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Optimize you tube Videos for SEO

Today it is the time when internet marketing is going to increase day by day then there it is very hard to rank on the top of the search engine result pages. You all known about the YouTube and you know that how popular is it. Posting video on the YouTube is also a best way to get a better rank in the search engine because this site has PR 9 that is why Google gives more preference to this site. When a user search for your video and if they open that video then the profile by which that video is posted is given more preference. The link which is given in that profile it is also preferred by the Google. Today, serpwizard is going to tell you that how you can upload videos on it and how it is helpful for you.

After the producing of the video of your business the next step will be to upload it on the YouTube. The following is the best way to upload your video according to the SEO requirement.

  1. Uploading the Video

This is the simplest part of this process. It takes very less time but you need to be take care about some things. YouTube accepts all file formats of video. You need to make sure that your video is less than the 15 minutes because usually YouTube does not accept more than 15 minute videos.

  1. Adding of Title and Description

After uploading the videos when it is uploaded then provide a suitable title according to the video and a short description about that video which help users to know about that video.

  1. Add keywords to video

After writing title and description in your video you need add some keywords to your video which help users to search your video and which defines about that video. It is good to add one or more tags to your video. It is just another name of the keywords which also help user to search your video. It is helpful for your also to get more traffic on your video.

  1. Choose a Thumbnail image for video

Once your video is processed then you can choose a thumbnail image for your video. It help users to search your video when a user search for your video then this image will come in the image section of that video.

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