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    YouTube Video URL Scraper
    YouTube is a popular video website company from the united states, it has overtime revolutionized the manner in which people keeps past events in video clips for future references, nowadays there is no need to keep video clips in once local disk storages since they risk waring out so quickly. You tube is the only reliable website of posting images for future references over and over again. If the video is popular then many people could view it out over and over again to gain many and many views time immemorial.

    YouTube URL Scraper

    The many the views the more the popular the video, google has the technical ability to ranks the videos popularity according to the number of views in place and overtime. People who are posting videos for commercial purposes could ultimately have their site monetized  by google. This implies the financial evaluation that is usually done to the websites as the number of views increases to higher grades in their capacity of rankings. A YouTube channel is special YouTube sites owned by individuals for commercial purposes, the owners are paid by googles according to the number views that one video has received out in their different capacities. The number of comments people get out of your YouTube channels also has direct impact to the actual monetization and financial values in your sites. This is usually done by clicking the comment box  in the downer level of the video content you have viewed out. It allows you respond to the correct video at a time. The thumb nail pointers are usually for likes, to mean that an individual has specific like to the video on the channel. There is thumb up and thumb down button which means different things at different levels of thinking. Obviously thumbs up means likes and thumb downs means dislikes. For continuation SEO purposes one would like to have thumbs ups in order to increase their monetary values.

    Viewers of this YouTube channels has special software that are on sensitive to YouTube only, they allow the viewers to download the video into their disk for them to watch out when they are offline. This special software for downloading videos from YouTube include; YouTube Downloaders, Video converters, idm software and many mores. They usual download at given rate and has the following factors in considerations; Title, Descriptions, Tags, Transcription, Tags, Content delivery. Usually one runs in a problem when he is ready to scrap and export out his video n the youtube channel that he wants to download out. Crawling YouTube videos is not easy for many people, they mostly bumps into problems. Procedural scrapping for download could be done through the following ways;

    • Make all your engine setup tasks ready out for downloads eg scraper for chrome to scrap out all the channels in place, google sheets for data organization.
    • Load up all your YouTube videos until you cannot load anymore.
    • Right click any video link, copy the URL in place and copy it out your downloader options.
    • Proper cleaning of the uniform resource locator and proper saving in the text file option.
    • Add your full list in a continuous screaming fog to outline out the elements of the scraper to be downloaded out.

    The download statistics are also kept by google in their statistics base in order to give accurate result when it comes to monetizations of the websites in place.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.