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    How Long Tail SEO Is Going to Change the Way You Do Business In 2022

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hearing about the power of Long Tail SEO for quite some time now. And while the concept is nothing new, the fact that Google has started taking it more seriously has given the concept a major boost.

    So, what is Long Tail SEO? It’s the art of ranking highly for specific keywords in your niche, instead of throwing all your marketing eggs in one basket. The goal is to have a more effective strategy that helps you reach as many people as possible. The longer your keyword, the easier it is to find content that “tailors” to your niche. That’s why it’s also known as “Seasoned SEO.” It’s the perfect way to use your resources more efficiently. But how will Long Tail SEO change the way you do business in 2022?

    Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways Long Tail SEO will change the way you do business in 2022.

    Small Businesses Can Do Long Tail SEO

    Long Tail SEO may have originated with big enterprises, but the benefits are equally accessible to small businesses. In fact, the benefits are more so, since you likely have a more focused and targeted approach than the large corporations do.

    This means you can get the same amount of traffic with less effort. In other words, Long Tail SEO is a better use of your time, as well as your money.

    Research is Key

    Before you can even think about implementing a Long Tail SEO strategy, you’ll need to do some research. What are the keywords and phrases that people are searching for? What are the main issues your customers are trying to solve?

    To answer these questions, you’ll want to conduct a competitive analysis. What are your competitors in the top search engine results doing right? What are your competitors at the bottom doing wrong?

    By looking at your competitors and analyzing the data, you’ll get a good idea of what keywords to target and which ones to steer clear of.

    Better Brand Recognition

    One of the most important ways Long Tail SEO will change your business in 2022 is by improving your brand recognition.

    The Google algorithm has started giving more weight to content quality than ever before. And as we now know, high-quality content is king.

    However, in order to rank well, you also need to have a great deal of brand authority. That is, people need to know who you are, what you do, and be able to trust you to provide quality content.

    By investing some time into your keyword research, creating quality content, and optimizing it for the Long Tail, you’re building your brand the right way. People will eventually start recognizing and trusting your brand, which will in turn improve your rankings.

    More Effective PPC Strategy

    Long Tail SEO is great for improving your PPC strategy, too. What is PPC, you ask? It stands for “Pay Per Click,” and it’s a method of advertising that requires no upfront investment. Instead, you invest each time someone clicks an ad.

    The idea is that with each click, you’re bringing in new customers. You just need to find the right keywords and phrases that will bring these customers to your site.

    With this in mind, your PPC strategy should focus on the keywords and phrases that best drive traffic to your site. Once again, you want to look at your competitors and analyze what they’re doing right.

    From there, you can come up with a strategy to beat them at their own game.

    Better Content Marketing

    Last but not least, Long Tail SEO is a great way to improve your content marketing.

    As we’ve covered, one of the biggest benefits of Long Tail SEO is the ability to create content that tailors to your audience’s needs and interests.

    But this doesn’t stop at just writing content that answers people’s questions. You also want to include some value on every page, in the form of helpful tips, insights into your industry, or even a sale.

    You can do this by using the key features of your store, such as product descriptions, videos, or images.

    The more useful information you include on every page, the less work you have to do in tailoring each piece of content to your audience’s needs.

    Bottom Line

    In summary, Google is rewarding websites that are long tail, giving them more importance in their search results. With the new algorithm, sites that rank well for popular keywords are less likely to be found than ever before.

    And as we now know, long-tail keywords are more likely to be relevant and valuable than short-tail keywords. So, if you want to be found, it’s time to get on board with the long-tail strategy.

    Written by Aayush
    Writer, editor, and marketing professional with 10 years of experience, Aayush Singh is a digital nomad. With a focus on engaging digital content and SEO campaigns for SMB, and enterprise clients, he is the content creator & manager at SERP WIZARD.