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Thin Content

Google is updating their algorithm regularly and now Google is focusing more on the content of your site and posts which you doing regularly on you website. Google gives preference to those sites which are updating their content regularly and using quality articles for their site without any grammatical mistakes. Low quality articles or blogs is called thin content.

What is Thin Content?

Google is focusing more the articles today and refining the results of their search engine result pages according to the content of the written articles. If you are having a low quality or thin articles on your site then it can be harmful for your website. There are some factors on which you need to focus and you can improve your content quality.

  • Spelling and Poor Grammar

First thing you need to focus that don’t do spelling and grammatical mistakes in the articles of your site. It gives a direct signal to the Google that your site is having a thin content. When you are going to write any article or blog for you site or any campaign then just check complete grammatical and spelling mistakes in your post before publishing it on your site.

If you are writing article for your site but you are not confident about your spelling and grammatical errors then it is good not to take risk. You can hire any professional writer who can write for you.

  1. Too Short

When you are going to publish your article with very less words then it is really very bad effect for your site according to the Google. Writing short articles or blogs for you site or any campaign is a very common mistake done by the publishers. Write minimum 350 words for an article and 250 words for a blog. It will be good for you site according to the Google and you can save you site by the Penalty of the Google and get preference for your site in the search engine result pages.

  1. Repetition

This is also a very big problem. It you want to get good ranking in the pages of the search engine then do not repeat one thing in your article again and again. It is not good for your site and Google can penalty pages for your website.

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