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Is SEO Dead and Becoming Obsolete after Google Hummingbird?

Google Hummingbird

Most of us have read that SEO is dead or becoming obsolete and it will work no longer but the truth is that it all is related to the internet marketing and it changing now because of the new updates of the search engine. Search engines are trying to give better results to their user for their queries. They are trying to provide best results to their users. Search engines trying to refine their result according to the user queries and trying to give proper result to their user which is the actual answer of their query.

When a user search for a query and in the search engine and get your website on the top in the search engine in the non paid results and clicks on your site then if they get actual answer and perfect content on your site then they read it properly and it helps you to keep your site in the top the SERP for that query. SEO is not dead actually it changing day by day because of the new updates of the search engines. The following are some tips which can help you to give a perfect rank to your site according to new updates of the Google.

  • Blogging:

Today blogging is a best way to rank better rank the SERP. It is good to write good and proper content every day. Blogging is a way to give awareness of your brand to the people. When you are going to start blogging then the most important for you is to update you blog daily and write fresh and unique content every day without any grammatical or syntactical error.

  • Keyword Stuffing:

When you are writing content in your blog or your website then you need to be careful about the keyword stuffing. Do not repeat your title or keyword in your content because it is known as keyword stuffing and search engines do not like it. It can be a reason of down the rank of your website in the SERP.

  • Unique product Description:

When you are going to write description for your product on your site or in your blog then always try to write it unique because search engine loves fresh and unique content. If you simply copy and paste it on your site then search engine consider it as spamming.


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