Tips for Leveraging Google Plus (G+) For SEO

Leveraging G+ For SEO
No matter how hard we try, Google+ will not be denied. We’ve all seen it: the integration of Google+ into even the smallest facets of search results — from recently added Hashtags in people’s posts to the addition of Google+ posts into the Knowledge Graph of the SERP.

Have a look on the following tips for leveraging Google plus (G+) for SEO:-

  • Engage with your audience and in your industry – Create timely posts about current events and share them with the people in your circles. It’s like content freshness but for Google+. Invite engagement, brand awareness and subject matter expertise at the same time.
  • Tag your posts, share links to articles – In each and every post you create, do yourself a favor; use relevant Hashtags and incorporate a link to an article. You never know when you’re going to be in the news, and I mean that in the best possible way.
  • Never discount how Google uses its assets – We saw this with authorship and other structured data. There are obvious incentives to using Google+, and having your posts appear in association with news articles is an added bonus.
  • Install Authorship script on your website -There are so many SEO reasons to have an active Google Authorship strategy.  In fact, in our humble opinion, organic ranking will shift from “pulling??? SEO value from the Internet to a website into “pushing??? SEO value to a website via Authorship.
  • Google Plus Widget: Saving the best for last- This is perhaps the coolest and most under-utilized Google plus feature there is (so far anyway).  You can embed this script a company page or personal G+ page directly in a website page or post.  Here is an example on a website page and below you can actually what it would look like embedded on a page.

Install the Google Plus (+1) voting script on your home page and inner pages – Social sharing script buttons are the most underutilized and misused feature of many social network platforms.  You can attract many new followers and pluses on your company or brand page just but installing the script on your home page.

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