SEO for Voice Search

SEO for Voice Search
If you are keeping your eye on future trends it will already in your bar if you are not having it in your bar then it is good to be prepared. Increase in the voice activated searches has a significant impact on the way by which users find information and interact with the search engine. Today our article is based on the SEO for Voice Search.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a way to find any query for the visitor of a website or search engine which can help a user to find their solution that are not about the spelling of their searches.

It is a great way to search any query when you are not sure about the spelling. Today mobile users are getting benefits with the voice searches. It is going to become a very powerful way to search a query for everyone. Today it is used by everyone. Google chrome is also offering voice search for the desktop users. Google also said that it is good to use voice search when you are not sure about the spelling of your key phrases.

Voice Search and SEO

SEO for the voice search is presenting new challenges for the people. From the last few years voice search is showing significant improvement and attention. There are different voice search according to the devices such as:

  • Nutrition information:

It is a way to searching which is used for the voice search for mobile devices. It helps mobile users to search their query with their voice.

  • Conversational Search:

This technique of voice search is developed for the desktop users. It help to the desktop users to search their query with their voice.

As the voice search technology is refining the question is coming that is there any difference between voice search and text search and the answer is definitely “yes???. As a research it is known that in the voice based searches there is 20 percent searches are done for the exact query of a user whereas in the text based searches most of the queries are done the related topics not for the exact which user is searching. As the voice search algorithms are refining search engine are giving exact and complete result of the query of a user.

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