Partial Match Domain (PMD) Google Update

Partial Match Domain

When you are going to create a new website for products or services then the biggest factor is that choosing of your website domain name. So when you choose you domain name then it is good to choose your domain name according to your product. Today Serpwizard is going to discuss with you about the partial domain names and how it is affected by the new updates of the Google.

What is Partial Match Domain (PMD)?

Starting a new website is the biggest factor for any online business today and after starting it is very hard to get a better ranking in the search engine result pages. So, partial domain name is a technique which can help you to get better ranking quickly. Partial domain name is a process of choosing you domain name according to your product and services. Sometimes if you are having a domain and your domain name is different than the product and services which you are providing then it can be very hard for you to get better ranking in the search engine.

So, if you select you domain name according to your product and services then it can be very helpful for you to get a better rank but there is a factor that you need for a brand value before using your domain. For example: when a person is searching for the Nike shoes then will come on the top of the first page of the search engine because their brand name and product name are same.

Partial Match Domain v/s Google Update:

Before Google was considering those results well which are coming on the top because of the similarity of their products and domain name but now according to new updates of the Google it is going to reduce the strength of the exact match domains to give more relevant result to the users. After the update of the penguin partial domain are going to back from the top of the search engine to the other pages. Google panelize these sites but it’s mean is only that you cannot get benefit with the partial match domain which you are getting before.

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