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    Ubersuggest vs Semrush vs Ahrefs

    Ubersuggest vs Semrush vs Ahrefs

    There is a plethora of SEO tools currently available in the market. It becomes cumbersome to determine the best SEO tool that meets the requirements of an organization or an individual’s needs as well as their budgetary capacity. As such, it is vital to compare Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest as much as possible.

    The three widely used SEO tools are SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest among digital marketers. All three apps offer tremendous features that can help enhance the SEO and the ranks of a website. Still, every software has its strengths and weaknesses, and it is always better to understand what kind of tasks it is more suitable for.

    In this section, the differences between Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest will be discussed.

    A Brief Synopsis

    It is recommended to use Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest tools that allow you to study competitors, perform a website audit, find the best keywords for your website, and analyze backlinks.

    Initially starting out as a link checker tool, Ahrefs has grown massively over the past few years to incorporate a plethora of new functions directly related to SEO. Using Ahrefs, you can better optimize your SEO strategy for a range of search engines, starting with identifying keywords and extending to traffic value assessment.

    Another tool that is more of a marketing nature is SEMrush. It allows you to spy on your competitors, work with social media accounts, fine-tune PPC ads, and measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategies with SEMrush. On the other hand, with the help of Ubersuggest, you get detailed information regarding your website’s SEO.


    For improved positioning and website SEO analysis, SEMrush provides a complete package of tools to help you rank higher than your competitors. Despite the fact that its functionality is vast, including rank tracking, link building, competition research, etc, we will focus on a few in this article.


    Using the Keyword Magic Tool of SEMrush, you can come across a list of thousands of keywords that you can use for your SEO and marketing campaigns. Their Keyword Magic program already has over 20 billion keywords combined at the moment.


    Ahrefs is an SEO tool that you can use for backlinks, content marketing strategies, keywords, and more. Some of the keyword insights and ideas given by the tool include the number of searches, the keyword difficulty, the organic click-through rates, PPC statistics, and so on.

    Also, you will see the Parent Topic feature that helps to define whether it is possible to rank for the goal keyword on your page while targeting a broader topic. For instance, if your target keyword is ‘backpacks for kids,’ the parent subject would suggest related terms such as ‘kids backpacks’ obtained from more popular keywords to achieve a better ranking in the SERPs. This helps identify the right keywords to apply in order to get the maximum number of clicks on your web pages and increase your ranking.



    When it comes to the main panel of Ubersuggest, it is relatively concise and easy to navigate, even for a person who does not have any background in SEO. Most of the time, you’re overwhelmed with too many charts and choices when using most SEO tools. The first thing that strikes one about Ubersuggest is its clean and intuitive design where all of the features and options are grouped and can be accessed through the left sidebar.

    CPC, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and monthly search volume are the components of SEM. It is also important to target keywords with an SEO difficulty of less than 40, as this will increase the likelihood of being displayed on the first SERP. The age of the searchers and the number of people who tap on SEO outcomes are provided as you scroll down. This realization is essential to target a specific group of people in your marketing strategy. Further, it shows Comparisons, Prepositions, Linked Keywords, and Inquiry Keywords.

    Ubersuggest Tool

    How user-friendly are Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Ubersuggest?

    First, let’s discuss the usability of Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs.

    However, there is a slight learning curve with Ahrefs and SEMrush, so you’ll get the best out of them in the first few days. On the other hand, Ubersuggest does not need you to invest time in mastering the product since it eliminates the time factor.

    Features and Usability

    The comparison of each tool’s characteristics and functionalities is critical to identifying which tool is better overall. Now, let me compare the performance of Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest in some crucial SEO categories.


    In the SEO sector, Ahrefs is unique in having a number of features.

    Here are a few noteworthy Ahrefs features:

    • Keyword Research: Ahrefs provides the user with a vast keyword list and comprehensive data on keyword competition, search volume, and CTR. One of the features of Moz is the “Keyword Explorer,” which allows users to determine which topics lack content and which keywords are likely to be profitable.
    • Backlink analyzing: It is widely known that Ahrefs is good at backlink analysis. It offers in-depth coverage of anchor texts, referring domains, backlink profiles, and so on. It allows users to monitor the backlink growth of their site, as well as monitor competitors’ backlinks and find link-building opportunities.
    • Site Auditing: Ahrefs’ deep site auditing tool helps clients identify on-page SEO issues on their website. It explores the factors such as crawlability, performance, and broken link checks, which affect search engine rankings.

    Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Ubersuggest


    SEMrush is highly versatile and has many features that are not available in other tools.

    Here are a few of SEMrush’s salient attributes:

    • Keyword Research: Apart from the above, SEMrush has a vast keyword database and trends, volume, and difficulty of the keywords. It helps customers to research long-tail keywords and analyze their competitors through its “Keyword Magic Tool.”
    • Backlink Analysis: SEMrush also performs a detailed backlink analysis that includes anchor text, referring domains, backlink profiles, and more. People can also use it to identify dangerous links, analyze the backlink profiles of competitors, and monitor the growth of their backlinks.
    • Site Auditing: SEM Rush also provides its users with the ability to identify and pinpoint on-page SEO issues using its site auditing tool. It looks at topics such as the site’s ability to be indexed, the speed at which the pages load, and the presence of broken links, among other factors that determine the search engine rankings.


    In this case, Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest offers a feature set that is robust and easy to navigate.

    Here are a few noteworthy Ubersuggest features:

    • Keyword Research: I like that Ubersuggest provides information such as search volumes, term difficulties, and content suggestions in addition to keywords. It is helpful for users to get keyword suggestions and analyze competition due to its well-organized interface.
    • Backlink Analysis: Ubersuggest provides customers with only a backlink analysis tool that displays the number of backlinks and referring domains. While it’s not as comprehensive as Ahrefs or SEMrush in this respect, it still provides valuable information about link-building strategies.

    Keyword Research

    Accurate and extensive keyword research is essential for targeting the right audience and optimizing your website’s content. Let’s analyze the capabilities of Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest in terms of keyword research.

    keyword research


    Ahrefs excels in keyword research, offering a vast database of over 10 billion keywords across multiple countries and languages. The tool provides detailed keyword metrics, including search volume, keyword difficulty, and click-through rates. Additionally, Ahrefs’ “Keyword Explorer” allows users to find new keyword ideas, analyze competitors’ rankings, and discover content gaps.


    SEMrush is renowned for its powerful keyword research capabilities. With a large keyword database and comprehensive metrics, it enables users to identify profitable keywords and uncover search trends. SEMrush’s “Keyword Magic Tool” offers advanced filtering options, allowing marketers to refine their keyword lists based on specific criteria.


    Ubersuggest is a simple tool that provides some of the fundamental features of keyword research for users who are new to this kind of analysis or who cannot afford to pay for more advanced tools. It gives keyword options, monthly search volume, and the level of competition for the selected keywords. In conclusion, while it may not be as powerful as Ahrefs or SEMrush, Ubersuggest can still be helpful for simple keyword investigation.

    In comparison to the counterparts, Ahrefs and SEMrush are superior to Ubersuggest in the aspect of keyword research due to rich keyword databases, more sophisticated metrics, and other functions.

    Backlink Analysis

    Backlink analysis can help you understand your site’s overall credibility and establish link building strategies.

    Now let’s compare what these three tools can offer to you in terms of backlink analysis:


    Backlink analysis is best done by Ahrefs and this tool is highly recommended by many people. It has a comprehensive and regularly updated backlink index, so that users can check their backlinks and those of their competitors. Ahrefs offers specific measurements like the domain authority, referring domains, and anchor texts, which assist the marketer in planning the link building.

    Backlink Analysis


    Backlink analysis is another area where SEMrush stands tall with powerful tools that can be used effectively. Its backlink data gives detailed information about the site’s backlinks and enables tracking of domains and anchor texts. The “Backlink Gap” tool in SEMrush helps to compare the backlinks of your competitors with your own and find out weak points.


    While using Ubersuggest, I found the backlink analysis not as efficient as Ahrefs and SEMrush. It lacks the same level of detail and reliability as the other two tools, even though it provides at least some backlink information. Using Ubersuggest backlink analysis can be suitable for beginners or small websites that do not focus on link building.

    Compared to Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and SEMrush offer a more detailed overview of backlink profiles as well as more enhanced tools for backlink analysis.

    Site Examination

    In the realm of SEO, it takes a site that is not only well-coded but also well-optimized. In this article, let us demonstrate how Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest perform in the site audit aspect.


    Ahrefs is an all-inclusive site auditing tool that helps users identify on-page SEO issues.

    Ahrefs users can:

    • Find On-Page Issues: Ahrefs looks for various on-page SEO issues on websites, such as missing meta tags, duplicate content, and links and broken links. It provides a detailed account of what needs to be done for improvement.
    • Crawlability and Indexability: To ensure that a site’s pages are easily found by search engines, Ahrefs measures the crawlability and indexability of a site. This function will assist companies in enhancing the layout of their websites in order to improve their rankings in the search engine result pages.
    • Performance Optimization: Ahrefs provides information about UX, mobile responsiveness, and page load speed of a website. This information can be used by businesses to enhance the SEO of their sites and also the interaction of the users.


    The site auditing feature provided by SEMrush helps users get a detailed outlook on their website’s on-page SEO issues.

    Users of SEMrush can:

    • Find On-Page Issues: SEMrush looks for a number of on-page SEO issues, such as the lack of meta tags, duplicated content, and links that do not work. It provides a comprehensive report which details what needs to be changed.
    • Crawlability and Indexability: To ensure that search engines can easily crawl and index the content of a website, SEMrush assesses the crawl and index rates of a site. By employing this function, companies can enhance the architecture of their websites in order to improve their ranking with search engines.
    • Performance Optimization: SEMrush also evaluates the usability, mobile responsiveness, and loading speed on the website. The information can be of great benefit to businesses especially when they want to improve on their website ranking in the search engines and also to increase the activity of users on the site.

    Site Examination


    Ubersuggest has a site auditing feature that helps a user find and fix on-page SEO issues for the improvement of a website’s functionality.

    Ubersuggest users can:

    Find On-Page Issues: Ubersuggest is a tool that scans webpages for common issues that may occur on the page, such as missing meta tags, broken links, and duplicate content. The users are given a report that shows them the various aspects that require enhancement.

    To assess the site’s ability to be crawled and indexed by search engine bots, Ubersuggest considers factors such as crawlability and indexability. By using this function, companies can enhance the framework of their websites so that they would gain better ranking from the search engines.

    Performance Optimization: Ubersuggest evaluates the mobility of a site and its loading speed. Organizations can use this information to enhance their websites for better search engine rankings and performance for their users.

    Analysis of Competitors

    The most crucial aspect of developing SEO strategies is to have a clear understanding of the competition. Now, let us explain how Ubersuggest, SEMrush, and Ahrefs assist users in competitor analysis.


    Ahrefs has a good level of competition analysis tools that are designed to provide information about competitors’ strategies.

    Ahrefs users are able to:

    • Examine Competitor Backlinks: Ahrefs provides its customers with the option to view the backlink profile of the competition depending on the number of backlinks, domains, and anchor texts. It can be beneficial for businesses to identify link-building opportunities and develop strategies based on this information.
    • Look Up Competitor Keywords: Ahrefs assists customers in understanding the keywords that competitors are targeting. It helps business organizations identify profitable niche keywords and come up with content that outperforms that of competitors.
    • Watch Competitor Rankings: Using Ahrefs, users can monitor their competitors’ keywords and observe their shifts and progress. This information can be valuable for businesses to make the right decisions and to get knowledge about the SEO position of competitors.

    Analysis of Competitors


    With SEMrush, customers can have access to competitor analysis tools that provide them with valuable information on what their competitors are doing. Users of SEMrush can:

    • Examine Competitor Backlinks: SEMrush helps customers analyze competitors’ backlinks, including the total number of backlinks, anchor text, and referring domain. This information can be helpful for businesses in determining opportunities for establishing connections and remaining relevant in the market.
    • Investigate Competitor Keywords: SEM Rush allows users to discover the keywords that their competitors are targeting. Using this instrument, it is possible to identify a number of promising keywords and develop content that can outcompete rivals on SE rankings.
    • Watch competitor ranks: This makes it easier for SEMrush users to monitor the keyword positions of their competitors and track their changes over time. This data can be helpful to businesses in that they can change their SEO strategy based on the information they learn from their competitors.


    Ubersuggest assists consumers in understanding the techniques of their competitors through simple competition analysis tools.

    Ubersuggest users are able to:

    • Examine Rival Backlinks: Ubersuggest provides information on the number of backlinks and referring domains pointing to the websites of your competitors. While it is not as detailed as Ahrefs or SEMrush in this respect, it does offer valuable data for identifying potential link-building opportunities.
    • Examine Rival Keywords: Ubersuggest allows consumers to know what the rivals are targeting with the help of this tool. Companies can utilize it to identify high-revenue keywords and develop content that is more effective than that of rivals.
    • Watch competitor ranks: Ubersuggest also allows users to track their competitors’ keywords and observe changes in their positions. It will be of great benefit to businesses since they will be able to make sound decisions based on the information they receive regarding the SEO performance of their competitors.


    Though, when it comes to the comparison of Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest, it is pretty clear that the choice of the best SEO tool is defined by the individual needs and the cost of the service. Ahrefs is great at giving backlink data and has more options for detailed SEO plans. In terms of features, SEMrush offers a comprehensive toolset for keyword research, website analysis, and competitor monitoring. Ubersuggest is cheaper and suitable for beginners and businesses that require basic SEO features.

    To make the right choice, assess your needs, think about how much you can afford, and compare the features and costs of the tools. In a nutshell, the right SEO tool for you is one that can deliver the best results and meet your specific objectives of ranking high on the search engines.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.