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    Top 10 Crowdfunding Plugins for WordPress

    Top 10 Crowdfunding Plugins for WordPress

    WordPress crowdfunding plugins provide an easy-to-use and affordable way to start and manage fundraising initiatives. These plugins, which come with features like safe payment gateways, customization options, and analytics, facilitate fundraising, encourage community involvement, and offer a quick and affordable substitute for creating a custom crowdfunding platform from the ground up or even using white-label crowdfunding software.

    The top 10 WordPress Crowdfunding plugins

    • GiveWP: A Fundraising Platform and Donation Plugin
    • Donations via PayPal
    • Crowdfunding on WordPress
    • Charitable
    • FundEngine
    • Crowdfundly
    • WhyDonate
    • Donorbox
    • WooCommerce Crowdfunding
    • IgnitionDeck


    The most supported, most downloaded, and highest-rated WordPress donation plugin is GiveWP. GiveWP is the ideal choice if you need a straightforward donate button or a robust platform designed for online giving.

    Change the way you take donations online, starting at no cost. With GiveWP, you can use personalized donation forms to receive donations for charitable causes or other uses. Additionally, you can manage donors, examine donor information and fundraising reports, and combine our contribution plugin with a wide range of third-party gateways and services.

    plugins GiveWP

    GiveWP Functionalities 

    GiveWP is a free plugin with a ton of sophisticated functionality that meets your demands. To start your first fundraising campaign, select one of the donation form templates. Next, learn what motivates contributors to give by utilizing fully functional fundraising reports and donor management tools to boost your overall fundraising income.

    Giving up free donor tools also keeps your supporters satisfied. Your donor base may effortlessly manage their accounts and view their donation history with the donor dashboard. You can add more donor features, such as annual receipts, with our premium add-ons.

    Strong Donation Forms 

    GiveWP has improved the form-building experience by drawing inspiration from Gutenberg blocks. A more user-friendly method of creating and customizing your donation forms is offered by the Visual Donation Form Builder, which makes use of sections and blocks.

    You may see your design in real-time on this builder. As you choose your own custom colors, fields, elements, and more, watch as your form takes shape. If you’re handy with modification, you can use the builder’s Custom CSS feature directly.

    • Create personalized donation forms within the WordPress admin
    • Modify templates for donation forms without using any code
    • With only a few clicks, you can add goals, various donating amounts, custom amounts, terms and conditions, and more.
    • Receive a thorough analysis of your contributions.
    • Manage your fundraising information through exports and reports.
    • Sort reports according to form, date, and mode of payment.
    • Evaluate results from several campaigns.
    • Total Management of Donors
    • See the whole record of your contributions.
    • Produce tax-deductible invoices.
    • Give contributors access to their own donor dashboard so they may control their regular gifts, check their donation history, edit their profile, and get PDF receipts.

    PayPal Donations

    The simplest method for accepting donations using a PayPal account and credit or debit cards is to use PayPal Donations. It’s the recommended way to integrate PayPal with GiveWP and is included in the free GiveWP plugin.

    PayPal Donations has the following advantages over PayPal Standard: 

    1. Given that PayPal Donations makes use of PayPal’s new API going forward, it would be wise to consider this whether you’re new to GiveWP or if you currently use PayPal Standard. PayPal is phasing out the PayPal Standard gateway.
    2. Even donations made with a credit card through PayPal don’t come with any extra costs. All PayPal account types are compatible with PayPal Donations, so you don’t need to switch to one.
    3. The PayPal Donations gateway doesn’t force consumers to leave your website, unlike the PayPal Standard gateway. This more user-friendly option will enable you to take credit card and PayPal payments immediately on the form, increasing the likelihood that donations will be made. Conversely, users are still being redirected from your GiveWP form by the PayPal Standard gateway as it stands.

    WordPress Crowdfunding

    Using WordPress, you may establish a crowdfunding or fundraising website with the help of the WP Crowdfunding plugin. This WooCommerce-based plugin features a built-in wallet system for receiving local payments. Stripe Connect lets you divide the proceeds among several recipients. WP Crowdfunding may assist you in raising money for any kind of campaign.  For nonprofits, churches, schools, sports teams, clubs, small enterprises, or anybody else looking to raise money online, this plugin is ideal. With over 4,000 active installations, the WP Crowdfunding Plugin is created by Themeum.

    WordPress Crowdfunding

     Functionality & Features 

    • WP Crowdfunding leverages WooCommerce to collect user support by taking in and overseeing the monetary contributions users make to a project or campaign.
    • The WordPress Crowdfunding Native Wallet System facilitates the tracking of cash raised for projects and facilitates the project owner’s request for withdrawals when the project reaches its target. In order to ensure that you don’t lose out on any campaign revenues, the system determines how much of those funds can be withdrawn in addition to website commissions. With WordPress Crowdfunding, you can quickly move money from a user to an administrator or project owner by utilizing Stripe Connect.
    • From the time you sign up until your project is submitted, WP Crowdfunding offers an incredibly user-friendly interface. The website features a fluid, intuitive design that is easy to use and browse, allowing users to add or update projects with ease.
    • All major payment options, including cards, PayPal, Stripe, and Skrill, are supported.
    • Spread the word about the initiatives and campaigns you’re running to your friends and followers by posting them with ease on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
    • reCAPTCHA: A feature of WordPress Crowdfunding, it automatically checks users and blocks automated or spammy assaults.
    • Reports: WP Crowdfunding offers extensive reports that shed light on how your crowdfunding website operates.


    A free WordPress donation plugin that supports geolocation, essential updates, videos, user avatars, anonymous donations, and even a year of premium support is offered by Charitable – Donation. In order to provide you the choice to support the plugin or download it for free, the developers ask that you “pay what you want.”

    You can see that the premium memberships range in price from $99 to $249 annually by looking at them here. Considering that you can use gift cards, a newsletter integration, premium payment gateways, and support for Easy Digital Downloads, the pricing plan isn’t too awful.

    Plugin for Charitable WordPress

    Some of the features offered by the most costly version, which is the $249 annual plan, include: 

    • Consistent contributions
    • Collaborative fundraising
    • Crowdfunding websites
    • Automated payments for crowdfunding
    • Everything included in the less expensive plans

    Therefore, with some of its distinctive traits, Charitable stands out. The geolocation features and videos in the free edition are especially appealing. While not everyone likes having their name publicly linked to them after making a donation, it’s also good to see support for anonymous contributions.

     Why Charitable plugin for WordPress? The Notable Elements 

    • Request donations according to where you are.
    • Transaction fees are waived for charitable donations.
    • Establish a connection with well-known payment gateways such as PayUMoney, Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayFast.
    • To increase your reach, there is a peer-to-peer fundraising extension.
    • If you want to increase the functionality of your donation form, about fifteen extensions are sold.
    • Provide your contributors with campaign updates.
    • A single site license and a full year of priority customer support are included in all of the charitable price levels.

    Charitable plugin for WordPress


    A single donation and crowdfunding solution are included with the fundraising donation plugin and crowdfunding platform. With the help of this plugin, anyone using WordPress can establish a website for crowdfunding and single donations.

    Do you want to build a website for crowdsourcing? With only a few clicks using FundEngine , you can quickly and simply construct a fundraising or crowdfunding website. Receive money in multiple ways with our plugin. Payment gateways for Stripe and PayPal are included with our plugins. Additionally, you may utilize our plugin in conjunction with Woocommerce to accept payments. Moreover, consumers transfer money locally or manually through banks. And the admin panel authorized the payment after receiving the funds.

    Do you want other people to start campaigns on your website as well?  Frontend dashboard makes it simple for users to start a campaign from the dashboard.

    One-time gift 

    Do you wish to create a single site for donations? Sure, using our plugin to set up and make a single contribution form is simple. We may instantly construct a single donation site using our auto-setup tools and accept donations from several sources.

    Crowdfunding solution are included with FundEngine, the Fundraising contribution Plugin and Crowdfunding Platform. You can use the plugin for crowdsourcing or single donations.  They provide two different kinds of payment systems. Payment systems for WooCommerce and standalone use. PayPal and Stripe are payment methods that don’t require any additional plugins. Additionally, you can use the plugin to pay with WooCommerce and obtain well-known payment gateways. It’s pretty convenient to use and manage. WP Fundraising is a robust platform for donations and crowdfunding tailored for online fundraising. It was created from the ground up to meet your fundraising requirements.


    Using the Crowdfundly platform, producers may create membership websites and sell digital goods. It is a one-stop shop for all types of creators because of its breadth of features and reasonable pricing. Crowdfunding allows individuals to promote their personal brands and receive recurring cash, allowing them to turn their creative passion into a stable job.

    With updated features, reasonable prices, and a wide range of producers, the platform is regarded as the most fantastic membership option. It is a one-stop shop where producers may create a fully functional membership site and sell digital files.

    Through membership tiers, exclusive content possibilities for followers, and monthly subscribers, Crowdfundly provides a consistent source of income. In addition, it offers an extensive and active user base, interaction with numerous third-party tools and platforms, and the best community and networking opportunities among producers and followers.

    The platform offers no upfront costs and includes a WordPress Plugin to connect your website. Depending on your location, it deducts 2.9% to 5% in payment processing costs in addition to 5% to 12% of your earnings.


    You can take donations straight from your WordPress website by using the WhyDonate donation button plugin. Put the button anywhere on your website to begin fundraising right away. This plugin is very configurable and simple to install. No prior experience with coding is necessary.


    • Organize a crowdsourcing event on your own platform. Consisting of a target sum, a progress indicator, the number of remaining days, etc.
    • Peer-to-peer fundraising
    • Make several peer-to-peer fundraising pages on your own website. Every fundraiser may have a different style and donation button.
    • Both one-time and ongoing contributions
    • Donors have the option of making a one-time gift or a recurring one every month or year.


    WhyDonate also includes a dashboard with the plugin that allows you to examine a summary of your contributors and fundraisers.

    Make fresh fundraising initiatives. 

    Additionally, you may create fundraisers straight from your WordPress website after installing the plugin. You can also use this to specify the fundraiser’s goal amount and end date. Additionally, you have the option to install many buttons, each with a unique look and fundraising link.

    Totally adaptable 

    The donation form, the button’s appearance, and the button’s location are all customizable. Make the necessary adjustments to them so that they complement the branding of your website. The responsive design of the plugin works well on PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

    Several ways to pay 

    This plugin makes it simpler for your contributors to donate to your campaign by offering a number of payment choices, such as credit card, PayPal, VISA, Bancontact, iDeal, SEPA, Sofort, Belfius, ING HomePay, and KBC/CBC.

    Engage in conversation with donors. 

    An automated email is sent to your donor as a thank you for their generosity with every donation. You can send individualized thank-you letters to your supporters by using the WhyDonate dashboard, which offers a comprehensive view of your donors.


    A strong and safe donation management plugin for WordPress is called Donorbox. We are the only WordPress donation plugin that provides a quick and feature-rich solution, enabling anyone to start a fundraising campaign.

    This is the place to be if you’ve been searching for the top WordPress donation plugins that will significantly increase online donations and donor conversion.

    Purpose of Donorbox

    You can incorporate a Donorbox donation form into your website with ease if you use the free Donorbox plugin for WordPress. Your donor conversion rates and regular donations will rise with the help of this free WordPress donation plugin. All of the embedding code will be produced by us.

    Take your fundraiser to the next level by using the most excellent WordPress donation plugin to collect donations online. Here’s why collecting payments through Donorbox is a good idea.

    Completely Modifiable Contribution Forms 

    • Donorbox forms are significantly quicker to complete and may be deployed in as little as fifteen minutes.
    • To take donations, you may either embed the form or utilize it as a pop-up form.
    • Create your own logo, color scheme, and style for your fundraising campaign page.
    • To make your forms easier to fill out quickly, create custom input fields. Obtaining the required information from contributors is simple.
    • You can include a custom donation amount that contributors can choose to select, or you can let them enter their own amount.

    Completely Modifiable Contribution Forms 

    Simple Fundraising 

    • Donorbox takes payments using Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Google Pay in a variety of currencies. We also accept payments made via direct debit and ACH. Checkout is a simple and quick process.
    • Use our easy-to-use employer donation matching function to gather donations and double them.
    • We offer localized English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese donation forms that are tailored to your needs. This can be manually adjusted or left to auto-detect.
    • Donorbox provides peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdsourcing, text-to-give, events, memberships, and more in addition to this free WordPress plugin.

    Donor Administration 

    • Control every gift directly from the dashboard. Refund donations if necessary, amend donations even after they have been made, and resend receipts.
    • You can export donation details as a CSV file for as long as you like. Consider the end of the financial year or tax season.
    • To ensure that your records are correct, include offline donations to your campaign, such as cash or checks.

    Integrities That Are Optional 

    In order to provide your fundraising campaign with even more amazing features, Donorbox also offers the following alternative integrations:

    • MailChimp: One of the top email marketing companies in the world.
    • Employer Gift Matching: Double your contribution total.
    • Salesforce NPSP 3 Integration: An all-inclusive solution for donor administration that makes it simple to examine donor information and uphold favorable connections.

    Fundraising on WooCommerce

    WooCommerce now has complete crowdfunding capability thanks to the Crowdfunding for WooCommerce plugin.

    You will be able to independently configure the following for each product when adding or modifying one:

    • The target (pledged) sum.
    • Start and finish times.
    • Personalized “Add to Cart” or “Back This Project” button labels.
    • Turn on the “Open Pricing” (also known as “Name Your Price”) feature.

     You will also be capable of: 

    • Include a form so users or clients may add bespoke campaigns straight from the front end.
    • Configure custom HTML to appear when a project has not yet begun or finished.
    • Change and decide where to show crowdfunding details, such as the amount of time left, the goal, the amount already pledged, etc.
    • Decide if and when to conclude the campaign (time ran out, target met).
    • Decide which order statuses to include in the computation of pledges.
    • Progress bars with styles for the time left, the amount already pledged, etc.
    • Turn on or off emails about completed, new, and/or modified crowdsourcing campaigns.


    Hundreds of businesses utilize the WordPress plugin IgnitionDeck to run their own  crowdfunding websites. Upgrade options provide you the ability to white-label everything, divide fees with your project creators, integrate with different gateways, and much more.

    Feel free to experiment with it on your own by utilizing our live demo, which grants complete access to the WordPress Administrator back-end.

    Together with the wildly popular 500 child themes and the free Five hundred Crowdfunding Theme for WordPress, IgnitionDeck makes creating your own crowdfunding website incredibly easy.

    Do you currently have a theme that you like? Not to worry! Nearly all WordPress themes are compatible with IgntiionDeck straight out of the box. It is not necessary to alter the theme or create any code.

    View the ways in which our clients have developed their businesses with IgnitionDeck.

    Here are some of the things that IgnitionDeck offers: 

    Make initiatives. Follow Development in Real-Time!

    Make projects and monitor their advancement in real time! For project managers and creators, IgnitionDeck offers the most freedom.

    IgnitionDeck offers 

    Safe Online Payments with PayPal & Stripe 

    Utilize a variety of payment channels, such as Stripe Checkout with Strong Customer Authentication, to collect money. Payment security has never been more straightforward!

    Adaptable Project Financing and Fee Adjustment Choices

    Divide payments, let donors pay for costs, and take donations at the register. Select whether to collect payments immediately or later. You get to decide!

    Take ownership of your platform and data.

    Export information to generate shipping labels and reconcile payments. You have complete control over what you do with your crowdfunding data, thanks to IgnitionDeck!

    Integrated CRM 

    Utilize the integrated CRM features of IgnitionDeck to manage donor information effortlessly. Keep essential client data and transaction history on hand. Spend less on tools from third parties!

    Personalize Purchase Order Emails and Receipts 

    Give your emails significance and individuality. The messaging as well as the overall style and feel of your branding are entirely up to you.

    Frontend Development of Projects 

    Permit project developers to quickly submit new campaigns via the front end of your website. Without revealing the WordPress Admin!

    Integration with Mailchimp 

    Integrate your projects with MailChimp, the most popular email marketing solution in the world. To begin gathering the email addresses of your project backers, provide your API key.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.