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    SEO Navigation Best Practices 2018

    SEO Navigation Best Practices 2018

    These are also called googles best practices, they enable any user to navigate the webpages for a long time and efficiently without the google user having problem navigating web pages. The google services are usually optimized when by accelerated browser platforms, light browser enable any customer on the web to load contents easily without any backlog of traffic in their website leeway.

    In 2018 most search engines have integrated proper system addons that speed up the rate of browsing in the internet and browser capability to discharge and load information at the least amount of time possible. In every year that every search engine has capability to discharge information faster thanks to improvement in the rate by which they do their work continuously in the media.

    The following practices has been mentioned to be the best practices that has been engaged in this year 2018 relevantly:

    • Perfomance of the said websites.
    • On page search engine organization.
    • Authority and perfomance of the browser search engine.
    • Freshness of the website in the browser industry markets.
    • Search engine optimization locality to the current SEO.

    Since there are many search engine organizations guide the performance of the websites plays the biggest role in navigation of the websites in the year 2018. The web site navigation and proper metrics has included good factors such as the following means:

    • Mobile responsiveness:
    • Google dwell time.
    • Clear code(Optimised pages)
    • Content delivery speed(from server).
    • Hostings/server configurations.

    Website Navigation Design Best Practices

    Responsive web design is practice that enable users of the proper contents of the website gets the good delivery and graphical capabilities that they obtain from the applications in their proper means and desirable ways possible. Through this proper content management is enabled and graphical capabilities are enabled by the customers to enable traffic gets into their websites to sales possible on their sites.

    The concept of dwell time is also important in search engine optimization, this mostly ensure that the users of the websites takes maximum amount of time in their technology space and gives the best amount of time possible for discharge thus enable traffic flow in your platform’s sites. By better implementing these strategies any organization has surety that his traffic will increase in huge traffics in their sale sites.

    Other possible means of increasing one traffic on once sites this year 2018 has been highlighted as the following measures. Any clients in the search engine organization that engages in the following is deemed to succeed in their area of marketing:

    • Leveraging on blogs and forums.
    • Cultural and language overcomeing
    • International target tackling
    • Google analytics accuracy increase.
    • Action oriented.
    • Local business listings
    • Realistic goals setting
    • Dynamic change in website.
    • Site speed optimize.
    • AMP implementing
    • Power of infographics.
    • Use video and eye roll

    Any serious SEO expert should make good use of the above techniques.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.