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    Paid Marketing Packages USA

    Our Paid Marketing Packages

    Monthly Ad Spend: $199 - $699
    $ 249 per month plus ad spend
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    Monthly Ad Spend: $600 - $1,599
    $ 349per month plus ad spend
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    Monthly Ad Spend: $1,599 - $2,999
    $ 499 per month plus ad spend
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    PPC Management Pricing at your fingertips

    Looking to boost your revenue? Our data driven PPC packages are designed to help you achieve that. Whether you’re aiming to increase conversions drive website traffic or both – SERP WIZARD offers ROI driven PPC packages.

    PPC Marketing & Management Services Included In Each Pricing Package

    • Setup of paid advertising and tracking accounts for running ads and monitoring performance.
    • Research, optimization and management of keywords messaging and target audiences to achieve marketing goals.
    • Customized ad creation for each PPC campaign across marketing channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn Google Ads and eCommerce shopping ads.
    • We have types of campaigns that are designed to serve purposes, such, as targeting a specific audience reconnecting with website visitors boosting brand visibility generating leads for services or increasing product sales.
    • You will have access to your dashboard where you can see reports in real time. These reports will provide a view of the results from each campaign. Help you understand your return on investment (ROI).
    • We also offer split testing, which allows us to continuously evaluate the performance of your existing ads. Based on the results we can make changes to ensure long term improvement and achieve better outcomes.

    With our years of experience and advanced tools we are dedicated, to setting up managing, running and tracking PPC marketing campaigns.

    Now lets talk about our Google AdWords Management Packages

    We have three packages Lite, Business and Enterprise. Each package caters to needs based on the size and complexity of your account.

    • If you’re a business to AdWords our starter plan would be suitable for you. It includes services, like campaign setup and optimization, keyword research, bid management, conversion tracking and ad creation.
    • For individuals who have been using AdWords for some time and want to elevate their advertising efforts we offer the standard plan. All the basic services are included with an increased spending capacity!
    • If you’re looking to take your AdWords game to the level consider our premier plan.

    To ensure you make the most of your advertising budget our comprehensive package includes all the services, along with features such as A/B testing and optimization strategies. Our team of PPC experts from India provides guidance on enhancing performance while assisting in creating effective campaigns that are guaranteed to attract more clients.

    Determining the Google AdWords management pricing for your company depends on factors, including your specific needs and budget. We recommend connecting with one of our PPC consultants to get an understanding of what works for you!

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