Organic Traffic Generation Strategies for Small Business

Organic Traffic Generation Strategies for 2014
For many businesses, organic traffic is the key to success. Organic traffic is technically free, since the visitors will come from non-paid search engine results, YouTube videos, social media sites or other places.  However, it is important to invest time, energy and resources into getting your site in a position to be seen by people. Getting ranked takes effort, but the results will be a steady stream of organic traffic for months or even years on end. Reviewing and creating a new strategy for your organic traffic generation is comprised of several parts.

Below are the four potential strategies to generate organic traffic to your website

Video Marketing – It is no surprise that videos are a great source of organic traffic, but this year they will matter even more as more mobile devices are able to access videos quickly and easily and more people are moving towards greater or unlimited data packages. In addition, people are moving toward unlimited data packages for their mobile devices, or at least packages with high data limits. This is important because mobile internet usage is going up rapidly, so targeting people where they are is critical.

Content Marketing – We talk about the value of content marketing quite a bit. Simply put, Google and other search engines are becoming experts at discerning the quality of the content on your site, so don’t just make sure your content is good because it needs to be great. In addition, finding other sites in your niche to syndicate your content to be a great way to build high quality links, and get extremely targeted traffic.

On-Site SEO – Review your onsite strategies at least once a year and look at things such as your Meta descriptions, heading tags, and how your internal link structure is setup. These things can help improve the user experience and keep visitors on your site longer.

Social Media Marketing – One of the biggest drivers of organic traffic! Setting up pages for your website on all major social media sites is critical as it will help you to build relationships with the people following you and drive traffic back to your main site.

Hope, the above mentioned strategies will help you out to generate organic traffic to your website.

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