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    You may be surprised to apprehend that more than 69% of online shopping carts abandon before the customer finishes their dealing. Many customers frequently lose interest in a product between discovering it and making a purchase.

    Several reasons are why someone might not want to make a purchase, such as technical difficulties, price worries, or other interruptions.

    And these prospective buyers have one best quality though they’ve previously expressed interest in your goods. Many of them only require a small prod to complete their transaction.

    By implementing the abandoned cart email best practices and apprehending what an abandoned cart email is, you may re-engage these customers and re-excite them about the items they were regarding. Many of these leads can convert into paying clients with renewed zeal.

    What is actually an Abandoned Cart email?

    Businesses often send out abandoned cart emails even when customers add items to an online shopping basket & the purchase process.

    What do you need to understand about emails about abandoned carts?

    Emails sent to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts intend to serve as a friendly reminder of the things they have in their basket and to persuade them to finish their transaction.

    Why do shoppers leave their carts empty?

    There are several reasons; why shoppers could abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase. The following are some of the most typical explanations for abandoned carts:

    • The “additional expenditures,” such as shipping and tax, were either overly expensive & the website failed to estimate their totals for customers.
    • Customers were unwilling to register for an account on the website.
    • It arrived too slowly.
    • There wasn’t enough payment alternative, or customers didn’t feel comfortable sharing their credit card details on the website.
    • The checkout procedure was overly burdensome.
    • There were glitches in technology.

    There is no method to prevent all customers from leaving their shopping carts empty, even while adjustments like lowering shipping prices and streamlining the purchase process can help some problems. However, by re-engaging your consumers, you can recover lost income by following best practices for abandoned cart emails.

    Are abandoned cart emails OK to send?

    Yes is the clear-cut response. Because those customers who add things to their shopping carts but later remove them are what marketing professionals refer to as “low-hanging fruit.” To turn these leads into paying clients, very little is required.

    Remember that most cart abandonments occur on mobile devices. Your customers may acquire the reminder when you send them an abandoned cart reminder on their desktop, where cart abandonment rates are substantially lower.

    Twenty-five percent of customers express “a positive desire for reminders regarding the goods they were considering purchasing. This kind of email is proactive and offers helpful customer service.”

    Rather than debating whether or not to send abandoned cart emails, consider this: Why wouldn’t you?

    How successful are abandoned cart emails?

    Sending abandoned cart emails is not only the best idea, but research demonstrates that it is also very efficient. 45% of emails about abandoned carts are open. 21% of email recipients who open them will click on their shopping cart, and 50% of those users will make a purchase.

    It implies that you can increase revenue for your company simply by sending out automatic retargeting emails. The return on investment for this marketing strategy has enormous potential, especially given how inexpensive it is to send automated abandoned cart emails.

    Best practices for abandoned cart emails

    Statistics “mean absolutely nothing to the person,” according to a well-known proverb. A corporation must understand crucial for a corporation to understand the data behind a marketing strategy. However, you won’t get the same advantages if you don’t work as hard on your marketing as another brand.

    You may meet or even beat ordinary abandoned cart email success rates by putting abandoned cart email best practices into practice. Knowing how long to pause, how long the email sequence should be, and what to enclose in your emails are some of these best practices.

    When should you send your first email regarding an abandoned cart?

    Abandoned cart emails must send at the right time to maximize their impact. Send the notifications too early, and the threat of accusing customers of leaving their carts unattended while they complete the checkout. But if you wait too long, they might have bought comparable goods from another seller.

    After someone adds things to their basket, you should wait thirty to sixty minutes before sending your first abandoned cart email.

    You will not attempt to sell clients on your items in this initial email &  Instead, focus on resolving any technical issues that might have stopped clients from completing the checkout procedure. If your site’s first choice of payment method rejects, provide them with alternative payment options or advise them to use a particular browser.

    How long should an email series for abandoned carts be?

    While many businesses choose to send just one abandoned cart email, doing so might not be the best idea. According to studies, companies that send three abandoned cart emails develop 63% more income than those that send just one.

    You must evenly space your emails for an abandoned cart email sequence to function. Wait at least twenty-four hours after sending the first abandoned cart email before sending the second. 24 to 48 hours after the second communication should pass before sending the third.

    Try to fix any technical problems in your initial email that would have prevented clients from making purchases.

    Try to highlight what sets your company apart from the competition in the second message. And remind them of the reasons the goods in their cart adds in the first place. Product descriptions, social proof, and analyses of the primary characteristics of your goods or business are all excellent additions to the second email. It is the email you send to customers to upsell them on your products & persuade them to buy.

    Be aware of the possibility; that the client may have chosen to take a different path in the third email.

    It is also the best moment to send a quick survey asking the buyer why they initially abandoned their basket, even though you should still link to their cart in the instance & they decide to continue their purchase after all. You can use these responses to guide future critical business decisions.

    You can also include a coupon or a description of how customers can save money with your company in your third mailing. Do members receive free shipping, for instance? According to studies, most online buyers desire and anticipate receiving free shipping on their purchases. 80% of customers state that they anticipate receiving free shipping on their order if they spend a certain amount.

    Guidelines for writing cart abandonment emails

    What to comprise best practices for abandoned cart emails go beyond understanding what to put in emails and how many mailings to send. To improve open and click-through rates, each email shall be written precisely.

    Create a catchy subject line

    The subject line is the first thing email recipients look & to enhance the likelihood that recipients will open your abandoned cart emails, utilize the best practices.

    Create a customized email

    Abandoned cart emails should also be personalized, just like marketing emails. It might be as straightforward as addressing your receivers by name or as complex as creating customized follow-up emails using data from list segmentation.

    The items in the basket & recommendations for related products based on past client purchases can also include in your customized abandoned cart email.

    You might even suggest, “Wouldn’t this blouse in your cart look wonderful with these pants you previously got from us?”

    Showcase the items in the abandoned cart

    A screenshot of the items in their cart, complete with prices and totals, is one of the most crucial components of an abandoned cart email.

    Firm up your selling points

    The benefits that set your products apart from the competitors can emphasize in your abandoned basket email. The price & product quality, as well as the social ideals your business promotes, could all be considered key selling elements.

    Reiterating essential selling points is a fantastic time to inform clients of information they may not be aware of.

    Make a crystal-clear call to action

    Customers will draw to your call-to-action button. It should also make it simple for customers to complete the checkout process by directing them to their cart rather than going to the main page of your website.

    Best methods for re-engaging customers with abandoned carts

    The last thing a business owner wants to hear is that they are wasting money. However, that’s what you’re executing if you’re not following best practices for abandoned cart emails.

    Setting up an email sequence for abandoned carts enables you to prod interested customers into making their purchases. The chance that your clients will authorize you and purchase from you increases when you utilize a sequence that retains a gentle reminder, product information, social proof, and incentives for completing the transaction.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.