has several fantastic features that allow you to customize the finished product to your preferences and needs.

    A useful Ajax lives to search for episodes is one of Podcast Player’s capabilities, along with a responsive player and the ability to alter details that have been fetched. Remember that this is far from being all Podcast Player has to offer.

    • PowerPress

    Consider PowerPress if you’re having trouble deciding on the best podcasting plugin for your WordPress website. From widgets, SEO features, and a variety of player settings to easy and advanced modes, it has everything to set up and ready for you. PowerPress agrees with iTunes, Google Play, and TuneIn.

    You start with PowerPress’ uncomplicated mode to keep things as easy and uncomplicated as feasible. In three simple steps- you’ll have everything organized and ready to launch your podcasting program. Putting up your account with the crux fundamentals is the foremost step. Making your first episode is the second stage, and uploading it to a platform like iTunes is the last. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it and are at ease, switch to advanced mode to raise your podcasting game.

    If you already operate another podcasting plugin, modification to PowerPress will be precise. Try out the free version initially, then upgrade to the advanced mode as soon as you reach your potential.

    • Libsyn Podcasting Plugin

    For whatever reason, Libsyn is still in beta, yet interest in it is rising quickly. Although the plugin constantly updates, its official release date is unknown. However, you can already utilize it to your best advantage and as your preferred WordPress podcasting plugin. Please feel free to register and begin putting out episode after episode. By giving your listeners a good experience, you can hook them and turn them into devoted followers.

    • Fusebox

    One of the top premium WordPress podcasting plugins available is Fusebox. It is appropriate for big podcasts and anyone just starting who wants to upgrade to premium right away. There are two price ranges offered.

    Each episode is available for streaming or downloading, and listeners can email or post it on social media. When you need to hear something clearly or want to finish the episode quickly, speed-up and slow-down buttons come in help. Fusebox includes a striking subscription call-to-action that you can access directly from the podcast player to help you expand your email list.

    • Podlove Podcast Publisher

    Glimpse into Podlove Podcast Publisher if you desire a gratis WordPress podcasting plugin. It works seamlessly with WP and is a quick and effective way to add your audio show to your website. On the download page, it is a setup tutorial video that will show you how to install the plugin. Start utilizing it without feeling scared by the installation procedure. You have everything in order.

    • Seriously Simple Podcasting

    Every podcaster should read Seriously Simple Podcasting, as implied by the title. With Seriously Simple Podcasting, you can create a feed on your WordPress website, regardless of whether you are just starting or have a conventional podcast. Half of the name denotes the strength and abundance of features of this WordPress podcasting plugin, while the simple portion refers to how simple it is to use. Simply put, Seriously Simple Podcasting is accessible to all.

    • Sermon Manager

    One of the most popular WordPress sermon plugins, Sermon Manager, has had countless downloads. It makes sermons from churches available online so that everyone can hear them. Sometimes you have to listen to things three times, four times, or even more. A huge benefit for the church and the speaker is allowing visitors to drop by whenever they choose.

    • Simple Podcast Press

    Employ Simple Podcast Press to take upkeep of your WordPress podcast automation. Several plugins are accessible for your WordPress Podcast show though this potent one is not yet free. It is compatible with all podcast hosting services, including Libsyn, PowerPress, and SoundCloud. Simple Podcast Press handles everything after you input the URL of your feed. The stunning player shows every episode, automatically updating to reflect new releases.

    • Castos

    Castos is a complete solution that enables you to manage your WordPress podcast from the convenience of your WordPress website & best course of action when beginning is to use a straightforward and practical plugin with built-in hosting. There is no need for any exterior software.

    • Buzzsprout

    One of the best audio podcast plugins is Buzzsprout, a well-liked and well-known podcast plugin that also functions as a full-service podcasting platform. Both podcast hosting and promotion are available. It’s the best free podcast plugin for WordPress, according to many, if you only want to podcast for less than two hours each month.

    Final Thoughts

    The list of accessible WordPress podcast plugins is not all-inclusive. This list collects from the numerous plugins that live and help podcasts. Each Podcast has its pros and cons. You must select Podcast according to your need.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.